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yes i got 2 , both are working in my Ps5 , now i switched to Pc and i would like to use the xim apex but i couldn't

hello , i tried to download xim apex manager and every thing but it didn't work , so i tried my other xim apex which used to be connected with my Ps5 , it worked because i used my phone which i have apex manger there but still can't used the mouse and keyboard inside the game .

by it worked i mean the xim manger and i did see the logo of the mnk inside the apex manger of my phone

No no , iím speaking about ď rest the device ď full rest , delete everything 😅

Hello , i want to rest my Ps5 and iím afraid that i will have to do the rest for the xim Apex too , cuz right now I donít have a pc or a laptop to do it ? Should i wait ? Or I donít need to rest my Xim apex

Beta / help please .. xim apex + ps5 !!
« on: 08:19 AM - 04/27/21 »
hello everone i jsut bought the xim apex and the MaK

mouse : logitech G502
keybored : logitech G413 CARBON
controller : nacon BIgben compact

i got all the things but still doesnīt work , is it posible that my xim apex has an broken issue inside ! or do i need to change one of the things i got


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