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Have you tried it since the new xim update?

I am going to send you a friend request

Yes I was, I currently have the turtle beach elite pro w the TAC but itís starting to fall apart. Iím now looking at other options. I donít know how you have yours wired up but if it goes just straight to your controller it sounds like that could be the issue of your volume problem. I like the artics pro just not the price tag. And im also looking at the Corsair hs60 along with some kind of dac/amp. But thatís were it gets crazy, finding a amp that will decode Dolby if usually 150+. I was looking at the creative labs sound blasterX g6. Seems like the best option for a dac but I just canít see myself spending that much money on a setup that will be obsolete in a couple years.

How do you like your krakens?

General Discussion / Re: AMP Advice PS4
« on: 10:58 AM - 11/25/19 »
Did you ever end up getting the g6

I got it just needed an update thanks!

Did xim get rid of the boost feature on r6? I can not see it anywhere in my settings, and Iím in expert mode. Also your xim profile link at the bottom doesnít work

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