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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: best DPI for OFF sync?
« on: 02:48 PM - 03/10/22 »
I play like this
9700 dpi
Aim 481 sensitivity , 20 smoothing
Ads 380 sensitivity , 20 smoothing
Both synchronize off

G403 logitech

Holy crap! are those real numbers for sense and not typo's .

you got a 1" mouse mat or something  :-)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Link Sensitivity
« on: 02:41 PM - 03/10/22 »
Are you sure it's not a dpi setting?

Is the DPI on the mouse memory the same as in its software on the PC ?

Sensitivity should not change between direct to Xim or running though Link, as long as the PC dpi setting is the same.
Also polling rate makes a different too if using sync off.

Thanks. We waiting your update 👍

Here is my Nexus setup for Division 2 XboxOne,    Specifically the XB1X

So first:
I am heavily gyro biassed, so sticks don't do much in vertical movement in Hip, Right stick is reversed for ADS only and the stick is more to complement the gyro instead of the gyro complimenting the stick.

The reason for having the stick reversed in ADS only is because it is easier to push the stick forward than it is to pull the stick back while leaning the controller forward to counter recoil.

I am using the Experimental build controller firmware.

Anyway Enjoy.. Or not.
If you like it let me know, if you don't, then it was worth a try.
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM NEXUS [Division 2 XB1] START COPY >>>

I personally would rather see the two sticks in the top corners    so leave the Xbox left stick where is it and swap the right stick for the ABXY buttons.

Stick are more dominant than buttons in most games, so they should be in the natural position. ( top corners )

I am currently working on perfecting the setup with Xbox 1X  , I normally use XB SX but recently tried on the 1X and it is very different.

when I get to where I am comfortable with it on the XB1X I will share the settings, just be forewarned, I am very much gyro biased and set up accordingly,   my right stick does very little vertical.

General Discussion / Re: It's official BBB said it
« on: 05:56 AM - 02/24/22 »
What he is suggesting , is that those people who do use DS4 Windows CAN do more than just re map buttons, over clock or whatever else that are legitimate reasons for using it, so because they can they must be..

Because they CAN he then implies they all DO, so therefore branding all of those remap software programs as cheating.

He also in a later video suggested those programs have been tightly guarded secrets by the top streamers, which really does show his lack of knowledge, they have been around for ages, not guarded and not hidden. Most people don't use them because their configuration can be overwhelming at first look. Also suggesting it takes just one person to know how to use them effectively then selling the scripts.

He only knows how cheats work ( Ex Cheater who got banned, for apparently using the cheats for research only ), so if he can make a cheat do something, then he sees someone doing that very same thing or very similar, they must be using cheats.

Like all the other hacker hunters,  he judges people on his own ability, so if they get a kill once in a while they must be cheating.

Options rule :-)

On Nexus I run custom on both, expo to reduce crosshair bounce.

On Xim M/KB I run linear only but with a cut off to stop the possibility of over speeding.
I do run a dual speed line on some games that have really bad turn speeds, such as Borderlands 2,3

I have been changing between the options.
0 - is my preferred the gyro and stick enhance each other
10 - feels like it is conflicting no enhancement it basically forces the use of one or the other.
20 - just no.

0 will be most benefit from those who are mouse background and want to use gyro for aim over stick.
10 will probably work for those who are controller background.
20 will probably work for those who are controller background but I feel like 10 will do a better job for them.

More detail.
Setting 0:
Scenario1: enemy running across the screen.
I mostly aim with gyro so adding a bit of stick increases the speed a little for acquiring a target that I can't catch up by gyro alone.
Controller recoil, when gyro isn't quite enough, add a bit of stick.
This I see as the two systems helping each other.
Results in small gyro movement and very small stick movement great control

Setting 10:
This creates a conflict,
Scenario1: enemy running across the screen.
I mostly aim with gyro so adding a bit of stick cancels the gyro out by the same amount, still can't catch the enemy unless I add a lot of stick then I have no gyro fine control.
Controller recoil, when gyro isn't quite enough, add a bit of stick cancels the gyro out by the same amount, I adding more stick then I have no gyro fine control.
This I see as the two systems fighting against each other resulting in over compensation and potato aim.

Setting 20:
Just NO, It leads to inconsistent aim and has no natural feel.
It feels like you have two mice and someone else is controlling the second one.

For controlling recoil  try using reverse Vertical on ADS only.

Don't dismiss the idea without trying.

Leaning the controller forward is natural to control recoil.
Pulling the stick back is natural to control recoil.

But..  leaning the controller forward AND pulling the stick back at the same time is a conflict in your head.

So reverse the Right stick Vertical on ADS only,   and lean forward with the controller added recoil control is by pushing the stick in the same direction.

The hardest part of testing AA is that it is often subjective.
Take two different people ( good player and a noob ), with exact same in game settings on a standard OEM controller.
One of them (good player) will tell you the aim assist is incredibly strong, the other (noob) will not agree and say it doesn't even work.
It's usually the better player that will say it's strong as they are more likely to be on target in the first place, as they ADS, they are already in the aim bubble so get the most assistance, where the noob can't get close enough to the target before they ADS, and so doesn't get into the aim bubble, then finds the aim assist seems to be more like aim resist.

I can set up a repeatable test for this in a something like Black Ops Cold War, I don't have the new COD, and don't know how I could do the test in Apex Legends as it kicks you out of practice mode after a few minutes of not doing much.
My initial thoughts are that I can only test for aim slow down with any kind of measurement and even that would be fairly crude. For aim rotation, I can think of a way to test it, but the results would be based on my observation more than measurement.

I understand this is coming from a person who's first words with regards to AA are, turn it off and learn to aim, but that doesn't change the fact I do enjoy testing stuff to find verifiable and repeatable information.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Aim Assist
« on: 01:45 AM - 02/23/22 »
I have been saying that exact statement about aim assist with Xim for years.

It's also amazing that when you turn off AA in some games ( Division 2 for example ) the bad aiming system in the game suddenly isn't anywhere near as bad.

Micro aim adjust around enemies in that game are notoriously bad with Xim KB/M, but if you turn off aim assist all of a sudden those micro movements are much easier and smoother.

The Nexus does a better job with that game in general, but that is not to do with aiming, it is to do with general movement, Like turning while in sprint, the right stick makes it very easily controlled , where Xim KB/M requires a lot of messing with either turn assist or in my case an aux config.

Something I have noticed is the game is very different when played on my XB1X   compared to my XBSX.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: More recoil
« on: 09:30 AM - 02/22/22 »

There is a special experienced setting which unlocks automatically after about 100 hours of Nexus game play.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: It's official BBB said it
« on: 09:15 AM - 02/22/22 »
I watch all of his video's to see how much full of crap he is each time.

He has caught some genuine cheaters but he reaches way to much with most of his video's being debunkable easily.

General Discussion / It's official BBB said it
« on: 08:33 AM - 02/22/22 »
It looks like the Nexus gets a mention on the BBB youtube channel..

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