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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sensitivity/DPI feels different
« on: 02:10 AM - 11/14/19 »
Iím having the same problem 🤦🏽‍♂️

Playstation / Xim Apex legend players Drop Gamertags
« on: 10:40 PM - 10/28/19 »
Mine John_youngboss

I want  couple player I can make it to top with , Iím Tired Playing with garbage randoms.
PS4 only
John_youngboss gamer tagg

Feedback / Iím Just Here To Saying I love xim Apex
« on: 08:23 PM - 10/21/19 »
Iím Already at 915 kills plus 50 win s with in
 2 weeks of playing apex legends on PS4 Iím a big fan thanks 🙏
Add Me John_Youngboss

Looking for the best setup 

My nav controller is responsive,  and my g502 hero mouse works . What Iím saying is when I  click the game I want to play On my PS4 .   My mouse donít let me press x at the start screen , and my nav , X button, Isnít  responsive  also . I tried to change my xbutton on my mouse and it stil donít work .  I donít know what going on , everybody seem play perfect  .

I have Sony Navigation controller and G502 mouse I just bought yesterday  . I canít use The  X button on my Nav controller to get into the Apex and Call of duty 4 start screen.  I tried to Change my g502 button layout on xim Apex manager . but itís still not letting me access  the game . I donít know what to do Some body please help me I Getting Very frustrated . I havenít played my game in 2 days >:(

Game Support / What a good Configs For COD black out Ps4
« on: 02:45 PM - 09/23/19 »
Hello you guys I need a good update configs for black outIím currently only using a controller I really need the best , to help me get more kills and be some what unbeatable. please comment

Do you know the  Best Configs to Call of duty black out 4
On PS4

Can yo tell me the perfect setup for Apex legend config for I can have better experience

Hey My name is John , Iíve been having xim Apex for about a month now.  I watch almost about 15 videos on xim Apex Configs on a couple games I have - Cod 4 and Apex legends. Itís hard to see a different , and my aim and shooting .  I tried to lock on several opponent , itís wouldnt  lock on . Another thing when I shoot and both games the guns goes up .  I will like if you can some one can please help me. I want to become a better xim Apex player .

Iím Having Problems with aim and shooting , EVERYTIME I  aim and shoot it goes up on Apex legends. I need it help fixxing this problem for I can get more kills I only average 2 kills. Help me out

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