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Beta / xim beta lagged input
« on: 06:09 PM - 03/20/16 »
so I was using the destiny st for the division for a while, decided  to upgrade to the beta and have been getting ever-increasing input lag that I am unable to deal with. this starts after a small amount of playtime and goes up and down in lag time. what I mean is that I press forward and x for example, and it takes maybe 4-5 seconds to move forward  and use x from the time I press it until the action is done.
anyone else experience this? I think I'll have to downgrade back to anormal earlier firmware if it continues

Beta / Re: need link for 20150816 manager
« on: 01:47 AM - 12/26/15 »
lol. just manually edited the link for the newest download.
there it is if anyone else needs it.

Beta / need link for 20150816 manager
« on: 01:44 AM - 12/26/15 »
my phone completely died and i dont have another to use BT with, so i am trying to update my xim to the newest firmware(so i can use PC manager) but before i do, i want to manually write down all the settings i have for my games, but i cannot even connect because it says to update.
anyone have a link?

Clan Clash / Re: Clan for Destiny XIM players on xbox1
« on: 03:17 PM - 05/12/15 »
Rockiiiit I'll be changing up my clans for this
Inv me to the clan.

Clan Clash / Re: Xbox One clans for Destiny
« on: 05:06 PM - 08/31/14 »
Xb1 here, all my friends have xb1s, might get a ps4 just for graphics tho :)

I use a CM QuickFire TK, blue switches, thing is LOUD!!  My A50's pick up the noise pretty easily.

Found this out before I got my XIM, so I ended up buying a much less noisy G13 for XIM usage.  It's not that I don't want people knowing that I'm using M&K, just don't wanna annoy my party with a constant, click, click, click click.  lol
lol so true, every time im in my party, one friend always asks if im finishing my homework assignment as well hahahaha.
was using a quickfire rapid with blue switches
reds are the best imo

Hardware Compatibility / Re: R.A.T 3 mouse incompatible?
« on: 11:57 PM - 08/30/14 »
I have the titanfall ed rat 3, works perfectly with the xim4

Beta / Re: New xboxone chat firmware help?
« on: 10:48 AM - 08/30/14 »
Still getting the buzzing noise and static after new firmware.  I have Turtle beach X11 with ear force DSS.
i had the exact problem, could not fix it, i have the same hardware as well. only got it working by changing to wireless headphones.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Attention Xbox One Ximmers
« on: 06:23 PM - 08/26/14 »
Lol ill add you although I dont play bf4, but already ordered destiny.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: ordered 1
« on: 09:28 AM - 08/26/14 »
Ordered 2 one for me one for my bro :)

been using the xim3 with my xbone, but i HATE how the mic doesnt work with it. Can't wait until xim4 comes out again, I completely missed the first batch :(

For my bro:
1. ItsNerfOrNothin
2. No.
3. Yes, XIM3
4. 8+ hours
5. 1.0?
6. Colorado

Knights of Narnia / Re: Clan challanges on Ghosts.?
« on: 11:02 PM - 11/14/13 »
I had overclock and freshnsoclean in the group last night. I invited every single person who was online to join our public group.
yeah was pretty fun...listening to a certain person...lol.
we invited and invited noone came ...

No usb transfer cable here :(

Knights of Narnia / Re: Players that are up for removal
« on: 02:23 PM - 07/29/12 »
lol i havent played halo for a looong time  ;)
It'll be a mix of blops2/halo4 when they come out though  8)

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