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Technical Support / Re: Xim Firmware Update
« on: 03:49 PM - 02/20/22 »
Okay so I have narrowed it down I believe. My Xbox is up to date and so is my controller. Iím 90% sure itís bc I have updated the firmware on the adapter for my new gen console/controller. Whenever I go to the download links, Iím unsure of how to update the adapter firmware bc both download links are pc and mac. Ive downed the Mac and Pc option, but Iím not sure how to update it. Iím on mobile, do I really NEED a pc to update this?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim Firmware Update
« on: 03:40 PM - 02/20/22 »
Hello everyone, I used to use my xim on my Xbox 1s, and it worked good, but I recently got a series s and Iím unable to use it. Iím not sure if Iím not on the right firmware or whatever but when I have the app open, it doesnít recognize any of my inputs. Iíve tried multiple cables, (including 2 that 100% can transfer data). I am using a series s controller on a series s xbox. Iím not sure what to do please help.

Manager version:5.00.20211216

Firmware Version:5.00.20180402

Technical Support / Re: Xbox Series S Firmware
« on: 02:56 AM - 01/30/22 »
Donít update an Xbox controller while itís connected to XIM. Always connect it direct to the console.

The controller firmware can be downgraded and upgraded again, mist4fun posted this info multiple times on these forums, so it should show up in a search.

Alternately, try holding the Guide button on the Xbox controller until it reboots itself and that may clear the issue.

Iím not sure how to even update the controller firmware on xbox. Every video I see is for pc. Iím on xbox

Technical Support / Re: Xbox Series S Firmware
« on: 04:15 PM - 01/29/22 »
I believe the issue right now is the latest firmware update for the Xbox controllers is making the Xim's software uncompatiable. I updated my Xbox One Controller last night to the latest software on the Xbox One S and I've had the same exact issue you're having.
Okay, Iím trying things others are suggesting, Iíll update

Technical Support / Re: Xbox Series S Firmware
« on: 04:14 PM - 01/29/22 »
try holding the download link instead of taping it, I was having the same problem. when I hold the link a drop down box opens to download directly to my phone.
I have it downloaded now onto my phone, now how do I actually do the updating?

Technical Support / Xbox Series S Firmware
« on: 12:42 PM - 01/29/22 »
Hello everyone, Iíve recently got a series S, and the new controller, and Iím having trouble with the updates. Whenever I try to click the ios download for the manager, it takes me to the App Store, but no update is available. Iím assuming this means I have the latest. My main problem is that the xim app doesnít detect any keyboard/mouse buttons. Iím assuming thatís bc I havenít updated the firmware for the new controller, but I canít figure out how to. All the fire ware download links are for pc/mac and Iím doing this on my phone.

Technical Support / Re: Rust Xim on Series S
« on: 03:44 PM - 01/04/22 »
Welcome to the community. Does your guide assignment or escape key pass work while nothing else is working?

We can also check if the controller is authenticating, this is needed for your mouse and keyboard to work. To do this, please disconnect and reconnect XIM to the console while watching XIM's startup light sequence. Do you see 4 green lights during this sequence? For reference the startup light sequence should look similar to this:

red, green, blue
green, green, green, green

Once XIM has finished it's startup sequence it may be necessary to press the controllers guide button. If you do not see 4 green lights at startup and you have spare cables please test other cables with the controller.

As for the guide button, no. Nothing on the keyboard or mouse translates to the Xbox, but does pop up on the app. As for the startup lights, Iíve never seen my xim once use a green light when hooking it up. It does not do that, but it also has never done that, even when I used to play with it on r6.

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Rust Xim on Series S
« on: 09:00 PM - 01/03/22 »
Hello everyone, my xim is not working on any game. I have everything hooked up, and connected on the app. The app recongnized, and pops up, whatever key I press on the keyboard/mouse. The problem is that it doesnít translate to the Xbox. It does not move me in any game, or the Xbox menu.

Extra: I have had this xim for about a year now and have used it very much to play r6. Havenít used it in a few months, but I made sure my update it up-to-date.

Xbox / Re: Rust Xim
« on: 11:10 AM - 12/30/21 »
Welcome to the community. Does this happen on other games too?
It does not work on anything. Even when I use another config, the one I used for r6, I canít move anything with my keyboard, nor mouse.

Xbox / Re: Rust Xim
« on: 01:55 PM - 12/26/21 »
I havenít checked. I rarely use my xim anymore, but it def isnít working on rust

Xbox / Rust Xim
« on: 12:01 PM - 12/26/21 »
Hey everyone, Iíve been using xim for about a year now, and Iíve wanted to try it on rust. Iíve got my xim and everything plugged in, and on the app, it shows my inputs on the keyboard/mouse, but it doesnít actually move me in game. Iím stuck and not sure what to try.

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