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Electronics are weird. I did the whole process again but I did not power cycle the console. But, now my APEX works with the latest controller firmware!

1. Connect controller (without chatpad) directly to console via usb.
2. Downgrade firmware on controller.
3. Restart console via guide hold context menu.
     * Previously, I had skipped this step.
4. Upgrade firmware on controller.
5. Restart console via guide hold context menu.
     * Previously, at this point I had selected "Turn off console", then disconnected console power for 30 seconds after console was off. I only restarted the console once, before, also.
6. Verify controller still works, controller still connected directly to console via usb.
7. Plug controller into APEX USB Hub.
8. Connect APEX to Xbox.
9. Press guide button on controller, verify 4x green lights on APEX.
10. Profit! APEX works longer than three seconds.

Thanks for the help, y'all!

We just did extensive testing with an Xbox One X and a 1708 X1 controller with latest firmware and didn't experence any issues.

I don't understand what's different about my setup, then. I'm on the latest beta APEX firmware & manager. I downgrade controller firmware without APEX connected, and the APEX works just fine. As soon as I upgrade the controller firmware (without APEX connected), I can't use my APEX anymore.

Okay. I installed the updated firmware to the controller again. Afterwards, I turned off the Xbox and disconnected the power for 30 seconds. I plugged the APEX in a few minutes after the xbox was finished booting up. Unfortunately, the issue persists and I am only able to use my mouse+keyboard for three seconds or so. The guide button works through the keyboard, though.

I reverted the firmware and everything worked flawlessly! Unfortunately, after I updated the controller firmware again (properly this time), the issue came back.

I'm using an Xbox One X, and the controller model is 1708.

Technical Support / Re: [Q/A] Xim on PC with one keyboard.
« on: 09:24 AM - 11/24/21 »
Try XIM Link. It acts as a sort of software KVM switch so you can use your pc-connected keyboard and mouse for the XIM or PC without switching anything around.

Reading around, I think my problems potentially started when I downloaded the controller firmware update with the XIM Apex plugged in, unfortunately. I've installed the beta firmware and manager, and updated the controller again (connected directly to the xbox). Still getting inputs detected by XIM Apex manager and XIM Link, but no keyboard or mouse inputs are passed through to the xbox. The controller inputs are passing through the XIM Apex just fine.

EDIT: I seem to be able to use my keyboard and mouse for maybe two or three seconds after the controller connects, then it stops working.

My mouse and keyboard inputs are not being passed through to my xbox. I thought my issue was with XIM Link, but I directly plugged a mouse and keyboard to the XIM Apex hub and the inputs from the mouse and keyboard are still not being passed through to the xbox. The controller inputs are being passed through, however. What do I do?

XIM Link / Re: Input not being picked up by Xbox
« on: 08:14 PM - 11/23/21 »
New cable doesn't work, either. I don't understand  :'(

XIM Link / Input not being picked up by Xbox
« on: 10:12 PM - 11/20/21 »
XIM Link states "XIM Apex Connected", XIM Apex manager detects input, and XIM Link is also intercepting input. Everything is connected as depicted in the guide diagram that's stickied, and my setup has worked for quite a while. I am using the Plugable cable listed in supported cables. I've moved the transfer cable to all of the usb slots, I've tried turning the cable around and doing the same thing. That didn't work, either. Tried restarting my computer, xbox, xim apex, nothing.

I've already ordered a new cable, but is there anything I haven't tried to get this to work?

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