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Neither do i claim to be an expert config maker, never have.
Don't say that. but Btw exposing your "kdpreda Configs" every 2month is not for making any promotion of your ytb channel ?
As you want after all, but if you try to promote something, you also need to have an "
educational approach" for your growing audience and topics.
I found your configs updates more and more lazy while you could teach them.

Instead of some Flatline kills videos over and over, why do not an explained Config video ?

By all means if you have discovered a god config then go ahead and share.
I'll not.
'Cause : - it's mine ; for my feelings, my usual-PC sense
- the godtier config is a myth
- I dont want to share it and it's not perfect yet.
So, no point to.

And keeping them on ‘zero’ IS a config, especially if you want a more linear control.
The main purpose of using Advanced controls IS to modify extra turning senses and made them bump on the treshold.
Guys; pls :
Just maxing ads/hip senses ; OT/Curve on default and min DZ... It's a 8/8 sense ! Nothing more (well, maybe 7.5 due to AA).
What the point to use AControls so ?  ???

I don't understand.
What's the difference between this one and yours ? You playin with higher DPI but not entering in some details and personnal feelings.

1) Do not touch the Respond Curve ; it just add some random trembling aim and doesn't really help focusing on the recoil managment.
1-2) Instead of, play with Outer Treshold settings. You'll see better and softer micro-movements for breaking AABubbles.
2) You can made your OWN aim feelings and speedness by using Extra Turning options : Keep them on "Zero" is not an "Config".

wut ?
(You don't have to quote me every @#$% time just to be cringe kid :-\ stop it)

That's a gud start for your first steps on Advanced Controls world boi ;

I'll spoil for you the next step :
(so your very next topic lol :3)
play with Outter Treshold and Extra turning options for an even better smooth hip and ads feelings. More free aim and better recoil managment.
(and dont f. touch DZ that ruin everything

I spend hours and hours made my PC-feel-like config for Apex on its ACSettings. If you want to share something to your "fanbase". Pls, do the same.
Do not just copy/paste settings (processing settings).. Came from THIS same forum. Srsly

Whatever bro, stay convinced.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

High DPI helps you break the aim assist bubble easier thats all.
Wut ? DPI changes nothing to AAB controls. 
If you have some bubbles issues ; what's mean you are not using Adv controls on the right way or playing on 7/7 senses.

Guys, let's be real 1sec : AAB is create by the base huge Apex' AimAssist.
- If you want to play with strong AA , you have to manage and play with this bubbleshit. (-> cant really "manage" it ; maybe just "reduce")
- If you're sick of bubbling, you have to reduce AA by using Advance controls ; no dz / +threshold and +adding lace.

That's the only way.

Game Support / Re: Help with Titanfall 2 settings?
« on: 07:58 AM - 12/18/19 »
8 sens disables aim assist so use 7 to get aim assist. It's not coddling having no aim assist sucks lol.

Tips ;;
TF2 have exact same controls options than Apex ; so for keeping AA with high sense, you need to use the Advance Controls options, max out Hip/Ads lacet and kept other options default (and AA "on"). Urah, 8/8 sense with AA.

In fact ; tf2 doesnt need as much "controls" than apex, hip firing is bae so you need to have an High TMS.

In fact2 ; You have to use Advance controls settings on Apex to ; 'cause 7/7 configs hardly sux on Xim : low turn max speed/full AA bubbles/to much "linear" recoil managment.

Is it just me or does the turn speed cap seem to increase when using the advanced settings?

Not u ; the "normal" 6-7 sense on Hip/ADS (for keepin AA) have a pretty low base turn speed ; by using advanced settings and max this stats u drastically increase this amount.

But, is it good in fact ? Being locked at turn speed on 7sense means already a @#$% high mouse sense.

Way better config than the others Apex Legends posts. (by faaaaar)

Better Recoil manage / Tracking / No shackin ADS / Better Hip ;
However Scoping (+ x4) is pretty irrelevant, so you need to have a backup config if you want to snipe well. (or a Dpi switch button on mouse for +1/2k dpi instant)

Hello Ximers !

I decided to share you my Apex Legends config ; as you can read on the title i play on a massive TV screen and i've always re-calibrate other's ximers configs to fix on my devices. So i decided to do my way.

I want you to try this configuration and tell me if you have some troubles with it and how can you improve it (i personnaly have really great job with the aim trackin' and recoil managment)


SA3 firmware
5200dpi / 1000Hz

XIM Config
Hip :
15 Sense on 1.1 X/Y Ratio ; Boost 80 ; SA : ON
Joystick 7500 DZ
11 Sense on 1.18 X/Y Ratio ; Boost 80-100 ; SA : On
Joystick 1250 DZ

IG Options
Fov : 110 (obviously) ; (even possible fps drops)
Hip/Ads : 6/6
Classic Curve
Deadzone : NONE

My purpose is to perfectly manage the 99 and 301 recoils ; and keep a good aim trackin without (as possible) Aim assist bubble blocking.

So, tried ? What do you think so ? Can you now manage R99 perfectly ? :)
How can you improve my config, if you have to ?

GGwp, have a nice day.

(ps : if there are some English issues, please pardon my french :p)

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