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Still... this thread has over 200 hits and only 12 individuals thought it worthy to vote. I just hope OBsIV is holding out for a possible update for next Gen. Who knows though, he doesn't say much unless you have a tech problem.

I'm responsible for probably 50 of those hits myself, awaiting any sort of reply, so 250 hits doesn't mean anything, and in fact is more evidence of decline in the community than health in the community.
The lack of responses is entirely in line with the lack of activity on the forum in general, which as Klibo stated earlier, is likely due to the fact that the community is largely ignored unless the question is clearly a simple query from a brand-new user or prospective customer that can be answered in one line.

Well this has been up for over two weeks now and with very minimal responce. The only conclusion I can draw at this point is that OBsIV isn't going to act on it because there's no need to. The people have spoken with there silence and this isn't important to most. Maybe I'll have to learn how to use a keyboard in order to take full advantage of the current feature set IDK.

Thanks everyone.  :)

The original post where this was proposed is here:
It was originally posted on the 08/09/12, and Obsiv replied to it straight away and said he'd add it to the feature list, so it's not as if it's a niche request that needs to gain community support to prove that it's needed, he saw the need for it and agreed straight away, he just hasn't done anything about it since last August.
I think you're quite right in saying that the community has spoken with its silence though, but not in regard to this feature:
The community has spoken with silence in regards to this entire forum.
In the XIM Edge Discussion section the last post on the first page has gone ten days without a reply, the last post of the first page of the XIM Edge Game Support section has gone almost a month without a reply.
This is not what an active and healthy forum looks like! In the XIM3 Discussion section things look similar, the last post on the front page was last replied to almost a month ago.
The forum is close to death, and the reason for it is simple:
There is no reason to visit this forum when nothing is being updated.

Visiting the forum stats is enough proof of this, forum use hit a peak in 2011 and has been declining ever since, very much so within this year, as can be seen by looking at the number of new topics started each month this year.

As I said, there is no reason to visit really, apart from checking the download section for new software if you're waiting for an ST, because nothing is happening, the to-add feature list isn't progressing and attempting to propose anything new meets with so much resistance as to be a waste of time and effort.

He has a point, although nobody seemed to notice.
We do need custom configs for games that aren't supported,  two out of the six games I own don't have STs.

« on: 01:37 PM - 04/14/13 »
It doesn't, no.
It feels "heavy" by comparison, like your view has momentum. It takes a little while to get used to it and stop overshooting your targets, but after a few games you get used to it and it works pretty well.

AHK will work with a XIMEdge that is running through the PC.
Some people are getting an issue with losing inputs when running through the PC, and also having problems with the XIMCommander application that captures the inputs being almost unbelievably unstable, mine crashes every 30mins when playing and every 5mins if left inactive, and up to 50% of the time (it varies) when it crashes I'll have to reset my Xbox to cure the problem.
You might be lucky and not see these issues, in which case get a Belkin USB Transfer Cable and you're good to go.
If you do get the same issue as me then it is a MAJOR annoyance! I hope you're lucky in this one.

My concern is that although threads are popping up about various things, Obsiv won't declare the intention to do anything but add config re-ordering, he won't even say "I am/am not considering this" when things are brought up.
At this stage it's functionally the same as being ignored, he might well be considering various things and might even be working on them, but we don't know, so I certainly share Klibo's sentiment at this moment, we need more communication and acknowledgement of suggestions, even if it's "we can't do that" or "I'll look into it".

I think that we should add a ADS toggle option. I'd like to see that.

Concerning this, this was always avoided because it would be very easy to get out-of-sync with the actual game.

That's true, but we get a problem the opposite way now sometimes. Some games do have toggle ADS and this means that the XIM is out-of-sync with them if you don't hold the button down, and holding it down in some games rapidly toggles you in and out of ADS, while others expect a second button press to zoom further (like Halo3's Sniper Rifle).
There is no one behaviour that could be attached to an ST that would work across all these issues smoothly, we've got to remember that the limitations of the device have an impact on this, the XIM has no idea of the context within the game and there is no way it can.
The ability to remove the ADS ST or use it all the time would be helpful for this as it would remove the need for a transition, but another issue could be killed at the same time by allowing separate sensitivity to be set when a button is held down. This would allow higher sensitivity when the ADS button is held to account for low ADS-speed games (CoD and BF3 are bloody slow when ADS with only the hip ST) and could be mapped to another button instead to give higher sensitivity for turrets or whatever (as nice as auto-turn is, it's no substitute for higher sensitivity).
This addresses two issues in one and requires nothing other than enabling the option, all the setup and tweaking will be the responsibility of the user.

I'm not so sure that it shouldn't be in the General Discussion section, personally.
The reason being, that it's difficult to tell how many people are affected by the things being discussed if only some people can read it and respond.
As an example, the PC passthrough has quite a few problems with losing inputs and crashing on some machines (mine included, so it's a bit of a pet peeve) but it's difficult to tell how many, the only indication I have seen is that a large number of the threads in the XIM3 XIMApps section have got posts in there with people saying that they have the issue as well.
I posted a thread about that a while ago and only two people said that they had the same issue, but I saw many more in the XIMApps section the other day, so it's hard to get an idea of the number of people who are affected by or want a particular feature even if it's in the General section, and that's a lot more difficult if it's only visible to RC testers.

You've raised a good point here RML, in any community the "noobs" of today are the veterans of tomorrow, so those who want a simple plug-and-play device today may well want something more sophisticated as they get more into fiddling with configs and so on.
At this point we don't have the more sophisticated option to accommodate those people when they get to that stage, and that means that when they get there they'll either have to accept the lack of options or (if possible) buy another product that can offer what they want, and that'll mean a community split and less sales, neither of which are good.

Heh, of course. The only reason for my somewhat belligerent tone in the first place was to elicit a response.
I'll say that I was very disappointed to see various people reversing their original position because they didn't want to be seen to agree with me, but it doesn't matter now.

Klibo's core point is the same as mine, the XIM is at the point where it's a tiny distance from being able to replace the controller for all in-game situations on any FPS.
This is a hell of an achievement, but it seems like development has stopped or slowed because some lower goal has been reached, and that is a massive shame.
We're all here because we're PC players in the first place, and none of us want to have to pick up the controller to do certain things.
Now, I think it'd be too much to ask Obsiv to setup the BF3 config (good example) with a driving and turret config already included and bound, because it's complex to set up in the manner that you want, and it'll just confuse those who accidentally press the vehicle button while on foot.
So give us the tools to do it ourselves.
As I said, the goal of using the XIM for everything in-game regardless of your individual setup is tantalizingly close, and all it really takes to achieve it is to give the users more options, give the users control of their device.
Any problems caused by advanced use will be able to be dealt with by the moderation staff, who are already very helpful and have achieved some very clever workarounds themselves, and it's not going to be the same type of people that Obsiv took the flak from when the XIM3 was first out, because it'll only be those who have sought out the method to enable advanced mode, so they'll have to be comfortable with command-line options at the very least.

You find my attitude unwarranted. Ha! The ignorance.

When you can act like an adult feel free to come back and contribute to the community. As we've told you repeatedly throughout this thread XIM3 and XIM Edge are the product of community interaction. They would not be what they are today without feature requests from the community and more importantly a development team that follows through with those requests that show value and promise.

Well done, your attitude has convinced me to sell my XIME rather than keep hold of it, so not only will you be selling one less XIM4, you'll be selling one less XIME too, as somebody will be buying mine second-hand.
Well done.

Edit, just to reiterate, I have been an enthusiastic advocate since the XIM1, and will no longer be a customer or an advocate due to the poor attitude displayed by you and others here.

I think I would know how many games we have supported over the last five months. You're looking at builds that have been left in the download section. Older builds are removed to avoid confusion.

GoW: J
Walking Dead: SI
Tomb Raider
Sniper GW2
Cyrsis 3
Hitman Absolution
Halo 4
Black Ops 2
Farcry 3
Dead Space 3
Aliens Colonial Marines
Assassin Creed 3
Medal of Honor Warfighter

and beginning this week AoT and Bioshock Infinite.

Are you done?

Then why were those two left in the download section? Why does it list two games as being added when the total is higher, why not list all the games that were added?
There was no way for me to know that, so I find your smug attitude to be unwarranted.
The answer to the question, though, is yes.
I am done, the question I was asking about the direction of development of the XIM has been answered, the answer means that I will no longer be buying or recommending the XIM, and the regular posters are obviously too prepared to accept the current poor state of support, so there is no chance of this changing due to community pressure.

Thing is, when the workrate is two STs in five months

There have been approximately fifteen games supported the past five months counting this week. Close to thirty Smart Translators if you want to be technical.

Quoted from the post in the Downloads section:
"XIMEdgeManager 20130224

Includes XIM OS 20121016 (make sure to click "Update XIM OS" if your firmware is out of date)

- Crysis 3 Game Support
- Aliens: Colonial Marines Game Support"

Released on the 24th of Feb 2013.

Quoted from the second newest post in the Downloads section:
"XIMEdgeManager 20121016

Includes XIM OS 20121016 (make sure to click "Update XIM OS" if your firmware is out of date)

- Reduced mouse processing latency.
  NOTE: You will need to double your XIM sensitivty of your Configs after this upgrade.

- Wireless support for Sony Move Navigation Controller (see "Wireless Nav Setup" in XIM Edge User Manual for setup instructions).

- New "Turn Assist" feature (configured under "More Settings"). When activated, mouse movement is cumulative until the hotkey is released (or pressed again if in toggle mode). Use Turn Assist for more effective vehicle and turret control. It can be used even when on-foot for turns that require little mouse movement.

- New "Push To Talk" feature (configured under "More Settings"). When activated, the wired headset mic connected through the controller is enabled (otherwise, it is muted). Supports hold and toggle modes. Usage is similar to that of a walkie-talkie. Only available on Xbox with a wired headset.

- Fix: Support for several "MMO side button" mice (see Hardware Compatibility List for more details)
- Fix: Keyboard diagonal movement not working correctly in some games
- Fix: In-game Sensitivity adjustment increments speed changed to gradually increase over time
- Fix: Print Config Summary colors weren't correct

- Dishonored Game Support
- Resident Evil 6 Game Support
- Borderlands 2 Game Support
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game Support
- Hybrid Game Support
- Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Game Support"

Released on the 16th of October 2012.

So between 17/10/12 and 24/02/2013 We've had two STs released (duplicates for the same game don't count as they add support for only one game) how is that fifteen?
It's two.

You are not pushing hard you are pushing the wrong way. The xim costs 120 times more than a hamburger still i cant eat it so the xim sucks. I bought a mercedes where are the biatches that were advertised with it on the motor show?
There is maybe no one else on this forum who got more features through Obsivs hands then i did. You however will not get one single code line programmed. Not like a spoiled child who wants the toy from the store rolling on the floor.
If you want a feature go to the xim4 wish thread and give the feature into discussion and consideration one at the time.
This thread leads no where.
Your analogy makes no sense and is childish.
There is no point adding this as a request for the XIM4, I will not entertain the prospect of buying a XIM4 if the XIMEdge is still poorly supported, so I'm not concerned with the XIM4 in the slightest.

As I said, you've changed your tune drastically.

I understand Balberoth although the weaknesses of the Edge are others then he mentioned in my opinion. I do not wish to repeat them, they are well known to Obsiv.
It is very very frustrating that since the XIM2 there is a repetition of a recurring procedure. The new device comes out and then 4-8 weeks there is a massive bug hunt and new feature consideration/programming and hardware adoption and then nothing. It takes  major community hysteria to get even a slight firmware or software correction going. Good examples are the Edge not shutting down or the XIM3 switcher reset bug.
I wish this would change in the future and the software/firmware are updated regularly.

All I'm going to say here is that you've changed your tune a bit Roads.

You did not buy those features advertised did you? Browsing the website shows exactly what you get. So all you can do is ask for the features. Comparing the XIM to a controller wont help.

I'm with Roads on this one, a controller is so far behind a mouse in design alone! Navigating with your thumbs or a whole hand? I'd take "point 'n' click" aiming over awkwardly training your thumbs for accuracy.

You and him are both missing the point, I'm saying that the XIM is capable in principle of removing the need to use a controller ever, and I'm complaining that even though only minor software changes would be needed to stop me ever having to pick up my controller again, it's obviously not going to happen.

I don't know why you think I'm advocating the controller here, I really don't see how you managed to arrive at that conclusion.
I'm saying that the XIM is capable of replacing the controller if the software is improved, and considering that it costs four times as much as a controller does that is not too much to ask.

I can see this turning into a "XIM is teh bestest" circlejerk in short order, Roads has already abandoned his previous take on the issue, perhaps because he feels I'm pushing too hard.
Thing is, when the workrate is two STs in five months (you can check the download section to verify that) I think somebody needs to be pushing, else nothing will be done, the "to-do list" currently contains three items, the first one has been sitting there with no update for six or seven months.
That would be considered a poor update rate for Logitech, who are keeping hundreds of products updated at any one time. For a team working on only two devices (XIME and XIM3) it barely constitutes any progress at all, and were Logitech to perform in the same manner they'd be widely denounced for it.

Well I surely dont want to make him sell the Edge for 30$ LOL. You should go to the tech store and find another controller that can do something like the XIM. This is getting ridiculous and goes even beyond my imagination.

I already have one, it's called the XIM1, it either has or does not need all of the features I'm talking about, and the only thing that's missing is the STs, which in my experience are only a marked improvement in BF3 (for the games I own).
If you're happy with such a limited feature set then good for you, but it doesn't mean that everybody else is, quite a number of people have posted here saying that they'd like to see some or all of the features I'm talking about.

No point on discussing it further then as software attached to the XIM was never to be perfect. It worked and did the job but never was complexity and bells and whistles. As I said earlier maybe something to emphasize on for Obsiv as there dont seem to be much changes in hardware for the XIM4. Maybe as paid upgrade. If you need to use the XIM other than designed, pay for it.

So that's how you want the XIM to work? A device that costs four times the standard price of a controller and you think that we should have to pay extra to not have to pick up a controller to use vehicles properly?
Just wow.

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