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I like to use my XIM Apex on PC for Modern Warfare, but I gotta select a Xbox profile to do it. it feels terrible.

Is there any way to help? perhaps I am just doing it wrong? any help is appreciated.

can you tell me how you get xim apex working on pc to play with m&k ? I am playing cod warzone too and i have been searching for this topic all over but not many people use on pc vs console. Did you use wired xbox one controller or wireless ? How is the mouse movement? Aim assist ?

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 17/09/2020
« on: 01:08 AM - 11/20/20 »
can i use xim on pc and using all your setting ? did the mouse movement  okay and not too limited when turning or aiming ? i plan to buy xim apex and wired xbox one controller to use on pc. i need advice.

then i must use xbox one controller to make it working ? if so, wireless or wired ? do you mean "performance issue" is like the limitation of turn around in the game because of the analog stick turn behaviour ? but i have watch some user sharing the config and their gameplay. for me it looks fine and not too limited. hence i want to try it

Technical Support / Re: XIM APEX on pc with mouse/keyboard
« on: 11:13 AM - 11/18/20 »
can XIM APEX make the game thinking that i am using controller but in fact i am using mouse and keyboard ? cause i just want aim assist. If it can , how does the movement of the mouse ? Is it laggy or smooth like using direct mouse as usual ? i am planning to buy this thats why want to ask more  :)

Hello , may i know does XIM APEX can be used on PC to get aim assist on mouse ? I am playing cod warzone btw. Do i need to have controller also to get XIM APEX functioning well ?

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