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Thank you for your reply. so when I plug in the xim4 plus mouse keyboard everything is normal, just the ps4 joystick that turns on and off after a second of ignition... while on ps4 it stays on without problem... so I don’t understand that it is my problem

salut l'ami comment tu fait pour jouer avec ton xim sur pc ?? je n'y arrive pas moi la manette jamais reconnu =/ pourrais tu m'aider stp ?? j'ai une manette ps4 un xim 4 ... est ce la manette ? y'a t'il aussi une manipulation particulière ? merci !!!

I don’t want to play native scuse me ... its too complicated for me ... how can I play with my xim on my pc? Does it work with a xim4 or does it need the xim apex? and which controller do I need? because ps4 controller doesn’t work... thank you very much


hello how do you play with your xim on pc ??? I'm on pc and I can't get native ... could you tell me how i can play on pc with xim? thank you

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