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You should be seeing PS5 as an option when adding a Config today. The games supported are here: http://xim.tech/games

Oh sweet, you're right I can see them now. Last time I made a new config was yesterday so I didn't notice.

Understandable, however (correct me if 'm wrong) considering that the next Xim product will have PS5 support as one of its selling points I imagine users will still expect to see PS5 versions of Smart Translators when they go to create a new config. Lacking such an option could lead to confusion and possibly negative experiences with the new product.

I hope that there'll be plenty of PS5 Smart Translators available for existing games when the new Xim product launches!

I'd like to see a Battlefield 2042 PS5 ST as well, the other platform STs of the game don't feel right.

After some troubleshooting and testing with Virtual Box, I can definitely tell that PSRC has lower latency than Chiaki (tested with Xim Nexus Gyro aiming in DS4 output mode). If you're considering a Beloader product and have a setup ready for LAN connections, do yourself a favor and buy a Raspberry Pi instead and install PSRC if you care about latency.

Chiaki on my RPi4 ran with a noticeable delay but it's been great with Windows 10.

In any case, I'd rather test this out for myself than to take someone else's word for it.

Wasn't this supposed to come out back in February? When will this be available for the public? Has anyone tested this against Chiaki?
Because right now I'm using Chiaki on Windows (LAN) and it has been working out better than my Beloader and it didn't cost me anything.

Would also be nice the back buttons worked in classic mode as well.

That's already possible. Touch the 3 dot menu on the top-right corner of the app and go into "GLOBAL SETTINGS", then "EDIT CLASSIC MODE". Don't forget to hit "SAVE" after you're done editing.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: 1000Hz mode
« on: 07:06 AM - 03/15/22 »
With that said, I'll flag the Bluetooth direct connection to Titan Two to Jefferson. I know the NEXUS adapter works when connected to T2, but not a direct NEXUS controller connection.

Please do! I've been using the adapter connected to the A-port and sometimes it doesn't pair with the Nexus controller for some reason, forcing me to unplug and replug the adapter (and that's with the latest firmware flashed). Being able to pair the Nexus directly to the Titan Two would be a huge boon to those of us that have the bluetooth module!

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: 1000Hz mode
« on: 05:39 AM - 03/15/22 »
Thank you for the reply. I would not question your expertise, but from my user experience I sadly have to state that ds4 via bluetooth to titan 2 running a rudimentary script gives me a more responsive and "mouse-like" feel. micro-aimimng is more smooth with the nexus, but since I tested both methods side to side for several evenings and always got the better kd with the ds4/titan, I will stick to this and sell my Nexus. Maybe it has to do with some background processes, applying a smart-translator or what not. but in the end, all that matters for me is the experience and result and although I love the Nexus and have written all positive about it everywhere, going back to the ds4 after some weeks was kind of an eye-opener. sorry...

I believe the responsiveness that you're describing could be because of the bluetooth connection to the Titan Two. I can clearly tell a difference between using a DS4/DualSense connected to a regular USB bluetooth dongle and the Titan Two bluetooth when using Gyro on PC.

Unfortunately the Xim Nexus outputs as an Xbox 360 controller over bluetooth (I'm guessing) and the bluetooth module of Titan Two is unable to pair with the Nexus as a result, rendering us unable to check if there could be an advantage to having the Nexus directly paired with the Titan Two bluetooth module for an increased "feel" of responsiveness.

Sadly the developer of Titan Two hasn't been active on his website for a year now and the updates have stopped as well, so it may very well be that we will never see bluetooth compatibility for the Xim Nexus.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Native gyro
« on: 06:23 PM - 02/15/22 »
Yes, it would be possible to pass through our motion values, but, what isn't known is how much filtering, the type of filtering, and whether it would conflict with our filtering. It also doesn't look like there is a lot of AA in the video that you forwarded?

The news article mentions that aim assist is disabled when Gyro aiming is on. (https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/gyro-aiming-and-flick-stick-come-to-fortnite-in-v19-30-more-controller-options)

Feedback / Re: Amazing controller! What is polling rate?
« on: 07:10 AM - 02/14/22 »
It's unclear if overclocking controllers like DS5's actually result in faster rates than what they are designed for (which is 8ms).

That is incorrect. The default and maximum USB polling rate supported by the PS5 is 250Hz (4ms) and 1000Hz (1ms) and for the DualSense it's 4ms over USB wired and 1.25ms over Bluetooth (which is the default way people play on consoles these days and the way it was actually designed for). This information can be found on J2Kbr's website (https://www.consoletuner.com/wiki/index.php?id=t2:usage_guides:systems:playstation5).

The Xbox Series controller over USB wired is the one that has a 8ms polling interval (https://www.consoletuner.com/wiki/index.php?id=t2:usage_guides:systems:xboxseries). The Xbox Series consoles is only "next-gen" console the XIM products support so perhaps that's where your assumption came from?

@SiliconCPU, I agree, the Nexus is a pretty awesome controller!

So I am currently on a ps5 and have a few questions if someone could help me with...

1- So currently we are all unsure if bf2042 will even be compatible with xim apex on ps5 unless you use remote play?

2- Does xbox series x have the same issue as ps5 or is xim apex working fine on it without these hassles?

1) We don't know for sure until the full game releases.

2) No issues apparently.

almost 3h i try remote play for battlefield ...with dualsense (remote play with keyboard and mouse) doesnt work

someone can help me ? people said it works but apparently no .... not with dualsense

if someone can help me, because if i cant play with remote play, i will cancel my pre order battlefield

i plug my xim apex to my computer + the hub, then i plug on this hub my keyboard, mouse and dualsense

then i launch remote play

if i need a DS4, why u indicate dualsense on this tutorial ??

Should i try chiaki ?? do u have a tutorial ?

when i read here, it works with dualsense : https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=95975.0

doesnt work, even menu of ps5, my keyboard doesnt work (light of my mouse / keyboard works)

I'll help you out. Forget the DualSense controller I couldn't get it to work with XIM Apex either, instead we'll use your Hori controller (although if you want everything to be hassle free then an original DualShock 4 controller would be the easiest option as you would skip all of the steps below).

First, there's a quirk with Xim Apex and the Hori controller, it cannot already be connected to your Apex hub when you plug it into your PC as it will result in nothing being recognized. So you have to make sure that EVERYTHING (including your mouse/keyboard) is unplugged from your Apex hub first, then connect your Apex to your PC (wait for it to start blinking slowly), then connect your Hori controller to the Apex hub (wait a few seconds) and lastly your mouse/keyboard. You have to do this procedure every time you want to connect Apex/Hori combo to your PC to use RemotePlay!

Now the issue is that the Hori controller is not an original Playstation controller so RemotePlay still won't recognize it, but there's a workaround for that. We can use DS4Windows to trick our PC into thinking the Hori controller is an original DS4 thus making it work with RemotePlay.

Before installing DS4Windows make sure to either close Steam or disable support for Playstation controllers in Steam Big Picture Mode as it can conflict with DS4Windows.

Follow this video tutorial until the 13 minute mark; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygnis0V6Nz4
Make a new profile, choose yes when it asks you to create a Preset profile, choose Gamepad and set Output to DualShock 4 and hit Apply. Give the profile a name and hit the Save button. This will return you to the controller list, next select your newly made profile in the drop down list (Selected Profile) next to your Hori controller (also a good idea to check the Link Profile/ID box so that it will always use that profile).

Now RemotePlay should recognize your XIM Apex/Hori combination.

Overclocking controllers? If you mean polling them faster than their self declared interval then has anyone verifed that the controllers are actually producing unique values at that rate? It could be just repeating the last value (or even naking).

University of Regensburg publication "On the Latency of USB-Connected Input Devices", https://hci.ur.de/publications/on_the_latency_of_usb-connected_input_devices_2019

Game Support / Re: patch r6 2.2.1 change aim?
« on: 08:06 PM - 08/22/17 »
When's the next patch?
The full Operation Blood Orchid update will release on September 5th (all platforms).

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