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Game Support / Call of duty 4 (XboX 360)
« on: 09:47 AM - 09/09/16 »
Okei, so I'm having a bit of an issue setting this game up with the xim 4 (unsure if I had this problem with Xim3) but the ads translator doesnt seem to work, do any of you guys know if the MW2 smart translator works on cod4? I have not tried it and I'm looking for tips, or even if someone out there actually plays call of duty 4 on xbox (#MWRemasteredHype) and have a config for me to copy or something:D

PS: MwRemastered will get a 1 month early campaign on ps4, is it possible to get a smart translator before the actual release then?:D

have a great day

Feedback / Re: [PS4] Remote play on PC
« on: 11:03 AM - 11/26/15 »
you could even talk to the guy who made it, and make a deal with him to include your smart translations with the added bonus of you getting paid 20% or even make him higher the price and take 50

Feedback / [PS4] Remote play on PC
« on: 10:58 AM - 11/26/15 »
http://tmacdev.com/2015/remote-play-pc-release/ Guys, you can now remote play to a PC in 720 60FPS, and I would like to ask, is the XIM4 going to support this?:D because that would be really cool, and I will take this time to ask if there could be support for the xim manager to emulate the ps4 controller on a PC whenever this program is launched and in focus, because its not that cool to disconnect your mouse and keyboard to then connect it to the xim4 for then connecting it to the computer:P but you could add a level of security by making you connect the xim to another usb port on the pc while using it, that way you dont lose any moneeey:)

XIM Apps / question to you programmers!:D
« on: 04:34 AM - 01/11/13 »
is it possible to make the xim to do a reverse, so that i can get the (f.eks) mw2 deadzones after connecting my controller (xim3 or edge) 2 the pc?

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