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Game Support / Re: PUBG (mechanic check)
« on: 02:49 AM - 08/04/22 »
What sync yall use?

Its recommended that you use Default but I have checked RML's config and he uses OFF so i thought i would try this and seems bit better IMO but i use smoothing at 10

Something is quiet off with the ST still, still feels really clunky and slow, sometimes you move your mouse in ADS just does not feel right or feel that you are registering shots you need to.

Imo un should try 1.7 Xbox it's actually really good, I was running x1.5  which is kinda old as well but 1.7 have much more turning speed (actually I'm running 1.02 sens in xim on ads with maxed sens in game) than any other st.
10k dpi 1000hz
8 dead zone on right stick.

Just out of curiosity, any reason why you have lowered Right Deadzone and how does this help? i have always had mine on 10   

Game Support / Re: RoboArm AA Curves (Aim Assist Boosting)
« on: 04:03 AM - 07/06/22 »
Jus discovered these curves and V1 is perfect IMO for PUBG. Nice work

Is that the very first one V1? i might give this a go

Game Support / Re: PUBG (mechanic check)
« on: 03:32 AM - 06/07/22 »
The new PubG config feels and plays great for me.  I run a stock config at 3400 DPI.

Could you let me know your config? always looking for a decent config

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 1/15/22)
« on: 09:23 AM - 05/30/22 »
Anyone tried the new update for PUBG yet? i can see update was completed the other day, interested to know what peoples opinions are?

Game Support / PUBG (mechanic check)
« on: 04:09 AM - 05/30/22 »
Thank you for updating the ST

Has anyone tried the this out yet and can confirm if this is better than previous update?



Any of these curves work well for PUBG?

I took your advice! i went to a local electronic store and they repaired the bit you plug into XBOX, replaced metal head and wires.

Without you telling me this i would not have thought about it and it only cost me 10.00, funny thing i have another older XIM apex which had exact same issue hence why i bought another one and did not think to repair this, and the older XIM from year ago contains older ST of PUBG which may be useful for other people so thank you for the advice :)

I'm still using the first retail XIM APEX unit we were sent as alpha testers 4 or 5 years ago and it's seen almost daily use ever since. So I'd dispute the "not built to last" claim...how you handle your toys is important.

Given parts are no longer available for XIM APEX and they're not being manufactured due to component shortages, your best bet may be a DIY solder repair, or to take it to a local electronics repair shop to replace the USB head.

In the future, connect your XIM (or any other USB device) to a short USB cable with a power switch in the middle to prevent USB port wear & tear.

I found my old XIM apex from year ago, USB head needs replacing which i can do at a local electronic store.

Once repaired and plugged in i am sure this will contain a earlier ST of PUBG how do i know what version i am running on?

i heard the earlier versions of PUBG were much better than version now?

So having the XIM for while, i have noticed these things are not built to last as the bit that connects into USB ( metal casing) after a while seems to come off completely and 2nd time this has happened.

i am looking into purchasing a third but have noticed you guys are not selling them on Amazon anymore? and i cannot find anywhere that it selling them apart from eBay where people are selling them for like 200 (sterling) which is way more than what i have paid?

Any help would be appreciated, just feel bit annoyed that second time its happened :(, product itself is great just feel its not made to last and eventually metal bit just falls off and breaks?



Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 03:53 AM - 04/25/22 »
PUBG (mechanic check)

Can someone explain what a mechanic check is and would they change the ST?

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 1/15/22)
« on: 03:12 AM - 04/25/22 »
I like ur config but anti recoil trick feels so bad, guys u better learn how to controll recoil

Never use that recoil trick it really affects your aim learn to control recoil without any anti recoil and you gameplay will improve hugely i was same as you then was told never to use it.

On ADS change X/Y ratio to 1.10 this will help with pull down to control recoil, if you find it jittery just increase smoothing to 5-6

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 1/15/22)
« on: 05:37 AM - 04/13/22 »
Does anyone mess with the X/Y on HIP or ADS ? curious to know as i understand this gives you more vertical movement but just wondered if its worth it at all?

Does anyone play with different dead zone settings? i i know the recommended dead zones are 10 , i put my right dead zone to 9 feels a bit more responsive?

Regards DD27

Shared Configs / Re: My sens for Pubg Console
« on: 05:07 AM - 04/12/22 »
I am thinking of buying XIM Nexus having played with XIM Apex

Any chance you can give us update on how game feels with Nexus? just curious as i dont see a lot of people playing PUBG with nexus.



Game Support / Re: PUBG Official ST discussion thread!
« on: 04:53 AM - 04/12/22 »
ST is broken again... Can you check it again...

There is no problem with the current PUBG translator. Yesterday we won seven matches in a row.

Any chance you can share config ?
Hey MeteoroBR can you share your config??? Cheers

I will share. :-*

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