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I have done what you said and it's working now so thank you for helping me 😎👍

Okay I will test what you have said and will get back to you, And thank you for helping.

Support / Re: Sony navigation - input delay on Division
« on: 09:36 AM - 07/29/20 »
The controller is working fine when I aim down sight it doesn't instantly Ads it has  like a 1 second delay them aims down sight also when I try to move the cursor in the map it's has a big delay and ends up going crazy but all  other buttons are fine do you think I need a new nav and do you think the analog is broke.

Support / Re: Sony navigation - input delay on Division
« on: 06:11 AM - 07/29/20 »
I've been using the nav for about a year now and it's just the nav not my mouse it keeps delaying on the movement and Ads.

Hi guys and gals I'm having a problem with my Sony navigation analog stick, Recently it has been having input delay and I can't seem to fix it and I have updated the firmware and downloaded updates from the app I only play Division 1&2 I would appreciate it if anybody could help me. :)

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