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the usb cable is new from the controller box

the controller is brand new, i also tried replacing battery from the old broken one but it didnt changed anything, but it maybe just fixed itself because its been like 3 days snce i jad to charge it and its still working, i will let you know if it disconects again

what should i try next?
also, when it completely drains the battery, then it flashes yellow as a power issue and stops working and doesnt work until i charge controller

yes, it does charge when i plug it into pc or ps4 with the same cable i use to plug it into apex

im using xim apex, logitech g pro keyboard and logitech g403 mouse and i can play for 1 day, then i have to charge the controller battery

sure, ive tried Niceboy oryx k300x, neboy oryx k600 and nixeboy oryx k444 and all of them had the same issue (solid white light when plugged in)

Hello, ive noticed that my controller (dualshock 4) is losing charge when using xim. sometimes when i play, it just disconects and i need to charge it to work again, i have no idea why is it losing charge, can someone help me?

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 04:10 AM - 02/17/22 »
hello, ive changed the controller cable and got it to work, its working perfectly, you can add niceboy keyboards as not compatible (ive tried 3 of them) and none of them worked, thanks for helping me

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 11:24 AM - 02/15/22 »
hello, i just got nee keyboard and it connects but now i cant connect my controller (the 4 green lights wont show) and the controller just flashes and stays off, any help?

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 07:45 AM - 01/19/22 »
okay, ill try different keyboard as soon as i can, i allready ordered logitech g pro keyboard but i still need some 5v3a powered hub so i would like to have a look at some of the hubs, if you can send me few links for the 5v3a powered hubs so i can order one and try it as soon as i can

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 10:51 AM - 01/17/22 »
hello, tasted it with and without all the LEDs but same result, works for about 5 minutes, then stops working, and there are no 5v3a usb hubs in my country, is there a way that i could pay you guys for a new original hub?

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 09:53 AM - 01/17/22 »
hello just tasted it again and it works for 5 minutes, then everything stops working and the lights on keyboard turn off but it also flashes when i Press something, the xim is still solid red and sometimes it flashes pink

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 12:13 AM - 01/13/22 »
i can play with only mouse and controller, so i can do move with controller and look with mouse, i went to shower nd left it connected for 40 minutes like that, when i came back, it wws still connected, then i plugged keyboard amd after few minutes of playing, it started doing random inputs and flashing pink, then it disconnected everything, also when i go to ads mode, it flashes green-yellow but ive read that this is normal

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 12:39 PM - 01/12/22 »
Okay so i can sometimes and somehow get it to work, then i can play for few minutes like normally without problems, then it starts flashing pink and do weird stuff like doing random input that i havent done, then it just stops working until i reconnect it again

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] my xim stopped working
« on: 10:18 AM - 01/12/22 »
tried new keyboard, still not working, i need new hub, can you send me please few powered hub 5V3A links so i can have a look on which one ships to my location please? thank you

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