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same here any solution?

Support / Re: XIM Apex repair
« on: 08:46 PM - 12/13/20 »
Metal Pins broke. It looks like all the support for the USB was on the pins themselves originally, which is probably what caused the pins to weaken over time and break they way they did.

Support / [RESOLVED] XIM Apex repair
« on: 08:12 PM - 12/13/20 »
Wondering if you offer repair. My apex USB part just came loose and got stuck inside the Xbox one x front USB port. And I had to get tweezers to pull that part out. Now I have no Apex.

Game Support / Re: Share Halo 5 best settings.
« on: 04:03 PM - 09/08/19 »
It depends. Are you a low speed or high speed speed DPI?

So I'm thinking of getting a new keyboard mainly this one
Any idea if it would work with the Apex ?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Velocifire Keyboard
« on: 09:15 AM - 08/25/18 »
Did any of you guys tried this keyboard ? Did it work ? I'm really interested hearing from one of you guys that got it?

Game Support / Re: Halo 5's Aiming System (UPDATED)
« on: 12:40 PM - 01/19/16 »
I have my melee bound to my mouse and my sprint bound to my keyboard/gamepad
Any help?
What is your melee button and sprint button bound too? Also do you have hold to GP activated in your game settings?
Melee button is the scroll down button, sprint is Lshift...

Game Support / Re: Halo 5's Aiming System (UPDATED)
« on: 12:35 PM - 01/19/16 »
I have my melee bound to my mouse and my sprint bound to my keyboard/gamepad
Any help?

Game Support / Re: Halo 5's Aiming System (UPDATED)
« on: 08:00 AM - 01/19/16 »
I haven't made a post in a long time ;D, but I need your guys help for this; is there a way I do a Ground Pound and and a Shoulder Bash Kills with a click of a button ?...  :-\, I got the Aiming down, but when it comes to GP and SB I can't do it.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Cod Advanced Warfare config help
« on: 08:18 PM - 11/08/14 »
Hey man let me know when you get better... I'm getting dominated
Hello everyone

I'm experience cod player , previous cod titles good ratio over 3.0 but the new cod title I really struggle and my kd it's around 1.5. I cannot find right sensitivity for myself and good key setup. I use logitech g13 keyboard and logitech mouse g502 with 12000 dpi and 1000 puling rate . My current hip it's 28 and ads 15 but it's not quite right . Another question is witch st use ghost or bo2.

The problem is when in ADS, it's really slow, and the PC version when you ADS, it still moves at normal speed. This is where I get destroyed at. I don't prefer to constantly run around hip firing at everything.
   Have you tried the MW3 settings? I tried that game setting and I'm doing pretty good now.

You describe what I'm going through now. My aim feels off most of the time and tried using different settings from previous COD games and no luck at all.
If i missed any post about this sorry, did not find it.
I am also a new owner the XIM.

I used the xim4 with destiny wich did pretty good but in AW it looks like ADS acts very weird.
I am pretty much a PC gamer and very used to use the mouse and keyb in fps games and and know exactly where ADS will be centered when using it, also when moving.

When i use ADS in AW its completely off where it should be (in my opinion) when used from a moving state. With complety i mean a couple of CM on screen.

Any one else has the same issue and know if this is a setting in the ST or is it just the game?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who experiencing this issue.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K65 RGB
« on: 02:23 PM - 10/26/14 »
@#$% I was hoping to get this to work, It works well in Bios Mode, but I can't make the lights stay solid, whenever I hit a key the lights fade away and then it lights up bright again.

I can report with certainty that from COD Ghosts Xbox 360 XIM3 to COD Ghosts Xbox One XIM4, my sensitivity settings are DEFINITELY different.

I have not yet tried COD Ghosts Xbox 360 with the XIM4 though.  I may never try it, since I'm keeping my XIM3 ... but I do want to, because science.

Let me know if you got something.

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