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Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 12:21 PM - 11/12/21 »
And bad news only 2.4hz wifi no 5.0
more potential delay

2.4GHz isn't inherently worse than 5GHz for data transmission. Hell, it actually has some advantages.

Your point is about congestion, I suspect, and I get what you're trying to say.


This video is titled DualSense Drift, but the reality is it basically applies to every modern controller with potentiometer thumbsticks.

What has XIM done to make the, likely very expensive Nexus, easily repairable when, not if, the thumbsticks start to drift?

Tutorials / Re: Adding actions to a custom config
« on: 09:57 PM - 09/04/21 »
Thank you for the information. I'd give you some upvotes if the forum supported it. :)

I will go into the config thinking of the gamepad keys as native values and start thinking creatively. That should allow me to customize the primary and secondary actions in such a way as to create single key presses for the handful of actions I'm interested in that are not part of the default profile. (Tangent: In addition to super, I want to use the custom binding for kinetic, energy, and heavy weapon to make it more like PC Destiny).

This also teaches me that my initial request is a plea for a feature to the developers that needs to be made in the feedback forum.

Tutorials / Re: Adding actions to a custom config
« on: 05:17 PM - 09/04/21 »
Destiny 2 has native gamepad binding options available that XIM does not offer in the config.

An example:


Currently Super requires either hitting two keys in tandem or using the XIM secondary actions to create a dual bind to a single key.

The XIM default config is creating unnecessary additional work. Destiny 2 natively supports an independent Super binding option that would allow you to pick either a single gamepad button or a combination of your choosing to activate a super.

XIM doesn't offer a Super binding in the primary actions at all. Since the game supports it, I want to add a new action to a custom profile, but cannot find a way to do so.

Edit: Super is just one example. There are many more unique independent bindings Destiny 2 supports on gamepad that XIM does not offer an option for.

Tutorials / Adding actions to a custom config
« on: 01:20 AM - 09/04/21 »

Destiny 2 has an advanced button configuration that allows for far greater customization options for the controller. I'd very much like to use this option, but I can't figure out how to add additional actions to a custom config.

My use of Google to find instructions also failed me. Would someone be so kind as to link to a guide for creating additional action buttons in a config?

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