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Game Support / Re: Cold War ST has been released
« on: 10:55 PM - 11/27/20 »
I canít download the new config its not coming up on manager or force download?

Rough eta? Way too excited for this to drop tbh

Game Support / Re: Hyper Scape Config
« on: 05:56 AM - 07/13/20 »
Config wonít be released until the games out of beta I believe so probably in around a month (donít know for sure though)

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 07:59 AM - 07/01/20 »
Deffinetly look at the new hyper scape br, bit hard at this point not knowing mechanics but keep an eye out, looks very exciting!

Thanks for that & also in the config code there is 5 smoothing added to both hip and ads but the the write up says no smoothing added, just wondering which one is correct, seems to be playing real well with the 5 smoothing added, again thanks in advanced

hard or soft pad, & are the settings still the same ?
Thanks heaps in advanced

Shared Configs / Re: Old Apex ST (PS4)
« on: 12:42 AM - 05/24/20 »
Old ximmr file would be awesome, I believe allot of people would switch back

Shared Configs / Re: Old Apex ST (PS4)
« on: 11:59 PM - 05/23/20 »
Doesnít work, it seems to be the version 4.2 st still, the date on the ximmr file is 20200521, any help would be greatly appreciated

Is your ads sensitivity legit 1.50 or just a typo?

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