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« on: 05:05 PM - 09/07/20 »
Secondary keys can be assigned at the bottom of the button section, click primary and change this to secondary. About map zoom, I'm not sure how that works but it should use the same button assignment as the controller uses for zooming in on the map.

Surely, when buying a new product you would read all information about how to use said product

Yo mist, you guys should make a YouTube or instruction guide for xim so people don't come here and ask for help.. oh wait.

General Discussion / Re: Smoothest mousepads?
« on: 07:25 PM - 09/04/20 »
Bro, I've used a lot but I end up back with the $8.99 steelseries qck+ yeah it wears down quick if you're a heavy user but its $8.99 so....

Lol i had a good commission check so I upgraded all my equipment xD plus best buy credit card helped. But you don't need wireless imo. No biggie

I went from the g502 to the basilisk ultimate and  I'm very impressed with the new razer mouse. Way smoothing and maintains dpi ans polling rate way better than my g502

Support / Re: [Q/A] Input lag when using auxillery
« on: 05:25 PM - 08/31/20 »
Also, have you unchecked smooth aim transition?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] xim apex doing erratic movements
« on: 10:00 AM - 08/28/20 »
I don't play the game, but looking at the video again, repeat the last 3 seconds while focusing on the target. If you stop the video and watch frame by frame the crosshair starts to behave weird when a second target appears behind the first (spawn/teleport/lag). The crosshair begins to move when the target is launched upward but the crosshair overshoots. A second later the second target that appeared out of nowhere jet packs across where the crosshair just was. After watching a few times the three characters on that side of the screen were behaving oddly in some way when the issue happened so it might actually just be the game or lag.

Sure, we should look at a log too considering you've tested multiple mice. The link below contains instructions on how to capture the log. Be sure to have the log window open while gaming. After the issue occurs please share the last 20-30 lines of the log in your message here. Note the instructions are the same for both XIM4 and XIM Apex.


Even the echo spawning in (white and blue floating robot, since mist doesn't play xD) lagged or made a jump from one position to another. Thats what I mentioned in my reply was that it looks to be more game lag. Does this happen when playing normal game modes and not custom games. Because 2 characters spawned in the same spot of course your croashair will go wild. Thats 2 aim assist bubbles 8n the same spot and one jumped out of picture.

We've spoken about this before and your assumption is incorrect.

Sync Default = 120Hz. Common = 60Hz. Slow = 30Hz. Off = Response Rate.

It's only when Sync is Off that XIM APEX will use 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz.

Think of Sync as the big Smoothing knob. APEX still outputs at the selected Response Rate, but is smoothed (interpolated) at the Sync rate, which removes jitter and aligns output at the expected rate of the game engine, which can make AA feel stickier.

Quote from the goat awhile ago.

Support / Re: xim apex doing erratic movements
« on: 09:08 PM - 08/24/20 »
The game glitches but I didn't notice mouse issues... try using default sync with a little bit of smoothing, get a near mouse pad and try 500hz if on1000

we just discussed this in discord. Sync is effectively, in short, controlling how much data is processed by xim, i think. Off sync allows 1000hz to be 1000hz where default sync will filter at a set amount, same as common and slow. Smoothing was explained like angle snapping on pc. Where it will somewhat predict your movement and smooth it to be a more straight or even path from point to b when moving the mouse. So, ideally it will smooth out minor inconsistent movement done by human error. Some notice a delay with high levels but i honestly feel no delay anything below 7. Obviously sync and smoothing can affect each other but ultimately no amount of smoothing would technically make off sync, default sync and so on.

General Discussion / Re: Sensitivity
« on: 08:58 PM - 08/24/20 »
Simply put, you can't. You can get close to the same with psa method, but all games have different look mechanics, aim assist, acceleration and so many more aspects that it will never be the exact same

Upon further research they should be the same on ow. Some games it is different completely but ow shouldn't change.

I've heard the overwatch st works well worth hyperscape and some use the r6

Shared Configs / Re: Overwatch settings [PS4]
« on: 11:36 PM - 08/18/20 »
Why the difference with the Hz on Xim and mouse?

What does it do if you change it down from 500 to 250?

Basically by having higher polling on the mouse it guarantees you wont have any inconsistent movement. For instance, if you use 500hz xim you should use 1000hz on mouse just to ensure you get constant 500hz. Because my mouse always polls a bit lower... like 500hz will poll at 470, 498, 495... so instead, I use 1000 hz so it polls at 900. Which the xim caps it at 500

Ok yea makes sense.

Do you have any specific example for a inconsistencies that happened to you before?

Cause I run 500 on both and tbh I can't really recall having experienced something like it.

But I'm also playing on xbox and I read a few times that the aim assist and the overall feeling of overwatch on xbox is better (it feels pretty solid imo)

Thanks for answering my question appreciate it :)

I'm just saying, there is no harm in having higher mouse polling than xim. And by doing so, you'll get better results. The small inconsistencies i was talking about wouldnt be all the time
 Just when the mouse wasn't registering at 500hz. It honestly just makes it easier to set mouse to 1000 and xim to whatever that way you get the full polling rate. I have the g502 and test have shown it is consistently anywhere from 0-20 off on pollong for some reason. So by running 500xim and 1000 mouse. I know I'm getting the full 500hz

I'm also xbox

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Sensitivities keep changing
« on: 07:19 PM - 08/18/20 »
So i experience similar things after playing for longer periods and switching between 3 or 4 different xim profiles... are you using different dpi and setting configs while playing or using the same config the entire time?

I mean I've never used ads translator because for ow they said it should be hip since the ads in ow works differently. Try using just aux on hip and lmk.no one i know settings wise uses ads

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