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I play OW since release and since season 16 with xim apex.
Before the Halloween update it was amazing.
Ive tested all syncs, different dpi, different mouse and a lot of different values with the ingame settings. Nothing feels good anymore. Linear or Expo doesnt matter.

My opinions (PS4):
Default sync feels terrible, on close range you are fighting against the turn cap and the aim assist and on long ranged you either fight breaking through aim assist bubbles or if you use like 70-100 AAEI your crosshair is floaty in the aim assist bubble and you cant control @#$%.

Off sync has the best feeling with the aim assist and interacts a lot better with it than default sync. But the problem is, that the mouse movement is not perfect 1:1.
Another problem is, that if you use off sync with AAEI on some ranges it feels like you dont even have aim assist anymore and your crosshair is just flying around.

Common sync: feels a bit like default sync but the aim assist feels even stronger sometimes. But Imo it helps with your turn speed a bit. But thats kinda useless for most heroes in the game which are not tracer and genji.
Feels terrible imo too.

Slow sync is not viable with Ow imo.

So I think the go with sync at the moment is OFF sync. But even if it feels better with the aim assist you will still miss a lot of easy shots because of the mouse to crosshair movement.
So overall its terrible. I dont know if its a xim problem or blizzard problem but its kinda a joke playing a fps game with mkb and have trouble aiming. Imagine.
I play Hitscan on PS4 - 4021 SR last season.
I guess we just can hope that its getting better with OW 2. maybe blizzard will use another look mechanic, aim assist and a higher speed cap.

Hi, first I have to say I really appreciate all the hard works you (and the ps4 players) put into all of this. Thank you guys!

But I have some questions about your curves: I play on Ps4 do I have to use 1.44 XY ratio for the expo curve or 1.50?
Is it okay to add a boost value 50-80 to those settings? I always felt like the micromovements are really bad on Ps4 and boost helps with this problem.

Hero specific problem:
I main hitscan around 3900 SR and I have a big Problem with Mccree.
Since you have actual ads with ashe and widow you of course aim with a lower sense. Mccree doesnt have an ads. So you aim with your hipsense.
The same goes for soldier, tracer, Sombra etc. but those heroes are more tracking based than Mccree. So for me personally its much harder to aim accurate with mccree than the other heroes.
Does it make sense to just use a lower hipsense for Mccree? A hipsense where the turnspeed is still alright but your aim is like the ads heroes?

The aim assist hits very different on Mccree than on the Sniper heroes and a lower hipsense increases the aim assist.
Hope for advice thanks guys.

Game Support / Since update expo fixed? Overwatch PS4
« on: 09:24 PM - 06/18/20 »
Ive noticed that the aim assist feels way weaker since the last update. So expo actually feels good again for me.. I even run legacy mode on now and the aim assist still feels not too strong at all. Have you guys noticed it?
I run 3200 dpi, default sync, 17 hip, 1000 hz.

Game Support / Re: Overwatch linear feels really good
« on: 09:48 AM - 06/16/20 »
*default sync of course sorry my bad.
Well I tried the Ps4 curve made by him and the crosshair controls feels horrible.. Its just floaty idk how to explain.

Game Support / Re: Overwatch linear feels really good
« on: 08:56 PM - 06/15/20 »
Im on PS4 EU servers. Main Ashe and Mccree between 3900 and 4000 last season.
I always used expo with default sync. Sometimes I switched to off sync to try it more out because it HAD the best aim assist feels but not anymore. The default sync had better mouse 1:1 movement.
Since the last months the xim feels terrible for Ow.
I tried out linear ramp many times but it feels horrible floaty for me.
I tried 800 dpi, 3200 dpi and 16K dpi. Off sync, default sync and even common sync. Nothing worked like it did before all the updates.
I tried out the regular OW linear ramp ST without a curve and i tried out generic alpha + recommended curves and everything felt terrible for me. Linear is just floaty as hell and I dont know why. It used to feel different before some updates but at the moment there is no config which works for me fine.

Last season I played between 3.9k and 4k with 3200 dpi, 1000 hz, common sync 17 hip sense (arm aimer) and it worked fine. But now nothing works good for me.
On expo the aim assist feels way to strong and on linear the crosshair and mouse movements feels floaty.
What are you using for linear ? My mouse is the G305 wireless.
I also tried out the „selfmade curve“ from GoodaimbutTankmain on the xim forum but it also felt floaty like any other linear settings for me.

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