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Xbox / Re: Xbox one x
« on: 01:42 PM - 10/26/20 »
Thanks for this post. I'm actually new to XIM and this helped me as well.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: COLD WAR
« on: 01:39 PM - 10/26/20 »
The BO4 ST works for me pretty well. You should not have any problems with it.

General Discussion / Re: Headset Help
« on: 01:36 PM - 10/26/20 »
The Logitec one is pretty good, since one of my friends uses it. Otherwise, I can suggest anything from Corsair.

I had bad experiences with (wired) Razer headsets in the past which suddenly just stopped working for some reason, but I guess that was bad luck.

General Discussion / Re: Xim profiles for Mafia 1 and 2
« on: 01:28 PM - 10/26/20 »
Mafia 1 is scheduled to be supported, don't know about Mafia 2 though.

General Discussion / Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
« on: 01:25 PM - 10/26/20 »
Me too, has there been an update yet?

General Discussion / Re: Cold War config
« on: 01:23 PM - 10/26/20 »
Same  ;)

General Discussion / Re: cold war fov on ALL PLATFORMS
« on: 01:21 PM - 10/26/20 »
I mostly play somewhere between 80 and 100 if I can. I think you can get used to it pretty quickly and it helped me more than once, when it came to keep an eye on my surroundings

Thanks for the detailed guide.  :P I'm gonna take a closer look at it, as soon as I get some more time.

Deutsch / Re: Muss Tastatur ständig repluggen
« on: 01:13 PM - 10/26/20 »
Der Post ist zwar schon ein wenig älter, aber hat mir sehr geholfen. Danke, hatte das gleiche Problem.  ;D

Deutsch / Re: Discord Gruppe für deutschsprachige User
« on: 01:11 PM - 10/26/20 »
Cool, danke für den Link. Ich schau bei Zeiten auch mal rein. Dann habt ihr einen mehr  ;)

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