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Technical Support / [Q/A] Iphone update ios 11.0.3
« on: 02:54 PM - 10/24/17 »
i recently updated to IOS 11.0.3 on my apple phone and now my XIM 4 will show all the icon buttons on the mamager like the controller mouse and keyboard which is acutally the ps3 joystick i use butt no iput  response reports on the xim from any accesory no light flash nadda not sure what to do i think i have the 6+

XIM 4 Discussions / Cod aw
« on: 02:16 PM - 12/27/14 »
Does anyone know if cod Aw is slower I haven't played it in a while but it seems to be slower now

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Trouble with Xim Manager
« on: 05:05 PM - 09/24/14 »
Yea it got it working something with the blue tooth on my cpu turn off turn on  then it worked sorry for the very very late response lol

Game Support / button stick g 7 & 7s
« on: 07:56 AM - 09/12/14 »
Just wondering if the button stick issue was fixed I read a bunch of replies to my original post I think obsive said it would be fixed post release im assuming he was talking  about  the xim4 but the problem still exists the g8 9 10 was set to generic but it does not register only when I assigned a key stroke to them  does it work but then it sticks after a while so just wondering if it has been fixedor is jt still being worked on

Game Support / Re: Vehicle turning tips and library
« on: 05:56 PM - 09/06/14 »
So if I just copy the numbers you have on the pics I'll get the same thing as your cut and paste link you have in red because I don't really understand ballistic curves and how they work wish there was a you tube video explaining them

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Trouble with Xim Manager
« on: 05:06 PM - 09/06/14 »
Hey it me again well when I received the xim 4 Friday then figured out it would not with my Sansung tablet I loaded it onto my notebook everything went well loaded a bunch or all of the XB1 games on it but played BF3 but now it won't connect  the xim shows up on my pc the manager flashes but just won't connect not sure what to do had this problem before with the 4E usually sorted itself out any suggestions

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PS3 Nav
« on: 02:33 PM - 09/06/14 »
yes thanks i have been havinf issues with J9 not  registering in game even though its mapped as duck for the sony nav any suggestions

Technical Support / Re: [PENDING] Samsung Gallaxy Tab 3
« on: 02:31 PM - 09/06/14 »
thanks no worries like i said its used ill just return it tommorow excellent condition though hmm maybe i will keep it lol

Technical Support / [PENDING] Samsung Gallaxy Tab 3
« on: 07:37 PM - 09/05/14 »
i just bought the galaxy tab 3 so i dont have to lug my laptop back and forth put the app on  did what the instructions said and i get a blank screen can anyone confirm this device works before my return date expires the xim4 work on my sony laptop so its not the device i bought the tablet for a $100 at game stop

XIM 4 Discussions / PS3 Nav
« on: 07:31 PM - 09/05/14 »
Can anyone tell me if the ps3 nav still wirless like it was on the beta for Xim4

Beta / Re: G700 button stick
« on: 05:26 PM - 07/23/14 »
I've tried generic setting it mine won't register button inputs at all

Beta / G700 button stick
« on: 06:59 AM - 07/13/14 »
i have the G700 and mapped the buttons G10 as keystroke A and G 9 as keystroke K so, on BF4 i use G 10 (keystroke A ) as grenade toss but every so often it gets stuck when i look over at me PC at the manager you can see the button press still onscreen i just bought a bran new g700s and it does the same thing same buttons mapped i have to unplug the wire from my Xim to get it to reset. i am using the lasted updates 6/20 btw thanks for fixing it so we can finally use those buttons and the Sony Nav. wireless without the BT dongle if this is the wrong forum to get support please direct me to the correct one

Technical Support / Re: Mouse and nav turning
« on: 10:14 AM - 06/24/14 »
i figured it out but i guess a better term would be strafing it just moved left to right and forward and back

Uh never mind seems I figured it out the old downloaded configes stayed after updates so I went into manager and deleted them then loaded them again from the game list

Jeez I posted this problem at least twice after downloading the new firm ware and updates for the beta I can't get my mouse to aim properly it only goes up down left right and same for my sony nav so what setting or adjustment am I doing wrong I don't see any setting to put my nav and movement or to make movement analog so any of the FPS I use I can't play with the xim beta  on my Xbox 1

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