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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Best mouse for six siege?!
« on: 10:14 PM - 02/18/21 »
If you're looking for a new mouse that you think will suit you, I recommend looking at this website.


All you have to do is enter your hand measurements and it tells you what mice would be the most comfortable for you.

I've used the Deathadder Chroma, Mamba Elite and G Pro Wireless with my XIM since 2018 and I think the G Pro works the best for me with its smaller size and weight, but I do like the Mamba with two dedicated buttons to changing DPI compared to the G Pro having one on the bottom of the mouse, and two extra button inputs by moving the scroll wheel left or right.

There's obviously no mouse that can be listed as 'the best' but there are plenty of good mice for every situation and I hope that this somewhat helps you find one that works well for you.

I believe I tried using Switch>Mayflash Magic NS>XIM>Xbox and it was really fiddly. It would either register inputs that I hadn't made or just ignore some and in some cases there was very high latency. I wasn't able to find any good config settings either but from videos i've seen there are some configs that work well. In my experience with Overwatch, mouse inputs were basically unusable. I've heard there are others who have had more luck but a lot of them don't share their config settings unfortunately.

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