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I am on Xbox Series X.  Play everyday, crucible mostly.  Gamertag: Arrabalero

Hi there,
I have been using my Xim Apex for close to a year now.  I bought an Xbox Series X and it works great with my Xim Apex.
However, when I came from work today, I found the my Xim Apex couldn't power my keyboard, mouse, nor controller.
When troubleshooting device I found that there is a new firmware update.
When I connect my Xim Apex with one of any of my peripherals, it powers it with no problem.  So, this is definitely a firmware problem.  I understand that buying a power adapter would fix this issue, however, I don't think is correct to buy an additional hardware piece in order to power the Xim Apex.
I would like any help to go back to when my Xim Apex worked great and powered all my peripherals with no issues at all.

Thank you,
Cobra Kai

Xbox Series X
Xim Apex
Xim Apex USB hub
Corsair keyboard K65 LUX
Logitech G502 Hero mouse
Xbox Series X controller with proper powering cable

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