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I posted to JDS Labs on their blog post that announced compatibility with PS5 about my desire/want for them to get licensed/compatible with Xbox so their products would work also.  Maybe they will see some demand interest and pursue it especially if more people message them.  In the meantime, I did order the HD 660S and the JDS atom and plan to use it as suggested with my current mixamp setup thanks again for the input here.  Excited for new gear to compare/contrast against my Fidelio X2HRs.

Alan thank you for the replies.  I did figure out how to play with the EQ settings you suggested from Emperor so thank you for stearing me to that.  Sounds better I feel like than the default Atmos selections.  I still don't have the precision directional accurancy/separation that I would desire.  I have been reading reviews about the pc38x, 660s and others.  If you think that the headphones with the setup discussed before will make that difference in this aspect I think I will go for the hd660s to be a compliment to my X2s if it will make a significant difference.

thelastword thats what I am running on XSX is a astro mixamp and X2s using the atmos app and have been playing around with the EQ settings.  I've never really had hi fi equipment before so I probably don't know any better but I think it does sound pretty good.  It would be nice to have the option to have high end equipment hooked to the XSX console.  I really want to have a shot at the best experience as a console player which is why I have been inquiring about better headphones here.

Alan I have a question about your statement here as I will try to use those eqs tonight =

"Before getting a HD660S I invite you to try your Fidelios on Stereo - no surround - with a Emperor Potara profile tune for them. You are going to feel it different, by loosing the reverb effect but an improved positional audio then you choose if want to try something different."

I found his google drive and the presets for the X2s, but I have questions how to do.

In the atmos app I matched his EQ settings that he has for atmos, set to the star icon on mixamp and enabled that custom eq as the one working within atmos app with the first dot on top of the mixamp out of the four lit up.  Question = do I need to go into command center and set my first custom eq as flat 00000 across?  Or does this matter when in atmos app as I am confused when using the atmos app does it override anything that is set in command center for each of the four preset eqs there.  Thank you

Thank you for the awesome reply.  I have read this whole thread and it's how I came up with what I'm asking. I played Alien Isolation with the X2s and many other games the last few months and did try stereo and multiple settings and really noticed in stereo and mixamp that it was hard to get a good sense of how far behind me the sounds were coming from.  Ive noticed this a lot that the positional audio is typically good with X2s but especially behind me I have no sense of how far away something is.  It is not a huge deal I really love the fun sound of these headphones, but I would like to compliment the X2s with a headphone option that has better positional audio especially now that I have the cash to get really anything.  I really wish Xbox would allow some of the good DAC companies to get official compatibility like the astro mixamp. 

I am also curious if anyone has an opinion on the HD58x vs 660s as I've been watching some reviews and can't decide all things considered. I don't mind the extra cost as I plan to keep the X2s and the next choice for many years.

If I do pair the hd660s or ???? with a JDS atom I see you talking about the double amping effect with the astro mixamp would it be bad to a non-audiophile as I have no experience doing this or using any kind of amp really.  Again thanks for all the ideas and knowledge given here.

The upgrading the DAC you mention though would it work with Series X and atmos?  I have a mixamp because it is recognized via usb by the Series X (compatability via microsoft?) If I was to upgrade also to a better DAC that would be nice but would it not work the way series X currently stands?  I am also asking the same question in another thread how to add an amp to my mixamp if I need one due to thinking of buying HD660 S

I got myself the Xbox Series X and have been enjoying it with the 2019 Astro Mixamp pro TR connected to Fidelio X2HRs.  I use dolby atmos app turned on and the amp dolby turned off by having the star icon highlighted. The X2s are my first headphones above the A40s that I have had for 6 months.  I do notice the sound is very fun and I enjoy playing with them but the positional audio is not always pin point definitely not to the point that it takes away from enjoyment, but I have been thinking of getting Sennheiser HD660S = I have more budget to try for a more expensive audio setup now. I'm not an audiophile or really critical kind of person I generally enjoy most things that I read people complain about, but wanted to have the option of better positional audio sometimes and have always wanted to have a Sennheiser headphone.

If I get the 660s (good choice you guys think?) will the mixamp be enough to power them?  If not what would be an appropriate amp to add to the mix? 

If I need an added amp would I use the Y splitter that came with the mixamp to the headphone jack and out the y splitter add the amp, then from the amp connect the 660s?  I appreciate all the discussions here and info I have learned a lot over the months when I found this thread :)

Awesome thanks.  The Phillips are open back also hmmm decisions .... decisionsss

alanmcgregor thank you for the detailed post many things to think about. 

My plan is to buy a new headset first and try that out on the current setup before leaving the mixamp as you suggest as safest first step.  I had seen the Philips Fidelio X2HR are highly praised and also the AKG  K712 PRO is what I have narrowed down to.  I see that the ARC Mk2 seems to be a good solution discussed here to connect to the good quality step up from astro headset.  I just have no experience with if I was to go that route away from mixamp setup that my rpg/single player games won't sound immersive.  From what you described it seems like that can still be achieved.  Thanks again.  Any thoughts on those two headphones and a ARC Mk2 fo anyone that has experience would still sound like I am in the game world of say the witcher 3?

Love this thread. I have learned a lot thank you guys.  I run A40s from an Astro 2013 mixamp.  The mixamp optical runs to my tv and all my consoles run to the tv with tv audio set to external out = optical.  I have had this setup for 6 years and have enjoyed it, but with the next gen around the corner I am looking to upgrade to next level audio stuffs.  I am no audiophile and am easy to please but would like to experience fully what I can now that I have whatever budget I want.

After reading through this thread, I am overwhelmed some still for what I may want to purchase now that I am ready for upgrading.  I game on consoles and 90% of that gaming is single player games and 10% with friends playing online shooters.  For me what's important is immersion feeling like I am in the game world.  Footsteps and competition aren't the main driver just overall best quality sound the way the game audio engineer wanted it to be experienced in a game from an rpg to a platformer.

Money/budget is not an issue but I read about diminishing returns so I don't wanna let myself go too crazy maybe can get some suggestions for setup (headphones, power if needed and mixamp or eq if needed) in the < $500 range and then suggestions for setups in the 500-1k range, so I can consider what is best for me and how I game on console.  Also, I have seen the next xbox won't have optical so what should I keep in mind about that before buying a setup.

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