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Game Support / Game with low sensitivity help
« on: 03:45 PM - 03/09/21 »

I am currently using a Horizon Zero Dawn config for a game that it not yet supported (but has been added to the list) called Genshin Impact. The config works pretty well, however Genshin Impact suffers from very limited sensitivity settings. More specifically itís just a slider from 1-10. When at 10 it still isnít high enough, and the y axis sensitivity is set lower than the x axis sensitivity, which the community hates.

My question is is there anyway to use the XIM Apex to fix something like this? Even when I adjust the sensitivity 500 in the App it doesnít seem fast enough.

Thanks for the help

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Controls switching?
« on: 01:21 AM - 03/03/21 »
Hi there. I just got my XIM all set up and everything is working great except for one major problem. My mouse will randomly switch to the other analog stick and move my character instead of aim. I am using a Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse. Any ideas?

Game Support / Re: One last cry for help
« on: 07:10 PM - 03/02/21 »
That is great to hear! Iíll try out the video posted above in the meantime. Thanks to both of you  8)

Game Support / One last cry for help
« on: 04:32 PM - 03/02/21 »
Hi all,

My XIM Apex arrived today! Super pumped. However my most played game, Genshin Impact,  still doesnt seem to have any support. Thought Iíd see if anybody has any recommendations for other confine to try. Iím not exactly sure what all needs to match up but hereís a little about the game.

Open world 3rd person

Developed by MiHoYo, who doesnít have any other games on console as far as I know

Use the D-pad to constantly switch between characters

Doesnít have to be perfect, any ideas are appreciated!

Game Support / Re: Genshin Impact PS4
« on: 03:50 PM - 02/28/21 »
Okay thanks. So does that mean that I canít play the game at all with the XIM Apex? or just that there arenít any premade button mappings, ect

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 03:34 PM - 02/28/21 »
Hi there, Iíd like to request Genshin Impact please! Increasingly popular game that Iím sure some other would appreciate as well. Thanks!

Game Support / Genshin Impact PS4
« on: 08:42 PM - 02/27/21 »
Hi there, I just bought my XIM today hoping to play genshin impact on my PlayStation with it. Does anybody know if there is support yet?

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