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Do you tried OmniVox? is pretty good on Battlefield and Battlefront footsteps are very noticeable, and I'm impaired of my right ear.

What in game settings do you use for BFV?

I've tried all the proper settings and no matter how much I adjust ads sensitivity it never changes.

I've checked it is. I've even tried different synchros and nothing. I've also done a factory reset.

Hi guys,

Like the topic name suggests my xim manager will not change my ads sensitivity. I change it and hit save in app and the ads does not change at all. I can change hip fire just fine but no matter what setting i use my ads sens will not reflect the changed made in the xim manager app. Ive double checked all my in game settings and theyre all correct. 100/200 hip and zoom. 13% deadzones on center 0% axial. 100% aim ratios.

Razer Deathadder Elite(4500dpi, 500mhz polling)

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