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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Xim Nexus Dual Curve Idea
« on: 02:14 AM - 10/30/21 »
Hey, I have an Idea. Im not sure if it is implemented or not, or will be implemented, but I think it would be awesome if the controller thumbstick and gyro both have separate curves/settings you can tweak. This would be insanely helpful for the games that dont natively support different aim techniques. When I played overwatch on console with controller, I loved dual zone with 99 smoothing, but then when I swapped to cod for example I was forced to play on expo or linear. If there is a separate curve feature, you could use a "generic" config just like on the apex, and manually make the aim mechanic dual zone or whatever you want! I really think this feature is going to put this controller ahead of all other controllers if this can be done.

I dont have them to reupload so I would have to recreate all of them. I can give a really simple way of finding the same sens from game to game though, here is how to do it super easily:

1) Go into the game u want to copy the sensitivity from and load ur xim config for it

2) Load a game and line your crosshair up with a target, and line your mouse up with your keyboard so its touching the side.

3) Drag the mouse away from the keyboard slowly until you make a full 360 back on target (make sure you dont go too fast that the xim starts blinking, and if you cant do a full 360 on your sens then try to stop exactly on 180, its usually pretty easy to find just line yourself up on the wall in a room and you can tell when you do a 180 by looking at the wall in front of you to the wall behind you)

4) Lay something heavy down on the exact edge of the mouse where it stoped that wont move when ur mouse hits it (water bottle, book, etc...)

5) Load up the 2nd game and load the config

6) Load a game and move your mouse from the side of your keyboard slowly to the edge of the object you placed. Then adjust your xim sensitivity to match the other game.

Tip) If your one that messes with ur sens a lot, u can write down the sensitivity multiplier from game 1 to game 2 to make it easier on yourself in the future. For example if game 1 u run 20 sens in, and game 2 u run 30 in, then u can do 30/20=1.5 sens multiplier..... so now if you change your sens in game 1 to 10, you can simply multiply 10 x 1.5= 15, so 15 would be the new sens in game 2. This is what my calculator did, it just used the sens multipliers I got from all the games I used this method with and some extra math to do the convertions from any games selected.

I deleted all the configs so i could redo them since I found my mouse had quite a bit of dpi variation, I havent goten around to redoing the convertion data because id have to reset up my xim, download all the games again, and go through to recreate all the xim configs again. I play native pc now so im not gaining anything to go back and redo these. It takes a long time/work and id rather do other things in my free time now.

Game Support / Re: Retrain insurgency with....
« on: 02:40 PM - 10/22/21 »
It matters because of what I just stated. Think about it in a more extreme example. The analog only has a certain amount of stick tilts that it can be at (lets say its 100 stick tilts, 1 for every percentage. Like 1%, 2%, 3% etc).

Now lets say theres linear in the game, and exponential. On linear, the stick tilt % equals the same percent of turn speed (like at 10% stick tilt, you will be turning at 10% max speed), and on exponential, it slows the majority of the stick down to make micro aim easier on your thumb, so lets say the first 80 stick tilts take up 20% move speed.... well now, you only have 20 stick tilts to map to the other 80% turn speeds where as linear, you would have 80 stick tilts to map to the 80% turn speeds.

So, when u think about it like this, micro movements would be more accurate on exponential (20% / 80 = .0025 speed jumps from 1 stick tilt to the next), but on linear they would be worse (20% / 20 = .01 speed jumps from 1 stick tilt to the next).

BUT, now, instead of the first 20% movement speed, if we think about lets say 70% move speed, (like someone is close to us and moving in weird ways changing speed), now on linear, we can jump from 70%, to 71%, to 72% tracking perfectly because we match his speed perfectly. Now on exponential, the jumps at the end would have to be (80% / 20 = .04 stick tilt jump from one to another) we would only be able to track him at 70%, then have to jump to 74% which would make us go off target, and we would have to continuously try to jump between the 2 to keep our crosshair on target.

Even though the xim makes them both 1:1 on the mouse, the xim cant ADD any inputs to the controller, which means if theres only 100 stick tilt options it can only map 100 stick tilts to the ST. It cannot ever get rid of the exponential ramp jumps in speed, just like it cant ever get rid of the fast micro movements on linear.

(This is not exactly how it works, since exponential is a curve and the speed variation between the stick tilt percents would all equal 4, but the example is still the exact same, the speed jumps vary drastically between the 2 meaning expp is more accurate for long range and linear is more accurate for close range tracking)

Game Support / Re: Retrain insurgency with....
« on: 02:56 AM - 10/21/21 »
I completely agree that if a game has both linear and exponential options, there should be an ST for both. Depending on your playstyle/gun choice, you may find one suits you better than another. Even though they would technically both close to 1:1, the xim is emulating analog movements, and since there is a finite number of analog stick tilts available, the aim mechanic can change the accuracy of different aim styles drastically. Linear for example would have faster micro movements on analog, but make up for it with the slow ramp up in speed throughout the rest of the stick tilts (Making tracking at close range better than exponential). On exponential, micro movements are slowed through the majority of the stick so you can be more accurate long range, but the speed changes very fast from slow to fast, meaning tracking at close range suffers a bit. Generally, I always play all games on linear since I prefer having my close range tracking/flicking be more accurate than my slow movements, so i completely agree there should be multiple STs.

You still set up the config the same way, everything under the "Old" is just refering to the outdated curves. The top of the list is the updated curves lol

They mustve updated the games look mechanic since I last made it. Not sure if this version will still work or not

Game Support / Re: Another New Xim Apex Feature Idea
« on: 11:04 PM - 08/17/21 »
Ive tested all the ads modes in overwatch before. The aim mechanics are completely the same from ads to hip, so no new curve was ever required for any scoped hero in overwatch.

But yeah, I do agree in most games snipers are still playable, its just not optimal in all cases and for people who main snipers that kinda sucks lol. I could always make my own config using my method and manually make these configs for people, but then that only will work for games I own, and for players using my same console because new gen consoles and playstations have different aim mechanics in almost every game ive tested if not all games ive tested.... it would just be nice to have this supported natively by the xim lol

Game Support / Re: Another New Xim Apex Feature Idea
« on: 12:37 PM - 08/17/21 »
That is exactly why I say only a few weapons lol. I know the time it would take would be more, but the people who buy the xim for 1:1 movements and main a gun that doesnt have 1:1 movements would be pretty annoying id assume. Just a thought, for the meantime I could always implement this into my custom configs :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sens converter
« on: 12:34 PM - 08/17/21 »
Im not sure when ill get around to it lol. But you can always just use a tape measure to do it until I get it working (Itll also be more accurate if you do it yourself because of sensor dpi variation and things like that)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sens converter
« on: 10:39 AM - 08/17/21 »
Yeah, I agree with the other comments here. But I know its annoying not having the correct sensitivity, so heres a tip I use in all my games to match sensitivities. Obviously you wont be able to get the same exact sensitivity from the old ST without manially doing this method on that, but here is the method and Id suggest you do it and write it down so next time something like this happens you still can keep your sensitivity.

1) Go ingame, turn off aim assist and aim your crosshair at a target.

2) Line your mouse up on something you know you can keep lining your mouse up on consistently and very accurately (like the edge of your mousepad, edge of your keyboard... etc)

3) Drag your mouse slowly and smoothly being careful not to go over the turn cap ingame or hit any acceleration speeds to be consistent, until you do a full 360 and land right back on target. (If you cant do a full 360, instead move your mouse till you do a full 180). Now, grab a tape measure and start from the starting point where your mouse touched the keyboard or edge of the mousepad, and measure to the very far side of the mouse where you ended. Write that down, now measure the width of the mouse, and subtract that from the distance you just got from the start to end. This is the distance it takes you to do a full 360 ingame (or 180 if thats what you measured) from the start and end of your sensor movement, and now you can go into any game and match it up with your tape measure doing the same thing.

Game Support / Another New Xim Apex Feature Idea
« on: 08:01 AM - 08/17/21 »
Hey, I recently played some battlefield 4 with my xim and realized that the snipers have a different aim mechanic than the normal guns (Like the ST needs to be retrained on snipers). Im not sure how many other games have this issue of multiple guns having different aim mechanics, but what im thinking is training the ST on multiple guns, and then adding a dropdown box on the "ADS"/"AUX" pages to manually select what gun you would like to use. This way, you can bind m2 to your sniper config so its 1:1, and then also bind one of your mouse side buttons to your sidearm/smg config or whatever. I havent played the newer battlefields with my xim, but its probably the same in them too i would assume. I also know it would take forever to test every gun, so Im just saying test like sniper, sidearm, and primary for games ads. That way, at least you have the option to change it to whatever feels best for your gun :) I also know that you can "Change the xim ballistic curve to do this already", but a LOT of people dont understand ballistic curves and wouldnt be able to do it, and human error would make it almost complely inpossible to get it 1:1 by hand.

Just a thought, would help out a lot for sniper players!

I still use my custom made 1:1 linear ramp setup and prefer it over every other config ive played with. Here is the link:


Shared Configs / Re: My New Apex Legend's Config (Xbox)
« on: 12:17 PM - 08/11/21 »
Glad to see everyones liking it!

Shared Configs / Re: Advise From A High Rank Player
« on: 12:17 PM - 08/11/21 »
Ive never experienced that personally on any game I play. I do believe it probably happens to an extent, but I think more often than not its probably just all in ur head. I see way too many people keep swapping settings and never get comfortable with just one.... but i also dont really play apex or cod

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