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I have found the issue and it is repeatable, with certain hardware setup that the latest Xim Apex firmware has a bug w.r.t. initialisation.

Series X (and One X) controller + MS Headset Adapter (MSHA) + Audio Chat Cable (ACC)
 = Does not initialise properly when ACC plugged into adapter
 = If you leave cable not plugged in during initialisation, keyboard + mouse work, until you plug in audio chat cable then it stops working (90% of time). Note if you unplug ACC post a fail, it remains not working.

I have two official MS Headset Adapters and have tested both with Elite Series II and Series X controller. The Elite II works, the series X controller does not.

When I tested with ALL FIVE controller variants (all controller firmware up to date) that I own, I used the same MSHA. The testing results are as follows:

Series 1 cable
[1] - XB1 2013 day 1 edition --- works with ACC connected to MSHA (no direct ACC to controller option - hence adapter)
[2] - Elite Series I --- works with ACC connected to MSHA, or directly to controller
[2] - XB1X scorpio edition --- PROBLEM - problematic hit and miss when MSHA+ACC has audio jack connected; mainly fails and occasionally works. This controller works if ACC plugged directly into controller.

Series 2 cable
[4] - Elite Series II --- works with ACC connected to MSHA, or directly to controller
[5] - Series X controller --- Does not work when audio jack connected to MSHA+ACC. Does work when ACC is direct to controller.

I discovered the above as I was originally doing simple testing with no audio, and thus found it when repeating test with [5] but no audio. Generally when connecting up audio it stops working; (A) either before connecting Xim or (B) after successful initialisation when kbd/ms works and then soon as audio cable is connected into just the adapter (floating - other end not connected to headset; OR connected to headset) it stops working - 90% of the time but not always. Some kind of software timing issue. If I plug in the xbox chat cable directly in the Series X controller then it initialises correctly.

As stated in the above thread, problem not present in previous firmwares (i) 20210223 BETA or (ii) 20210625 BETA.

I hope the above info will help your team narrow down the problematic code to resolve the firmware issue.


Good question, never really tested it as couldn't get past keyboard navigation and start game.

Anyway - simple answer is NO. Mouse input does not get sent to console. Again companion app shows mouse buttons being triggered and associated actions that should happen, but do not.

Controller works with console whilst wired (no batteries) to xim, so I presume this rules out a cable issue. Otherwise do not understand how working with the Beta 20210223 and 20210625.


PS. I guess subject/topic should be updated. :(

When I upgraded the firmware of the controller as part of my troubleshooting steps above. The controller was directly plugged into the console.

PS. I have also confirmed by having controller directly wired that all buttons register when pressed. Tested within xbox accessories controller test mode, as well as general use.

I have just retried this, and unfortunately it still does not work.

3 x Green flashing initialisation sequence seen. Xbox guide button pressed, both analog sticks moved. However keyboard presses such as WASD still do not work. Only the escape key works.

I have reverted back to 5.00.20210625.


Hi All,

First post here. I have encountered a repeatable issue with the latest stable firmware 5.00.20211012 where keyboard bindings are recognised and reported by the companion app (manager) but are not sent onto the console itself. Only the ESC key works -- sent to console. I've rolled back firmware and confirmed its a software/firmware issue and not faulty hardware.

Firmware Details:
5.00.20210223 BETA - used for ~1yr - no issue

5.00.20210625 BETA - last beta I could find. keyboard works.

5.00.20211012 STABLE - only ESC key forwarded to console as a controller action; all other keys registerd and reported by companion app, but not sent to console. However, whilst Xim Apex is initialising (flashing) and xbox guide is up, one can use W S keys to scroll up down menu, but that capability stops upon xim apex initialisation (flashing lights) completing.

Hardware Details
- xbox series x
- xbox series x controller (one that came with the console) - no batteries
- xim apex
- xim apex USB hub
- Logitech K120 Wired Business Keyboard
- Logitech G502 HERO

Troubleshooting Steps Tried
- Hard reset xbox and removed power
- Ensured controller had latest firmware
- Xim USB Hub tested on PC -- confirmed all 3 ports working, mouse+keyboard both detected/working in all 3 ports
- Performed factory reset (as been using 5.00.20210223 BETA for past year) incase config low level corruption. -- issue persisted
- Rolled back firmware to 5.00.20210223 BETA and now all keyboard bindings passed onto console... working
- Put back latest stable firmware (5.00.20211012 STABLE) and keyboard no longer works -- I noticed during the testing that keyboard bindings were passing to console as Apex was initialising, but no longer sent bindings post initialistation apart from the ESC key.
- Flashed last beta firmware that I could find (5.00.20210625 BETA) and keyboard now works, all bindings sent to console.

I'm sure someone must have hit this issue and reported it, but I could not find any threads on this topic.

Hopefully this can be resolved.


PS. If you need to send me a special debug firmware to give you additional info etc. to help resolution, I'm here.

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