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Tutorials / IR or rotation?
« on: 09:49 PM - 04/10/09 »
Thanks for not deleting all these posts. I'll fill them in tomorrow.

Tutorials / Jumping into your own project:
« on: 09:48 PM - 04/10/09 »
Please don't delete this I'm saving these for room to grow the topic later.  It was getting late and I wanted to reserve this space.

Tutorials / Create a short script for WASD:
« on: 09:48 PM - 04/10/09 »
Please don't delete this I'm saving these for room to grow the topic later.  It was getting late and I wanted to reserve this space.

Tutorials / Basic programing GlovePIE:
« on: 09:47 PM - 04/10/09 »
I needed to change this.

Tutorials / Connecting wiimotes to the PC:
« on: 09:47 PM - 04/10/09 »
Connecting wiimotes to the PC:
As I mentioned I'll be using Toshiba Stack. If you are using BlueSoleil you can find out how to use it here

  • Install the Stack.
  • Open up the Settings Manager.
The Settings Manager should be the little Bluetooth symbol in the notification area.  Double-click on it.
If it's not in the tray look in Start->All Programs->Bluetooth->Bluetooth Settings.

You can see I have one wiimote connected already.  But I have 2 so I'll show you how to connect it. 
  • Click on New Connection.

Express mode works fine. 
  • Click Next>.

It will start searching for any Bluetooth signals.  Right now your wiimote is off so to wake it up.
  • Push both 1 Button and 2 Button on the wiimote.  The LEDs should start flashing.

It should find a Nintendo wii remote and anything else in range.
  • Select it and click Next>

Now it will finalize the connection and finish up.

That's it.
  • You can right click on the icons to Connect and Disconnect them anytime.  The icon selection is lacking and I don't see an easy way to add more so your stuck there.  You might want to rename them some thing so you can tell them apart (do you have colored skins?).
Tip: You should Disconnect them when you are writing code or are done playing.
Simple right?

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup the wiimote for playing any game on the Xbox360.

This is easy even if your not a programmer you should be able to follow this. GlovePIE is very simple language with an easy syntax and works well.
I'll have lots of pictures and links to help you get started.

Topics covered;
  • Connecting wiimotes to the PC
  • Basic programing GlovePIE
  • Create a short script for WASD
  • Jumping into your own project

So why am I here...? Zombies. Yes, zombies. I prefer swarms of slow zombies to the faster more intelligent kind. But I like both. Yes, this relates to video games.

I really enjoyed playing RE4 on the Wii. The gameplay is great and it's a fun game plus it's cheap. So I was excited when I first saw the new RE5 previews.  Sadly the Wii doesn't have the hardware to run RE5.  So I needed to find my own way to get the same gameplay.  That is how I found the XIM.

Now XIM is suppose to work out of the box with the wiimote. It didn't for me. If it had I still would have done this. From the sample script I saw/tried it didn't offer the control I wanted.

I'll be posting the RE5 script soon.  I haven't been able to work more then a few hours after the first weekend (yep haven't been playing RE5 either). So it needs some work.  But it's playable so I might post it just for feedback.

Required Hardware:
  • XIM360 ;)
You should all ready have one of these.

  • Wiimote and nunchuk
Whole reason your reading this right?

  • Sensor bar
This could be candles or some other IR light source it doesn't take much for the wiimotes to calibrate.

  • Bluetooth dongle or internal device
I'll be using the Kensington Micro.  It's cheap and small so I can leave it plug all the time.  It also works in both Windows and Linux.

  • Xbox 360 ;D
You might already have one of these

  • Computer
I'll be using a C64.

This is how my setup looks (yeah it's a laptop not a C64 you got me ;)). It works well other then I'm a little to close to the screen for playing.  But it works for testing.

Required Software:
  • Windows OS
I installed it just so I could run XIM, no really I did.

  • XIM
You should already have this working, if not FAQs should be your first stop.

  • GlovePIE
I'll be using 0.29.  You can view the documentation online here.

This might not apply to your game but I thought I should point it out.  In the copyright documentation for GlovePIE it has the following restrictions.
* You may not use this software to cheat at online or multiplayer games. What constitutes cheating depends on the game and the server. Just using a different input device shouldn't be considered cheating, but complex scripted actions to make things easier may be considered cheating. Don't get GlovePIE banned, or you will hurt everyone who wants to play with a VR glove. But feel free to cheat at single player!

  • Bluetooth software compatible with your hardware
I'll be using Toshiba Stack because it came with my dongle.  I have heard of problems with it but I haven't had any issues so far. If you need help finding what will work consult theWiimote compatibility list.

While it does it in game.  It also does it when I just run the .xim and watch the screen display of what inputs are being activated.  So I don't think that disconnecting simultaneous use of the analog sticks will help.

I tend to think it's a software/config issue more then the controller/XIM360 problem.  You don't have to attached it and when you run the .xim and it shows the drift when on the square setting.  This is true for any of the basic .xim configurations that come with it (COD4, Halo3, Default) all use square.

The only game I own is RE5.  I bought an RE5 edition Xbox and XIM a couple weeks ago (they came late last week). 

XIM is the only reason I bought the Xbox I can stand using joysticks to aim.  Keyboard/mouse isn't much better. 

After play RE4 on the Wii it's the only way to play.  So I'm writing a program so I can use the Wiimote/nunchuck to play RE5.  I have a working version now but I want to clean it up and add in better look control before I post it for some feedback.  Yes I know XIM is suppose to support Wii contorls but mine didn't and wouldn't offer me the control I wanted.

I'll write a tutorial about setup and all that when I get a chance.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Rightstick drifts to the left?
« on: 03:12 PM - 03/21/09 »
So I just tried to see if it was because I have 4 mice hooked up (VX Nano, touch pad, stick mouse, and faked direct input mouse)  They all seem to show the same results.

Also a 1 pixel/(whatever the refresh rate is) is enough to null the drift.

Solved the problem, now have more questions.  I was able to eliminate it completely by changing from Square to Circular.

Now the question why would that be?  Why would square have drift and not circle?

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Rightstick drifts to the left?
« on: 02:37 PM - 03/21/09 »
Didn't help.

I did play around with it a little more.

The .ini values don't change much even if you hold the stick all the way to one side while running the calibration?  The LT and RT (I'm guessing left and right triggers) don't change at all even if they are held down?


XIM 2 Discussions / Rightstick drifts to the left? SOLVED
« on: 02:01 PM - 03/21/09 »
Circular deadzone fix the issue.

Original post:
Things didn't seem to be moving correctly.  So I wrote a short test program the outputs direct X and Y values to the mouse.  Which is captured by XIM2.

Direct input         XIM readout/ingame movement
UP________________slightly to the left
DOWN_____________slightly to the left
LEFT______________slightly down
RIGHT_____________less then it should be

I've calibrated it a few times now and changed the deadzone which only weaken the drift and the main movements (never went away).  I passes both stress and trace tests. 

I'm a new XIM owner (1 week) so I might have over looked some thing. 

I could write my own correction into my program but I just wondered if there is something more I can try?

Also is there a debugger program that can give live readouts and record?  Not just bars that bounce up and down.  Doesn't have to be official I just want some thing that gives me hard numbers to correlate not just that might be better/worse then before.

Thanks guys.

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