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Configurations and Requests / Re: All Call of Duty Games
« on: 07:50 AM - 11/18/12 »
Thanks Toys this is totally boss  ! Had to dial the sens back a little and adjust the acceleration to .55 but I'm loving this !

wouldnt use it
if id like to do stuff like that i rather go playing paintball lol

i know that this is still a early stage, but i just cannot find myself enjoying a computer game that way

Likewise it doesnt really apeal to me tbh  , imagine going to answer the door like that lol

Release Candidates / Re: Use Push to talk as toggle mute
« on: 01:56 PM - 03/09/12 »
Certainly looks like a viable option and not expensive either , i'll try and order one like that or similar from over here ( just checked amazon uk its gone from $7 to 20 so $35 - 40)  i'll shop around and see what i can find , thanks again for the help

Release Candidates / Re: Use Push to talk as toggle mute
« on: 01:42 PM - 03/09/12 »
Awesome! never knew such a device existed  , cheers Stetab  :)

Release Candidates / Re: Use Push to talk as toggle mute
« on: 01:30 PM - 03/09/12 »
Ha ha yes its pretty bassy but i find it less so than my old TB X4's 

 Yeah i know its just a repacked mmx 300 or dt770 with a bigger price tag lol , i just liked the boom mic and fancy bag  , been looking at the HD598 recently but not really sure what id do for a mic

Release Candidates / Re: Use Push to talk as toggle mute
« on: 01:14 PM - 03/09/12 »
Not a problem Od1n more of a thought really i know Obsiv isnt going to go to the hassle of changing it now , athough the weighted key idea could be good lol , xbox party chat is way too much hassle i was thinking of something you could just use on the fly

Stetab -  its a Q- pad 1339  a mute switch would do just fine but tbh i dont know i really trust myself chopping around at my 200 headset hence me leaning towards the other option  to emulate the function 

Release Candidates / Use Push to talk as toggle mute
« on: 05:24 AM - 03/09/12 »
Think this may have been mentioned when the subject of a push to talk feature was first mentioned , but i couldnt find the answer .

Basically my headset has no mute feature and i prefer an open mic most of the time , so i was just wondering if the actual push to talk button could be set so  it toggled the mic on and off with just a single press rather than being held ?  or perhaps a simple macro would be able to this for me ?


Release Candidates / Re: Push to talk issues?
« on: 04:43 AM - 03/09/12 »
Just tested the push to talk function , it worked fine for me on the following set up:

Astro mixamp 2010
Q-pad 1339 Headset
Official Microsoft wired pad

XIM Apps / Re: xEmulate-XIM3 with Joystick support
« on: 04:27 AM - 02/26/12 »
Looks very interesting but im somewhat of a noob when it comes to things like this.. are there any more in depth help files or tuturorials other than the wiki link ?

Release Candidates / Re: Suggestion regarding XIMBridge
« on: 01:59 AM - 02/22/12 »
Works well i gave this a little try the other day , i cant say i noticed a real difference between having the mouse connected directly or having it run though XIM bridge though , sens actually seemed a little lower but im wondering if thats because my mouse went back to its default polling rate of a 125hz as opposed to the 1000hz i usually run it at (Razer Imperator) also i only had about 45 mins of playtime with it .

The other thing i noticed was when i alt tabbed out to do something on my desktop if i did something such as close a window the click of the mouse re enabled the XIM 3 and when i do the same in XIM bridge i actually have to click on the little XIM bridge program window to get it working , i plan on getting another mouse at some point so i will be using this again and trying it out a bit more thoughroughly .

Release Candidates / Re: Gotham City Imposters ST Feedback
« on: 01:46 AM - 02/22/12 »
Not got the game but the update went smooth without any issues , keep up the good work  8)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Mw3 ADS Low sensitivity
« on: 01:43 AM - 02/22/12 »
Yeah i think your right there ICEMAN the aim assist does appear to penalize high sensitivity players, also the hideous lag in MW3 can put the hitbox infront or behind the character giving the impression the hit markers are off slightly making it harder to aim as your actually fighting the aim assist because your trying to pull the crosshairs on the actual character model not the hitbox

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Mw3 ADS Low sensitivity
« on: 05:09 AM - 02/21/12 »
22 Hip  and 7. 85 ads  - Razer imperator 5600dpi ,1000hz polling all via xim bridge

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Razer Mamba 2012.
« on: 04:57 AM - 02/21/12 »
Have you tried the polling rate @ 1000 or 500 hz ?

Wow im sorry to hear that i run my razer mamba 4g at 1000hz only 6400dpi xim 900dpi pc and i have had zero issues like that.  Have you upgraded to the newest firmware? 

Also i want to report that i have fixed the issue of the xim3 mouse input locking up when pressing the dpi increase decrease buttons.  It was my io gear switch causing the problem.  I switched out my io gear with an Ultra GammaView 2050 2-port switch and the problem is gone.  The pc also recognizes my mouse and keyboard faster when switching from xim to pc.  This mouse is working flawless for me.   

Nice reviews BlessUp

im considering getting the 4G mamba after reading it infact  , im currently running my imperator via xim bridge  5600dpi and 1000hz polling  ,

When connected directly to the xim 3 to get it to remember the dpi of that value i have to set that as the only option available , but with regards to the polling rate i dont know if that just goes back to default which id presume to be 125hz

I plan on using the mamba for the xim 3 only so i dont know if you can confirm whether or not this is the case with the mamba ?

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