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Not looking that way unfortunately, the FW update did nothing to improve DInput usability for Xim. Per a follow up email received from Paul; 'Xim will re-add d-input support in a month or two'.

You should tell him to hurry up with the Duo pledges while he's at it... the kickstarter backers are all up in arms right now.


Ooooohh... a Phanteks case, nice!

Wait... do I see radiators in that thing? What are the CPU/GPU temps like? Going all water cooling isn't a very good solution in the Enthoo Evolve cases... doesn't get enough airflow when you throw radiators in it, so there's a high chance you will cook your whole system.


Looking back at that old setup, I'll admit it was quite terrible in comparison to what I've seen out there since then.

Refresh for 2nd half of 2017.

I finally had enough of the messy setup, so I did some cleaning, rearranging & cable management... still needs more work though.

The real big problem with MCC is the unified interface they created which was poorly done, and that the whole project was mostly outsourced during development... hence why it was so broken at release, and still not in an ideal state even now. If they couldn't manage getting the unified interface right and were even just a little smart about it, they should have just created a main menu for launching the games separately, then there would be less potential problems down the track. Alas, that ship has already sailed... and sunk.

Right now I'm just a little excited to see Halo 4 come into the BC program... because ALL THE MODS! (I mean gametype mods of course). It may not look as pretty as the MCC version with sub 720p res and 30fps, but I will gladly trade all that for more fun and crazy customs with gametype modding.

Recently announced by 343i in the latest community update, and all DLC map packs for Halo 3 Halo 4 and Reach will be made free... I've seen lots of mixed opinions about this, but I am very pleased with the decision made here. Mainly interested in playing Halo 4 customs again though.

Oh... and there will be a 4k update with Halo 5 on Xbox One X.


Umm... how exactly are you communicating with him?

... Would be good to get it sorted as the Grifta does have some promise.

Hmmm, Paul's track record with promises on Kickstarter leads me to think otherwise...

General Discussion / Re: More Scorpio news
« on: 06:55 PM - 04/13/17 »
I've been talking with a friend (and game developer) about Scorpio, and this is what he had to say...

"They think they're on to a winner... It will be bad. Xbox One has 1.4 TFLOPS. Struggles with 1080p. They're only adding half as much more memory bandwidth, but 4x the resolution. So developers have 2.66x less memory per pixel to play with which is HUGE.

Then sure if got enough TFLOPS but only an actual performance improvement over 1080p of about 7%. That isn't much. Its going to be EXACTLY the same, but at 4k and the textures will actually be worse than the regular 1080p versions. You're just going to get Halo 4 textures at 4k.

Its going to be an absolute battle for developers for years because of DX12, nobody can squeeze 100% out of it yet."

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Grifta...
« on: 04:23 PM - 04/11/17 »

Anyone fluent in German able to translate this to English please?
He says the usual: "modular game pad, flexible, will be delivered shortly, you can separate them and use one in  key board mode (thumb stick translates into WASD), it is compatible with PC but with an adapter you can use it with console, you can use it for VR, the Antlers transform it into a VR controller, six degrees of freedom, we use a very strong Osram LED, with the right VR camera you could use it as a mouse. It was founded two years ago via kickstarter, the left side is now available we will ship the game pad in a few weeks. The advantage over a normal keyboard is that you can sit on your couch. I had the idea for it a long time a go and I got the courage to do it because there were no split controllers, now the a switch and occulus touch. The grifta is an open system, you can hack it an modify all of it."

But keep in mind that he is liar and never ever meet a deadline, not by a long shot. He shipped the LH solo units in January and we have no idea what he did in the last two months and he just announced that I am now preparing the Grifta Duo pledges for the first mass production batch. Half a year went by between the first production batch of the LH solo units and the delivery of the LH solo units.
I suggest to everyone who got screwed by Paul to spread the word.

Despite all the promises he hasn't kept to me and all other backers, I'm still going to hold my breathe a little longer and hope that my Duo reward gets sent to me soon. Waiting sucks, but it's better than not getting what I paid for in the end, and losing a lot of money of which I've invested.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Grifta...
« on: 02:45 AM - 03/28/17 »

Anyone fluent in German able to translate this to English please?

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech G310
« on: 06:31 PM - 03/19/17 »
On the Official Hardware Compatibility page this keyboard is listed under "Known NOT Working", yet I have been using the G310 with XIM4 for the past few months now without any issues. Can someone else confirm if they are able to use it with theirs as well?

I am using the latest firmware (20170103).

Assumptions... the mother of all f#*%-ups.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Grifta...
« on: 04:07 AM - 03/07/17 »
@OBsIV - Have you been in touch with Paul over the last couple weeks? With his lack of communication on kickstarter, and not having received the shipping survey for my GRIFTA Duo yet, I'm feeling a tad concerned. Any kind of info at this point would be very reassuring to say the least.

Is Xim (Obsiv) working with them? Just curious because at the bottom of their page they say "XIM Tech will provide the Grifta with drivers and support on launch! For their amazing XIM4 take a look at www.xim4.com".

Also, what is "antler"? I noticed the trademark down at the bottom of the page for Grifta and Antler.
Most likely, ObsIV will add support for GRIFTA devices on XIM4. The "Antler" is an attachment designed for motion control with three infra red LEDs, and will be used in conjunction with an IR receiver, such as the Sony PS3 Eye camera.

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