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Game Support / RB6 new xim user
« on: 01:31 PM - 10/19/21 »
Hi All,

Couple questions related to buttons I canít figure out.
1. How can I map scanning someone while on drone? I can scan camera but not people (red marking them)
2. I find it difficult to turn around quickly. My sensitivity is 100 but if someone is behind me shooting Iím turning around really slow, what can I do to fix this?
3. Any other tip and tricks you could recommend for settings? Iím about a week into using xim, and still feel like I have a solid month or two to really get used to it.

Any feedback/help would be appreciated

General Discussion / Timing is off
« on: 02:35 PM - 10/18/21 »
New to xim in the past week.
Playing RB6 on Xbox one X
Iíve noticed not every game but Iíd say 50% my timing is just off itís almost like there is a slight delay half a second or so. Iím shooting someone and I know it should kill them, but they kill me. When I watch the replay there is defiantly a delay. Never happened before xim and I know itís not my Internet.
Would it be possible that my setting of 1000hz should be changed to a lower number?
Any information on this would be helpful.

Support / [ACTIVE] New to Xim
« on: 11:35 AM - 10/13/21 »
First day with Xim Apex
I've set everything up, latest firmware
Everything is plugged into the correct ports.
I loaded my Xbox X and downloaded the game I play from the app.
The light is blue which I've set it to, however my MnK isn't being recognized.
I've also noticed that in the app, it see's my Mouse and Keyboard, but on the right there is nothing there.

Did I miss a step?

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