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Playstation / Apex Legends(Finding a good sense)
« on: 02:55 AM - 08/07/21 »
I Have the Razor death adder Elite mouse and Iím having trouble finding a good sense for apex, I normally play on 3200 Dpi but am willing to try and other, Iím more of a medium to high sense player any recommendations would be helpful. Also whatís a good synchronization to play I normally do default but heard common is good For 60 FPS games and OFF gives u a true feel of xim, whatís u guys recommend ?

Game Support / Rainbow 6 unlocked frames input lag
« on: 05:15 PM - 06/29/21 »
So I have always played on The (PS5) but on the PS4 version of rainbow and ever since the recent update Iíve had like a delay whenever I swipe my mouse,Iíve since then realized rainbow had capped the game at 60 frames compared to before where unlocked frames would reach 140 or more.My guess is the Ps5 is running at a way higher speed then the locked 6p frames causing input lag and screen tearing anyone agrees ? And how can I fix it ?

I was looking for someone to talk about this, I started up my game no problem went into T hunt, Then started up a casual and it felt like it was a 10 sec delay. Is it that we are use to higher frames on the PS5 even though it was a PS4 version, compared to the actual ps4 being capped at 60 last season ?

Or Ubisoft just messing things up as usual per season.

Ok so what Iím hearing is the V1 controller functions perfectly with the Xim just canít provide headset use, unlike the V2 model is that correct ?, because u are right I was moving perfectly with V1 controller just could hear nothing through head phone jack.

Can I use a Wireless headphone ?

V1 controller (Model CUH-ZCT1U)
*working model*V2 controller (Model CUH-ZCT2U)

The V1 Model I had bought online due to my V2 controller getting messed up.The V1 model I read is not capable of sending data on USB only charging which would explain why it flickers orange once and then proceeds show the icon that only the controller is present.

Is it really ? I had tried all of my USBs and they work perfectly without the xim being connected, only when I connect the xim it flickers yellow once as if itís reading it then stops.The icon that appears above the controller when xim connected is just the controller it self with no USB icon.All my V2 models for ps4 worked perfectly.

How can I send a image so u can see whatís happening ?

I figured out the problem after more investigating and the controller it self was a version of model ps4, which can be the only reason for it not to recongnize my xim software,compared to my version controller i had always used in the past,can u confirm this can bee the reason? And thanks very much in advance for patience I shouldíve been more aware of models.

Omg I was struggling for so long I appreciate you :) , also the xim manager version is 5.00.20190804 and the firmware : 5.00.20200307, is everything up to date ? Also thank u so very much in advance 

Support / Factory resetting my xim for issues
« on: 05:57 PM - 06/16/21 »
I had factory reseted my xim to fix connection issues I had going on and it just made problems worst for one part my xim app manager looks complete different it doesnít have the features my other xim app had such as smoothing,ballistic curve and etc all it had was horizontal and vertical sensitivity.I play rainbow 6ix siege btw.this version has to be the first model is there anyway I can get my version back I tried deleting xim app and redowloading I just get the same thing.I ask updated my xim firmware to the latest.

The thing is the controller and headset it self works perfectly without the xim, the xim just canít recognize the controller, Iím assuming since I started up my new ps4 controller on the Ps5 first it might of had some reading issue instead of starting it it up on the ps4 ur thoughts ?, and and for the PC part I do not own one to so I canít perform that.

My xim app manager for one looks like the oldest model I play rainbow 6ix and the configuration donít have smoothing,ballistic curve or any of the latest features that I had before. I had deleted and redownloaded multiple times and still get the same version which just gives me my horizontal and vertical sensitivities. Plz help

Support / Re: Xim apex controller connection issues
« on: 03:57 PM - 06/16/21 »
Iím on the Ps5 console but I also tried it out on the ps4 just in case it was the Ps5 at fault but it wasnít. And as for the controller it was the latest ps4 controller I had gotten with the ps4 pro same as my old one.I also tested put the xim apex hub alone and it worked fine my guess is itís either the xim apex it self or the controller some how.

Support / Re: Xim apex controller connection issues
« on: 02:58 PM - 06/16/21 »
I made sure of everything I been playing xim for a year my controller had broken so I got a new one and this issue came itís the same version of controller aswell

Support / [ACTIVE] Xim apex controller connection issues
« on: 12:57 PM - 06/16/21 »
I had just bought a new ps4 controller and plugged everything as intended, port 1 mouse,port 2 keyboard and port 3 controller.It shows the controller is connected in the xim manager app and my mouse as-well but the controller wonít recognize fully at-least, I can move around and stuff with it but my head set donít work with it but with out the xim connected it works perfectly. So someone please help I canít find the issue I have a new USB and a new controller. My last step is resetting ps5 entirely.On the system itself it shows the controller as the icon but donít show the usb paired with it as it suppose to.

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