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Anyone try this yet since it just released?

Shared Configs / Re: Slide Cancel for MWII
« on: 10:30 AM - 09/26/22 »
I messed around with it. It's just not consistent. Maybe someone else can figure out.
Made 4 seperate aux configs for the slide, ADS , melee, then jump.

Shared Configs / Slide Cancel for MWII
« on: 05:51 PM - 09/22/22 »
Is there any way to set this up like the previous slide cancel for Modern Warfare and Warzone. Check tweet


Modern Warfare 2019 aux slide cancel setup

Nice will there be a post when the 7/7 classic config is done?

We are working on adding a "Classic 7/7" Config. We are also verify the ALC settings still apply.

General Discussion / Re: It's official BBB said it
« on: 05:44 PM - 02/24/22 »
I would strike it. Dude is annoying his whole channel is trying to call out Warzone pros cause he sucks at every game. He did a video on this too using DS4 Windows for anti recoil


Oh so the video is spreading already.
I have to say this person does a really bad job in researching a topic before making a video. From someone with so many subscribers i expected a bit more. Next to that the thumbnail has a typo and says DS4 instead of DS4Windows, which makes it appear like Nexus is worse than a PS4 controller.

And the title is as clickbaity as it gets...
The guy admits to not have done any research and openly says that Nexus is probably not as bad, yet the video title says that Nexus is indeed the worst.
I hope he is willing to delete or adjust the video. If not Obsiv could most likely strike the video, he used his Nexus unveil video without following the fair use guidelines.

Thanks!! 👍

What were the ALC settings for that 4.3 st config you posted. I have been using it and liked it then my control reset

There is no alt config I deleted it because it wasn't too good

General Discussion / Re: Best mouse for xim
« on: 07:17 PM - 01/25/22 »
G Wolves Hati-S Classic for me

Your settings saved me! Everything I tried didn't work for me on PC. Losing gunfight after gunfight. Now I'm owning. Definitely gonna try this ballistics code now, and see how I like it. Thanks

Added a ballistics code for increased AA

General Discussion / Re: Ricochet Kernel-level Anticheat
« on: 09:54 PM - 12/15/21 »
MW ST . 12k off

curious which ST your using because I am using the Vanguard ST on caldera sync common on pc

General Discussion / Re: Ricochet Kernel-level Anticheat
« on: 07:00 PM - 12/15/21 »
Played the last 3 hours no issue. multiple high kill games.

So upon reading a lot of threads here, the general consensus from mods/support seem to be that the kernel-level anticheat won't detect/block the xim, but I'm still nervous.

anyone try playing with a xim since the kernel-level anticheat went live today?

Works fine. there are no issues. You must have set something up wrong. Been playing since the release.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: XIM NEXUS Gameplay Videos
« on: 04:22 PM - 11/09/21 »
Oh wow thatís nice. Thatís with aim assist off?! Thanks for the video, we gotta get you some up to date meta loadouts  though lol.

Sorry for the delay on this one. Hopefully I'll have some time to get Vanguard gameplay this week!

Again, no Battle Royale, just some Plunder and Clash streaks.

Call Of Duty Warzone (Aim Assist off)

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 07:02 PM - 11/05/21 »
Whatís your max output at? 100?

Just noticed they added ADS transition options for controllers in Vanguard.  These settings were previously limited to native m&k only. 

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: XIM NEXUS Gameplay Videos
« on: 08:03 PM - 10/28/21 »

Sorry I barely had time to game the last 2 weeks. I'll get WZ gameplay soon. Probably plunder because I honestly just don't enjoy the BR in that game.

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