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Luckily i have really large hands, so i can comfortably rest my fingers on the back buttons! ;D

Same 😋

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Aim Assist
« on: 10:45 PM - 02/23/22 »
Iím going to go ahead and say itís probably game dependent which should and shouldnít have aim assist.

Once chip cost goes down they will. Iím hoping for a revision to make it more powerful for more sick inputs.

Did you try it with wired kbm?

Ok, I think we looked at this before and reducing the in-game sensitivity by 1 will keep the same aim mechanic but enables AA. Have you experienced this? If so, we can update the settings notes -- or even retrain the translator at the slightly lower speed.
I read that at max sensitivity it turns AA off, 1 lower gives semi AA, and another 1 lower gives full AA. Might need some testing because I canít 100% guarantee because Iíve never gone lower than max.

Thanks LITHE, it would be great to hear back to see where WKirk1 landed on settings.

Also, is Apex Legends one of the games where AA is disabled at highest in-game sensitivity?
Correct on the highest sensitivity disabling AA. I think itís purposely for Xim users.

1. Does using this controller add input delay since it has to bounce between a regular controller?

2. Is there a way to use a USB directly to reduce wireless delay?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Next launch?
« on: 11:27 AM - 02/11/22 »
Please add yourself to the wait list and we will notify it this weekend. There will be enough stock for you to purchase one.
Thank you! Is this batch going to be calibrated?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Next launch?
« on: 10:44 AM - 02/11/22 »
Iíve been subbed on YouTube Xim Nexus and Xim Central expecting them to post when the Nexus launched but they didnít. Didnít know I had to check the forum every daily.
Any idea when the next batch will be out so I can partake with everyone else?

NEXUS is a motion controller. APEX is a mouse & keyboard adapter. They're different products with no cross-over between them, except that they both support the same games.
Ok thank you. I was really hoping it would would have that  functionality built in since itís like an apex with a gyroscope built in. Maybe it would add too much ms delay or something with extra code built on top of it or something.

Sorry to hear that. We've been hit with the same global supply issues in the same way as many other companies (which is the reason you can't find an Xbox Series X or PS5). We don't have any plans for a future batch at this time.
Is it changing the 2021 release date for the nexus?
Also can I use the Nexus in place of the Apex?

Thinking more about the battery.

Is the Nexus battery easily replaceable, for when it does fail ?    Not in any way knocking the Nexus here, but batteries always fail and often in a short space of time.

It's an embedded rechargeable LiIon battery -- like other controllers it'll required disassembly to replace. You've had poor performance with controllers with embedded rechargeable batteries? I haven't had that experience (even all the way back to my DS3's). I'd like to learn more so I can understand your experiences with this.

Iím pretty sure heís referring to phone batteries reliably lasting for two years. However, everyoneís phone is always on, battery being drained and refilled repeatedly everyday which wears it down faster than a controller probably would.

T2 and Cronus are allowed in tournaments?

1000Hz won't be possible over wireless but could happen wired. But this wouldn't be something that we could do for release.

Yes, PLEASE allow 1000hz through wired connection. Also, please use usb c instead of micro if possible.

People are able to overlock their controller to 1000hz but only on PC. Itís a true overlock that syncís to PC usb polling rate from what I understand and is a must for rocket league competitive. If you can offer 1000hz without having the user to do some janky stuff, that would be huge!

Lastly, this should be an absolute minimum of $150 if the build quality and feature set is there. Remember, people are buying the Cronus and t2 at $100 and thatís just a controller adding. If you try to cut corners and be stingy and try to reduce the price too low, the product will almost certainly fail/get bad reviews and lead to bad sales.

I get your point and it may already be possible to overclock NEXUS while wired via USB using port drivers, but NEXUS is designed for a specific purpose (wireless motion control) and straying from that purpose is likely to create more problems than it solves.

Xbox, DualShock and DualSense controllers, at least one of which we all own, can already fulfil the suggested purpose for 1ms input via PC or Titan Two (Activision uses T2 in CoD tournaments). NEXUS maybe too, I donít think any of us has tested overclocking it yet.

Targeting a single polling rate on NEXUS ensures consistent performance with Smart Translation and aim assist, which is the objective here. Adding more polling rates will create unpredictability & unreliability and significantly more support & troubleshooting, so I donít see it happening. Iím not OBsIV though, so Iím not speaking on behalf of XIM, but thatíd be my guess if 1000Hz isnít supported.

I also donít see NEXUS being allowed in eSports competitions on console or PC because aiming is vastly superior to a standard controller, so 1000Hz overclocking in the eSports context is probably a moot discussion.

I appreciate the reasoning behind the request, I just donít see NEXUS being allowed under eSports tournament rules, nor any tangible benefit to the core NEXUS experience by offering 1000Hz (jitter, audio and battery life will be problems).

Iím hoping for a 1000hz feature to be toggleable in the software. Maybe under the expert config or something. I donít see the feature being an issue for people like me who like to tinker and whatnot. The apex allows to disable sync and use raw 1000hz input (albeit limited by the console controller itself).
It would be vastly better to have the full 1000hz raw inputs and let us have the extra response time for things like fighting games where thereís no. Also Iím guessing we will have some ability to change or tweak ballistic curves or other settings to our liking, why not let us have the full capability?
It would be a crazy seller as one of the only console controllers that can use the max polling rate available.

Iím almost sure the nexus would absolutely be allowed in tournaments. How could Cronus zen, Cronus max, and Titan 2 be allowed but not this controller? Tournament organizers would check to make sure gyro is deactivated and you are good to go. Just like they check t2/cronus to make sure no scripts are loaded. Super legit and tournament legal advantage. Win win for everyone.

If this can be feature rich, like 1000hz polling, then increase the price and build quality to 150-200 because tournament players would like to use it as well as actual gyro/MnK players.

$100 USD is too low. Please focus on peak build quality and better chips in the controller at an increased cost.

Before someone says it wonít be allowed in tournaments, if the Cronus and T2 are allowed, this will be as well.

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