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General Discussion / Re: Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 08:01 AM - 10/05/19 »
There is already a device that does this it's called Gamesir X1 FPS Dock
I'm sure XIM could do it better though..
And there definitely is a market for these devices as you can see all Gamesir's FPS docks are currently sold out.

General Discussion / Re: Can i play MW on this setup
« on: 12:42 PM - 09/26/19 »
GTX 560 won't run the game properly the minimum requirement is  Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 2GB / GTX 1650 4GB or AMD Radeon HD 7950
Also before investing in a 1050 ti make sure it's compatible with your motherboard and PSU because i'm 99.9% sure it won't be since your rig seems very outdated.

General Discussion / Re: XIM on Modern Warfare PC
« on: 01:01 PM - 09/22/19 »
Which ST are you using? Infinite warfare for PS4 has a dead zone issue when connected to pc

Both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare  PS4 st's 

Using a PS4 dualshock controller connected to my XIM and FOV set to 90 (I noticed increasing FOV does affect the deadzone so try to keep this to a minimum) everything else graphics wise Low to get maximum FPS
Didn't notice any major deadzone issues tbh everything was pretty smooth.

I've also tried the Linear curve setting ingame so I could use the Generic Alpha ST and set the deadzone myself.

This is what I came up with

HIP 8200 Boost  120 sensitvity (default sync) X/Y Ratio 2.0 

12k DPI and 1000hz both mouse and XIM Apex

If you prefer the feel of the Infinite warfare/ Modern warfare st's but the deadzone doesn't feel quite right to you, you can also inflate the deadzone the same way by adding some Boost.


General Discussion / Re: linear curve in modern warfare
« on: 08:41 AM - 09/21/19 »
So does this mean there will be 3 different STs? One for each aiming option?

No? Why would they spend time training 6 different STs (3 for each console) at 48 hours per ST? Whichever aiming option is found to have the best aiming fidelity will be the one that the ST is trained for, and anyone who wants to use anything else will have to make do with the generic alpha ST or the regular ST with a curve.

Yeah I completely disagree with this.    Sure there might be an option that gives the best aiming experience for  Most people.  But not everyone.

This is the main reason devs add different options.  So players don't have to be forced to use what option is best for most but they can actually decide themselves what's best.

I think when looking at the time people will spend playing with these ST's (Thousands of hours perhaps) It doesn't take long at all to train 6 different ST's.
And it would also stop people from asking for a retrain every few minutes because they simply do not like the ST that is forced upon them.

General Discussion / XIM on Modern Warfare PC
« on: 07:58 AM - 09/21/19 »
Anyone else tried this yet?   Just played a few games and it's not even fair.    Aim Assist is 10x stronger as expected and so far they are actually matching us with mostly Xbox and PS4 controller players.

Given that they put in the option to disable Crossplay for ppl on console I don't think it's a big issue.  But @#$% It's so good you just don't want to play on console anymore.

And IMO it's the best proof for how good the XIM actually is when working on a powerful platform without FPS lag and other issues.

So you're judging him just by his performance in Modern Warfare?   ??? 

Everyone knows that COD is one of the easiest shooters out there,  ofcourse he's going to get more of a challenge since there is basically ZERO skill gap.   Guns have no recoil , Characters are bigger than a horse,  No bullet drop , No advanced movement.

All you have to do is press L2 and wait for a dummy to run into your sights basically and let aim assist do the rest... GGWP  ;D

Please play CSGO on PC and compare your performance to his after that... then come tell me the dude isn't an "aiming god".
Even PUBG is 1000x more difficult than any COD game out there.   I just don't see how you can judge him by his performance on a game my dog could be good at.

General Discussion / Re: linear curve in modern warfare
« on: 10:49 AM - 09/20/19 »
You should use Generic Alpha ST that one is a standard linear ST and you can set the deadzone by using Boost.

To do this you need to first set your sensitivity to 1 or even lower.  Afterwards start increasing Boost values and move your mouse in a small circle.

Once movements are being picked up well on low sensitivity you can stop increasing Boost because you have found the right deadzone..

Adjust X/Y ratio also untill it feels 1:1.


I never said I play on PC

I'm on PS4

My bad yeah you should just disable Crossplay under settings as ceebs said.

It's normal the game is not detecting your XIM...  Just because you play on PC it will always match you with other PC players first because of the FPS / FOV advantages.
I've warned people about this way before the beta came out and nobody would listen.   ;D ;D

This proves what i've been saying for a while now,   Every new game on console seems to add different curve options for the players  and we need to be able to get full use out of this by using our XIM Apex.

We need to have an option once you select the Modern Warfare ST that allows you to choose which curve you would like to use (Standard / Linear / Dynamic) and then have it select an appropriate ST trained for that specific curve.

I agree it's one of the worst games I've experienced on my XIM.    I refuse to play it on console.
Everyone on reddit says the same about native though, saying it's horrible on Fortnite and it's also translating joystick to mouse input.

I play both and it's never going to feel the same,   You're using an aim mechanic made for controllers so even on PC the XIM doesn't feel the same as native M&K.

Why would anyone use ballistic curves?  Aim Assist is definitely a big reason because it can work against you more often than it helps you.  By using a curve you can speed up or slow down your sensitivity in order to make Aim Assist more / less sticky.

Now to get the closest to PC feeling IMO.     Sync 'OFF'  gives raw mouse input so that's what you would want to use.
Combined with 1000HZ and max DPI.

For Apex I also recommend using a small amount of boost (80) to make initial mouse movement just slightly more responsive.   Works really well for me.

Also try playing with Smooth Aim Transition  OFF (option is under ADS).    so you instantly switch to your ADS sensitivity when aiming in.  I'm pretty sure that's how it's on PC aswell and I prefer it this way.

Can you pls say me differences between astro mixamp and that one ?

Astro Mixamp is low impedance which means it powers headphones up to 32 ohms.   This will limit your options if you're looking to buy a high quality pair of headphones.

Some of these go up to 600ohms which the Mayflower Arc could still power on it's high-gain setting.
If you're looking at brands like  Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Hifiman , Sennheisers ... Most of   those headphones will sound really quiet and unnatural when combined with an astro mixamp.

So if you're looking into a high end pair of headphones this is a great dac/amp to combine them with.

Can't think of anything around this price range that's better and has PS4 compatibility.

@alan  You try the bass boost setting yet with some open back headphones?  Wondering how it performs.

Native M&K they said..   I'm 99% sure it's translating controller movement to mouse but without Aim Assist or turn speed cap.
You don't even get any of the configuration options for mouse & keyboard that you would on PC.

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