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Beta / Re: 20150212 + STv2 Feedback
« on: 06:37 AM - 04/08/15 »
With the Stv2 BF hardline, is really good, the aim assist, isn't so hard as before, but in cod, without balistic curve, you can't play, when you aim an angle waiting a guy in ADS, the Translator slowdown the aim like *(&)&. Instead if you starting from hip to ADS in close Quarter without point in ADS, feel really nice. As STv1*.
But take care, don't stay high in ADS or the AS skip the enemy for anticipate him and the pointer don't go on him.

Guys i test some of yours set, i don't think that some of you give the right setup, cause using 6400 dpi(for example) with 13 in ads, the game skip 3 or 4 pixel, and overall you haven't control on the weapon.
I understand that all have their settings, but that is not human. I think that somebody post the wrong dpi set, check on pc the right dpi set and then repost.
Or the last post, 12000 dpi with 16 in ads, nope man i think that u have 0.10 in KD.
Pls that is an informative post. I don't say that you aren't good player.
I'm a tester, i did that since i start playing fps.

I have 4.38 in KD in cod aw, and 3.1 kd in BF with 58% HK. I play only infantry.

My setup is:

Razer Taipan(8000 dpi)
-Set on 4000 DPI
-HIP 26
-Ads 9 with HOLD the AIM Button.
-RML CURVE http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=39539.msg495678#msg495678
-POLL 500 hz

U can perform a 180^ degree in HIP in 10, 15 cm of mat.
The ads is pointy and fast enough, i start with 6 in ads then (in 3 days) upgrade to 9.
But over 9 the aim is not precise enough.
Im a low sens player on pc, on consolle cause the aim assist, you have to play for compensate the AS, you have to become a High Sens player or in CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT, you lose all the time for sticky aim assist.

Try it, and let me know.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Library
« on: 03:59 PM - 03/28/15 »
ok thx, i appreciate the answer, but when i saw your video, i noticed that u use like a short range dot. Right??? Cause i play with 8x or 6x. Can u explain me a thing pls, the xim try to reproduce the 1;1 move like pc right?
But on pc, u use low dpi with low sens, why with xim u have to put high dpi?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Library
« on: 06:44 PM - 03/27/15 »
Hi, i test the aim assist ballistic curve of bf4, in bf hardline... but i dont think it feels great enough.. are u working on a ballistic curve for hardline?, the aim assist it's really strong..
U can t aim at certain distance,  if u trying to be aggressive,when u engage at 2 meters, 4 example..the ads stuck. So i tried to increase the ads , but the aim if it's too responsive it get a huge acceleration. . That sometimes ignore the enemy and pass over him..

Read the title, lov u, thx ;)

Im sorry, I have cronus, but no comparison with xim.
CM nope,nothing special.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: xim4 dpi/sensitivity question
« on: 03:53 PM - 05/06/14 »
i alwais avoided, the dpi too high, cause that involve the mouse to keep all the minimum movement of my hand,that s not good on FPS, u need to do, linear and circular movement without the occasionally lag of an high dpi.
Sens in game : MAX
Sens Dpi : 800-1800
These are the best sets for me.
Keep low DPI give u the opportunity to be more precise on xim CONFIG.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: WHEN XIM 4 is READY ??
« on: 02:18 PM - 01/03/14 »
Im sad, i want the xim4. And i don' t wanna purchase CronusMax. Uff, im soo sad. Can u tell if the project going well??? Im really exited.

Ok so i buy the cronus for now.
Can U help me, what u mean cronous + xim3??? I dont understand, u mean that i can plug the xim into the cronus then into the one, i never done this before. And i never see that adapter.
So i dont know what u said, sry XD.

Hello everyone and OBS, love u.
Guys, the xim 4 have the possibility of switching config in game with just click a button like xim 3?
And second, do u think that buy CRONUS, is a good idea waiting xim4???
I play also with pad, but if u have it, be truely and gimme some good opinion about cronus, or other frag for x1!!!!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 Questions
« on: 04:27 PM - 12/23/13 »
Do the xim have tho possibility of the swicht config like xim 3?.. I really like that kind of thing in da xim!!!!

What u think about the price of the new xim?

Release Candidates / Re: Suggestion for the XIM4
« on: 06:26 PM - 12/05/13 »
U write all i wanna hear :)

Firstable, i hope that xim will be cheaper than the actual xim :). But what do you think about the coming out!!! I hope im not an irrespectable for who work on the project, i know that you work hard for us and community gamer, but can you answer me? Im really exited for the xim next gen!!!

Release Candidates / Re: Suggestion for the XIM4
« on: 03:35 AM - 11/23/13 »
Wait a second, i read the different 25 pages of ideas, but about the xbox one, u dont say nothing. Will it work with that consolle? Or are u working on something for xbox?

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