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Hi there,

I was struggling with the BO3 setup, but thanks to this config saw an immediate difference in feel.

Just wanted to say thanks! Nice work and thanks for sharing.

General Discussion / Re: i hate this game!
« on: 01:51 PM - 02/09/12 »

I like this guys take on it all: sums it up for me to be honest, and makes me laugh. Which is a good thing :



Feedback / Re: First Impressions / Reviews ...
« on: 06:46 AM - 12/16/11 »

My first impression:

Well, Iíll start out with my justification if I may: I bought this device as Iíve always been a PC gamer Ė since the dial up days of BBSís playing Doom, Doom2, Quake etc Ė which 1. Makes me old (45) and 2. Makes me wonder why Iím not as good as I should be.

Since owning an Xbox Iíve always thought it was a good bit of kit, but was frustrated at having to use that gawd awful controller.. itís about as natural to me as wheels on a dog and my right hand thumb doesnít work that well after several motorcycle crashes in a not too successful motorcycle racing careerÖ

My set up is basically what I use for my PC Gaming Rig Ė A Logitech G13 and a RAT7 mouse. Iíd done some reading up beforehand and I knew the RAT would be a bit of a problem as it permanently broadcasts that a button is pressed (Aux4) so it gave me a bit of a headache on how to approach the programming of the buttons. In the end I opted for unplugging the RAT from the XIM, starting it up, programming the buttons on the G13 (to my PC layout), then restarting with the RAT connected.

This left me with another query of how I can go about binding some of my keys to the mouse wheel. Iím looking for pointers on how I can achieve that, as when I tried through the XIM manager software My G13 refused to power up, probably due to not enough current in the USB or something.

Anyway, onto the play experience. One word: Awesome. More words: Well. Once Iíd got it set up to my sensitivity and start to get comfortable with it I found that the mouse experience was close (very close!), but not entirely the same as a PC, but Iím putting a lot of that down to the mechanics of the Xbox game rather than that of the XIM. Iím sure that I can tweak it some more and get to where I want it to be but the overall experience with the product is very positive indeed.

Iíd just like to say thanks to you for creating this product as it gives me what Iíve always wanted: Access to my Xbox both in the way I want it to be, and the way that FPSís should be played.



Feedback / Thanks!
« on: 06:58 AM - 12/15/11 »

Haven't actually used my XIM3 yet, but I wanted to say thanks to the team for the speedy shipping! I ordered on the 13th December, arrived to me in the UK on the 15th!

I guess that some of this feedback should be directed at FEDEX as well so well done them. I wasn't in my office when the package arived this morning but goods in tell me that there was no demand for import duty or the like.. so i'm guessing they'll invoice me or something?

Thanks again,


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