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These game consoles are based on USB standards. If we can support it, there will not be hardware updates required to support it, only software. Unlike XIM APEX, XIM4 is maxed out (there is literally no space left on the device for an update).

My question was you stated your working on new hardware. I didnít ask about the xim4. Iím merely asking if the next gen consoles need something the apex cannot support. And if you were not saying anything to maximize apex sales. Prior to new xim release that may only work with 2020 Consoles.

I just want to know if the next xim hardware has room for Tertiary functions. Since you said xim apex cannot do so.

Trying to get new information from you stating your working in future product development. I donít know why you keep glossing over it like itís a secret.
Thatís why I implied is there something proprietary to the 2020 consoles that you have inside knowledge of and donít want to say anything till the apex stock is sold.

My worry is that nothing will be said until next console release while the member base believes the apex will work on the 2020 consoles buying apexís all the way till the new Xbox and PlayStation comes out and we all find out we must buy another xim even after they buy it right up to the console release.

lol inside knowledge?  slow down there buckaroo... he doesn't have a crystal ball to know what the next gen consoles are going to need at this point because nobody knows the specs yet.  And if you think he is planning to deliberately pull a bait and switch you haven't been around or paying attention to the XIM project for the past 10 years... He is about as transparent and forthcoming with information as I have ever seen a developer for any product.  We are in good hands, just relax  :)

I've been using the Corsair MM300 extended version for a while, I like it.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Open beta Modern warfare!!
« on: 03:24 PM - 10/09/19 »
1. Welcome to the forums
2. Yes we will forgive you for not looking at the multiple threads about beta settings
3. Search the forum and find said threads about the settings in the beta
4. The beta has been over for a while so just wait for the game to come out


I have never been a big fan of the Dual Shock controllers. 
I think the Xbox One controller is so much better in terms of button placement and ergos.

So I have a Acer Model GN246HL .. it has 144hz? Every time I try and use 120 Hz it says input not supported?

Hmm... I'm not sure.  Maybe you have to run from the displayport with an adapter instead of HDMI? 
I have the Pixio PXC243 and it supports both 120hz and adaptive sync through HDMI on the One X.

In regard to the G502, no.  If you want macros you need to run the XIM with another device like the Titan Two or run it through a PC with XIM link.  The G502 does have on-board memory for re-mapping buttons but it doesn't allow rapid-fire macros and stuff like that to be used without PC software running in tandem.  I don't know anything about your keyboard.

Alternatively you can use semi-auto weapons how they were designed to be used in whatever game you are playing and thus get better at them that way...

General Discussion / Re: MnK Macros
« on: 09:28 AM - 10/05/19 »
Macros are from the devil bobby...

Seriously though the XIM does not support macros, if you want to do that you will need to either use XIM Link and run through a PC or use another device coupled with the XIM like the Titan Two.

Violation of the TOS?  No..

Impeachable?  YES

General Discussion / Re: Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 06:37 AM - 10/05/19 »
really? hmm in the emulater settings make sure its all maxed out might be why its on the top right in the colum looking menu of the emulator

OK thanks

General Discussion / Re: Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 05:34 PM - 10/03/19 »
It runs like a bag of @#$% on my work laptop (3 year old dell with i5, 8gb, intel graphics) even with all the graphical settings turned down.

Same soundtrack as always.. everyone is always looking at a reason they are losing at a game instead of looking in the mirror.

General Discussion / Re: Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 04:52 PM - 10/03/19 »
THB i shouldnt say this but i dont have a new phone just a old iphone 4 s couldnt get it to work on my phone soooo. i downloaded cod mobile on PC and well it was a masacre for the enemy.... AHAH i actually got so bored becasue they were that bad obviously its cheating using a mouse but i wanted to try it this links all you need to get cod mobile on pc https://gameloop2019.com just donwload it after installing the emulator and  enjoy

LOL i have to try this now... 

Unfortunately 120hz support on the X is worthless because most of the games don't support it.. I would much rather play the new COD game at 1080 120hz than higher res at 60 but I don't have the option.  The 120hz support was just another marketing gimmick from Microsoft.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 12:55 PM - 09/30/19 »
BO3, IW, and BO4 are much more UNLIKE the games that most people (and myself) consider to be the "golden age" of COD (COD4, WAW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2) than COD WW2 or even this game if you ask me.  The old school COD games were not 100 MPH wall running boost jumping blast fests...  they were slower paced like WW2 and this game.

COD lost me after BO2 and didn't recapture my interest again until COD WW2.  Full disclosure I didn't play AW or Ghosts hardly at all mainly due to the work assignment I had at the time afforded me pretty much zero time for gaming.  I tried to like BO3 and BO4 but to me they didn't even feel like a COD game (especially BO3).  I remember playing BO3 for the first time and thinking this can't possibly be a COD game.. Felt so ridiculously goofy to me with the mechanics and weird weapons/powers/etc I wanted to just uninstall it... which I eventually did after trying to play through and like it.  Pretty much the same story for IW and BO4, I tried to like them but I just can't get into the futuristic themes with the goofy weapons/skins/gadgets and movement.

I respect everyone's opinion though and what's my cup of tea isn't going to be everyone else's... I would just submit that in my humble opinion while not perfect by any means I'm still very happy to finally see a new modern themed COD game that is at least trying to remain somewhat realistic as a shooter... (and all we have played is the beta)

Yeah not too much lately though, Iíll jump in and play some squad conquest on occasion.
add me on xbox and send a message when your on to play bf5, gamer tag is slickrick6922

Will do 👍

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