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Shared Configs / Re: MW/Warzone Advanced Setup (12/22/20)
« on: 07:04 AM - 12/31/20 »
Have you retried with 120fps?

Shared Configs / Re: MW/Warzone Advanced Setup (12/17/20)
« on: 01:15 PM - 12/26/20 »
Interesting, I’ll have to try it again. Are you using VRR?

When I activate VRR I somehow get stuck with 60 max, at least my Acer monitor shows me that, so I do it at fixed 120...not sure if I miss something here ?

Shared Configs / Re: MW/Warzone Advanced Setup (12/22/20)
« on: 04:37 PM - 12/25/20 »
works really good mate, thanks for sharing, now I actually donīt need to adjust the sensitivity at all since this update...only downside as also a t2 user is that my AR values are off now with linear :D I can not really describe it, but it feels much more crisp than before, or is this placebo? :D

Hi Alan,

I got some advice from you quite a while back when I was on ps4. I got an xbox series x now and I'm kind of retarded and am wondering if I can get a quick rundown of how I need to setup my audio gear.

I have a mayflower ARC amp/DAC and a Sennheiser GSP 600 headset. Is this compatiable. Any downsides?

Oh ya and I have a benq ex2510 monitor if that makes a difference.

If you have Mayflower ARC MK1 use the Xbox Setup explain on the manual, you might require a HDMI Audio Extractor, if you play 4K /60Hz or 1080p/120Hz, the only one I can recommend is the OREI HDMI Extractor, prety well built and is on sale I think on Amazon.

But that way you can not use your mic can you? At least on by SBx G6 it wonīt work with an HDMI extractor, and I can not adjust the volume anymore via the amp/dac when using such an extractor. is it different for the Mayflower or do I miss something?

BTW can confirm that XSX running at 120fps via HDMI 1.4 with my monitor

Thanks for share Od1n!

:) man I think Microsoft really made his homework this gen, and they truly believe on gamers prefer high fps in games than resolution. Playstation, they can't even enable VRR yet and the lack of 1440p is so annoying.

it would be really perfect if they would have kept the optical output...makes a lot of gear unusable or with negatively impacted use...hdmi audio extractor is not a good solution to overcome this ...other than that it's really awesome

Shared Configs / Re: MW/Warzone Advanced Setup (12/17/20)
« on: 04:27 PM - 12/20/20 »
Will I have to turn my refresh rate from 120 to 60 for this configuration to work?
Thank you.

Is the game actually playable for you at 120?

You can use either, you may want to raise sensitivity a little at 120hz.

I kind of find it quite stable at [email protected], didnīt  buy a 1440p monitor yet, do I assume correctly that you run at [email protected] when facing such issues?

Of any of you fine people could help i would be very thankful.

I have astro a40 tr mix amp, think gen 3 as its black but not with the double dial.

Works perfectly on ps4 using optical cable

I just got a series X which has no optical cable.

And now i have no sound at all

Folllowed guides online but nothing.

The below link says something about an update that will help however when i plug my amp into pc and go to the command centre there is no firmware update to get.


Very frustrating coz now i cant play

I may be wrong, but my understanding was here in order to make an astro headset work on both console brands you need to have a second base station applicable for your second console. This is so stupid, but seems there is no other way with an astro.

What console are you on ?

@JamesFPS, with a proper splitter you can still run the 120 FPS in 1080p and even 1440p.

Game Support / Re: Cold War ST has been released
« on: 09:48 AM - 12/18/20 »
I have Cold War but will mostly be playing Warzone...

I updated the config file for Cold War multiplayer but once I got to Warzone/Rebirtg and check options the settings are different.  Like Horizontal stick sen in warzone goes to 20 here and Cold War it’s 14...

Is there a specific ST for Warzone/Rebirth Island?

Am I using BOCW ST for Warzone play and if so why are the ST settings different from each mode?

Mate for Warzone you need to follow MW ST and configs, different mechanics of the games...even the weapons from CW behave different in WZ...itīs like they integrated only the model and titles of weapon and its attachments...

Shared Configs / Re: MW/Warzone Advanced Setup (12/17/20)
« on: 06:53 PM - 12/17/20 »
İn what sense is this game unstable with 120hz?

The real OBsIV and the truth behind why your PS5 doesn't work with XIM out the box!

Well otherwise it would be named PIM and not XIM

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:42 PM - 12/16/20 »
Any chance to look if a new st for mw2019 ,(mainly because of warzone) or the new consoles would make sense, especially for the xbsx which runs with 120hz?

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (20201209)
« on: 03:36 AM - 12/14/20 »
Hey Mate, any update with your xbsx and 120hz or would you say no change required ?

As everyone knows there is no optical output anymore on the new Gen.
Means in order to continue using devices which require it for instance a sbx g6, x7 and other similar devices a solution would be to use a HDMI audio extractor (important here is to find one which at least supports 120hz for 1080/1440p or 60hz for 4k).
Now here comes to issue, at least I was unable to solve it.
It helps when "receiving" sound on your headphone, but to be able to use a microphone (I have headphones with separate mic, a modmic) this isnīt working...also regulating the volume via the SBX G6 wasnt working at all. I tried to plug in my mic into the xbox controller and the headphone to the g6, also not working.
If both is plugged into the xbox controller with an adapter it works...same tried with with a fidelio x2 and a vmoda boompro...

So actually is there any proper way to be able to use my headphone setup (AKG K702 + Modmicv5 and Fidelio X2 + Boompro) on a XBSX via my Soundblasterx G6 or do I need to reconsier either buying a USB Headset or use it via the controller? Also it seems the sound is much better on the new gen vs the prior...but still itīs frustrating to see my gear being limited this way...

Especially a quesrtion to alan and/or antithesis and Od1n...Others are more than welcome to discuss, too :)

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