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XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 11:36 AM - 04/07/13 »
does anybody know how i can bind the yaw to my z axix or twist on my joystick?

XIM Apps / Help with xtreme 3d pro joystick
« on: 08:12 PM - 03/31/13 »
I can't seem to get my joystick to work using the ximcommander. when i open up the joystick config and try to detect my buttons nothing works. I have read all over the forums and can't find anything to help me so any advice would be sweet

XIM Apps / Re: XIMCommander.NET
« on: 12:30 PM - 03/31/13 »
Hey guys i'm trying to use my xtreme 3d pro joystick with ximcommander but when i try to map my buttons in the joystick config it doesn't detect anything i push on the joystick and i can't figure out how to get it to work. Any advice would be awesome

I switched to this mouse from the g500 and i love it. The only problem is that in order to use the max dpi you have to bridge it thru your computer because it does not have on board memory for that. But I promise if you get it and can bridge it thru you computer it is worth every penny

Every standard i make usually turns out to have a bad issue with making a lightning pattern or zig zagging when i try to look up and down, left or right. I can make smooth turns looking at an angle but if i try to go straight up,down, left, or right it's all over the place. they are not small jitters that i can tame with smoothness but are unbearable to even consider playing. Any suggestions?

Maybe the edge has something to do with it keeping its dpi at 6400 but i tried numerous times on my xim3 to stay at 6400 with no luck. But using it through the computer kept all its settings and it is an amazing mouse. it is so comfortable that i forget i'm even holding and i go to slide my hand to the right and find myself trying to run my pinky finger over.

I just got my new deathadder 2013 yesterday and messed around with it all day. i used the razer program to set my dpi to 6400. i then plugged it into my xim to play and found that it felt slower than my old mouse (g500 with 5700dpi) and had to raise all my sen. it was bugging me all day, so today i plugged the death adder into my computer and used the xim bridge. there was an immediate difference. I had to move all my sen. way down. I have been playing like this for a couple hours now and I can say this mouse is amazing when using it thru your computer and getting to use this mouse to its full potential. 

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