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I've always been consistent in my stance that basically anything other than using actual hacks is NOT "cheating"
Ever since PC gaming was a thing people have used all kinds of custom control setups/macros/etc. and it has never been considered cheating, just being smart.  It wasn't until all these console kids burst on the FPS gaming scene that suddenly anything other than a SCUF controller was cheating....  The problem is subjectivity... What is "cheating" to you might not being "cheating" to me.. If you are operating within the designed restraints of the game (regardless of input device)  you are not cheating, plain and simple.

Getting on here as a XIM user and calling other users pathetic for their preferred use of the device is a little disingenuous IMO.

If you want to use the XIM on ANY system (including PC) go ahead, its fine. 

Warzone has AA?

Well it uses the same aim mechanic as the regular game so I would assume yes....

Game Support / Re: new Warzone config for PC
« on: 08:01 AM - 03/25/20 »
I'm guessing the CODRM will probably still be better since the new ST like the old one is presumably created for console only and not PC... But just create and test I guess.

On a side note... I recently ditched the XIM and have been playing native on PC and after getting used to the lack of (crappy) AA I absolutely love it and have no intention of turning back.  Much snappier and better customization of controls..  I would highly suggest giving it a try.

Just can't use the Nav controller if that's your thing.

Staying native, definitely better!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Mouse decision
« on: 07:47 AM - 03/25/20 »
I switch back and forth between my G303 and my G502...  I like the size and weight better on the 303 but having those extra buttons on the mouse is nice, especially for something like Warzone which all I have been playing lately.


So is it possible to use a Xim on the PC like you would on console and have it enable AA?? :)

Yes but Unethical.
No worries, it won't work the way he thinks. AA on pc is not as sticky as on console. Native will always destroy it. That's why I just learned native instead. I use cross all of time so one thing I've notice about console AA is when they move outside of the hitbox I always get the kill because my aim stays within the hitbox. I don't have any limiters to fight against. So once that janky AA screws them up they're dead every single time. No matter if they're in a window, prone on the ground or simply catch me off guard. They literally have to mow native users down or they will Instantly drop due to our better precision. I only get demolished by campers that camp in unison. So bad to the point where I can't get to them without being gunned down.

Yeah when I get a couple days off this week I'm going to try switching to native for Warzone.  Just so many more customization options for controls too than trying to use the XIM... I'll get it handed to me for a while getting used to not having AA anymore but I think you are right, it's probably more of a hindrance for PC than a help, and much better native once you get used to it.

I have not updated firmware recently but I have been using the Apex on PC with my Xbox One controller since MW came out.  After trying multiple profiles, I found the only palatable one was COD MW REMASTERED.  This one works pretty good, doesn't have the dead zone issue that the official ST suffers from.

The main reason I use the XIM instead of native is I have just got so used to the feel of it I don't feel like re-training my brain to a new system.  Also my buddies in party would rather me show up as a controller player so we don't get put into PC lobbies.  In Warzone I don't think this would really matter because every round seems like a mixed bag due to the number of players.

All my reasons have already been mentioned, but I recently got the bug again and built a mid-range PC.  If cross-play for mainstream multiplayer games becomes the new standard, I can see myself doing much more PC gaming again in the future.  One unavoidable HUGE advantage of console gaming is the exclusives, which you can't really do much about if you want to play them you just need to get the console to do it...

As for multiplayer, me and my buddies all playing COD together with some of us on PC, some on XB, and some on PS is truly awesome and I hope they keep making games cross-platform in the future.  The biggest negative to PC gaming is cost and dealing with hackers.  This is the primary reason I'm using my XIM on PC to play MW instead of using native MNK.. Most people will say I'm just trying to get the advantage of AA but the real reason is I would rather be in controller lobbies where there is a much less chance of running into hacks...  and if I play native I drag all the friends in my party into PC lobbies so they have to deal with it too.

Hacks for MW are very available, have been since launch, and most are remaining undetected if you are willing to pay for them... par for the course unfortunately.


Game Support / Re: XIM Apex + CoD MW + PC
« on: 03:50 PM - 12/20/19 »
Give the COD Modern Warfare Remastered Config (Xbox One) a try, night and day difference for me, immediately got rid of the deadzone issue, feels very good without any special curve.  YMMV

I have always preferred the Xbox controllers to the Dual Shock controllers for all the reasons already mentioned. 

General Discussion / Re: Modern Warfare is Wack!
« on: 07:06 AM - 12/01/19 »
I haven't got much playing time in but I simply cannot play the standard game modes (TDM, Dom, etc) without getting really frustrated in this game.  The only thing that has kept this game alive for me has been ground war.

Game Support / Re: New MW Update.
« on: 05:38 PM - 11/13/19 »
I'll stick with V1, mainly because I'm lucky if I get a few hours of gaming time a week these days and I'm not interested in spending that precious little time tweaking a thousand settings instead of playing the @#$% game.

Plug and play FTW  :D

I briefly tried the new 2.0 ST yesterday and I also felt the weird ADS issue... It does feel very smooth and responsive but also inconsistent to me.

I am sticking to the 1.0 original MW profile for now.

The biggest reason I switched to console gaming years ago apart from money (constantly spending money on upgrades) is getting away from the hacks. 

Right now for about $15, you can get a completely functional and undetected hack for COD MW (I won't say where because I don't want to promote the group making it) which will give you ESP and a working aimbot.  No amount of graphical improvements make this worth it to me, hacks completely ruin the game experience for me... 

And before someone chimes in and tells me, they will bet banned for it I'll say BS upfront.  This hack has been up and working since the day the game came out and not a single person has been banned from it yet.

This is exactly the reason why I got into console gaming. Having played PC all my life, and never playing an FPS on a console, it was extremely difficult. I couldn't comprehend how to use the analog sticks to aim and shoot. I'm sure after months and months of practice, I possibly could have grasped the concept, but instead, I was extremely lucky enough that in 2011 when I first bought an Xbox, the XIM3 was just coming out. I was one of the first to get it in just days of release, and I have been a supporter ever since.

This device has changed gaming for me single handily. For the past 8 years, I have been able to enjoy all my FPS games hack free "for the most part" and not only that, but it has allowed me to play with all my friends since they never wanted to buy an expensive PC.

Yep couldn't have said it better myself, this is exactly my story, except I jumped to console gaming with the XIM2 (XIM 360).

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