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General Discussion / Re: AIm assist on keyboard?
« on: 12:05 PM - 11/19/20 »
So rotational AA makes my aim stickier, i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, what are the pros and cons of making my aim stickier?

General Discussion / Re: AIm assist on keyboard?
« on: 08:59 AM - 11/19/20 »
Antithesis can you elaborate more on how left stick or rotational aa is better with analog than with digital input, but its neither here nor there? What do you exactly mean by this

General Discussion / AIm assist on keyboard?
« on: 09:36 PM - 11/17/20 »
Hey guys so i have used 2 Nav controllers and all of them broke, i am tired of the nav breaking and said @#$% it, iíll get a keyboard instead.
Bur i have one concern, i heard from XIMgameplay that using a keyboard on a xim messes up the aim assist in some way, is this true?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 11:10 AM - 06/04/20 »
Which power adapter should i buy for the nav?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 10:45 PM - 06/02/20 »
Yes i tried 2 different cables and they all had the same effect, not connecting to xim apex

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 09:52 AM - 06/02/20 »
I tried it out? I held the ps button on the nav till it disconnects but after trying so many times trying to connect it to the XIM i just gave up, i dont know why it wont pair with the XIM Apex.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 09:46 AM - 06/02/20 »
Ok iíll try that out, thanks

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 10:47 AM - 06/01/20 »
When i press the ps button, it blinks then it goes to a red light, and iíll try charging it to a pc, thanks.
No just my Navigation controller is not recognised, my DS4 and mouse are fine

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 05:11 PM - 05/31/20 »
The ps3 nav shows a solid red dot, but it does not flash, so i can confirm it is fully charged

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 05:06 PM - 05/31/20 »
What do you mean by flashing red? So like it does not show any red dot at all?

Support / Re: Sony Nav Problem
« on: 04:25 PM - 05/30/20 »
I tried doing all the steps, it still does not work

Support / Re: Sony Nav Problem
« on: 04:17 PM - 05/30/20 »
@Bully i donít use the Nav wirelessly, i use it wired, i also tried doing that, but it still does not recognize it

Support / Re: Sony Nav Problem
« on: 03:04 PM - 05/30/20 »
Can someone please help?

Support / [ACTIVE] Sony Nav Problem
« on: 02:41 PM - 05/30/20 »
Hello, when i connect my Navigation controller to the xim apex, it does not show up in the XIM Manger app and automatically connects to the PS4 instead of the XIM. The controller and the navigation controller both connect seperately, i dont know what the problem is here, can anyone help?

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