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Deutsch / Re: XIm Apex und PS5 geht es mittlerweile?
« on: 09:58 PM - 05/18/22 »
Mit Beloader oder Remoteplay über Laptop. Wobei du aberw eiter am TV oder Bildschirm spielst.
Die Eingaben kommen nur über den laptop.

I have a similar problem in BF5, sometimes I can't jump and get stuck. Could this be due to the timing of the keys? Had 0ms and have now increased to 3ms.
But can not see any improvement how much can you increase without disadvantages? Do you have experience?

I'm waiting longingly for the new azeron. Is there a release date?

Ah ok. Now things are getting round.
Otherwise I had sync off and have been on default for some time.
Thanks for the feedback

XIM APEX Discussions / Xim Polling rate 1000hz 500hz 250hz
« on: 10:26 PM - 05/08/22 »
Hi guys,
I have a small problem or maybe no problem?
I've been playing at 250hz for a while.
BF5-ST Firmeware und Manager both current
At the weekend I switched back to 1000 hz.
But I didn't have to adjust the sensitivity anymore. Mouse stays at 25cm for 360° rotation. No matter whether I 250 500 or 1000 hz. in the Xim Manager.
Yes, I restarted Xim and the polling rate is displayed in the manager.
I did a factory reset and only put an ST on it with my current setting.

yes ok i understand  makes sense.

Beta / Re: hair trigger problem
« on: 11:07 AM - 04/06/22 »
I do not get it.  the dead zones were the same.
 I recalibrated again.  now it's working.  after calibration, the values ​​are basically the same.  No Clue.

Beta / hair trigger problem
« on: 03:38 AM - 04/06/22 »
I have  2 nexus.
one is modified with lihte its stick and has current
Hair trigger works.
I wanted to do an A/B comparison.
Did a factory reset and copied/pasted the ST.
But L2 and R2 just trigger far too late even though I set 1%.
Actually, both controllers are now the same.

I use the EXPERIMENTAL BUILD to better control the recoil. That I reduce the sensitivity while shooting.
I also eagerly await something like subconfig.
I miss it .
I made some things that are no longer possible.

Currently I have the T2 connected again. this roughly reduces recoil and fine-tunes with Nexus.
I can't get a clean recoil setting with the T2 at the moment.
The sticks do not center themselves properly.
Here is a video about it.
I can center the red dot, but as soon as I move the sticks, it no longer lands in the center. Jump X/Y values. No clean dead zone.
My azeron or my Scuf are stable there.
What bothers me is that the value sometimes goes over 10.
I have 2 Nexus Both have the same problem.
I don't know how Lihte reduced the deadzone so much.
For me, stick drift occurs immediately.
Only when I flick the stick again does it center itself again.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Xim nexus back button
« on: 11:33 PM - 03/21/22 »
Unfortunately I don't know how to insert pictures.
I tested for a while. In the end that came out.
The paddles can also be bought individually.
It's still not perfect, the left one is great and the finger is right on it. The right one still doesn't and goes through the angle too difficult. But maybe it will help one or the other as food for thought.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: 1000Hz mode
« on: 11:19 PM - 03/14/22 »
what polling rate should I set the t2 to for Xim Nexus?

you don't need long USB cables. because the beloader doesn't have to be close to the PS5.
An extension cable is sufficient for the power supply. Plug the normal USB power supply into the beloader and then connect it to XIM and T2 with a short USB cable

I don't know if I understood it correctly.
If you run T2 with loader. You don't even need a long cable. The two do not need to be connected to the PS5.
A USB socket is enough and the Nexus does not need any cables.

Shared Configs / Re: Settings by LITHE
« on: 12:08 AM - 03/03/22 »
a question about the deadzone. If I set the deadzone as small and center the red dot. Is that ok so far, when I let go of the stick it lands in the middle.
But sometimes also outside and stick drift occurs.
  I have to flick the stick again and everything is ok.
Is that the case with you too?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Custom Thumbsticks
« on: 12:03 AM - 03/03/22 »
we wait patiently. 8) The guarantee is clear. I've even changed the thumbsticks with potentiometer on my controller because of strong stick drift. I have 2 nexuses  ;D

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: XIM NEXUS Gameplay Videos
« on: 06:20 AM - 03/02/22 »
Here's one of my first laps for BF5, which went pretty well.
But I'm still testing.
But from what I've seen in videos so far, most of them can already handle controllers and only use the Nexus for fine-tuning.
Unfortunately that is not the case for me. I don't hit anything without Motion Aim.

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