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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 Rainbow six siege lean issue
« on: 10:38 AM - 05/21/20 »
Hey I know a fix to this. Under the ADS tab it should say something like keep input from other tab or something like that. You donít want it to be checked and then when you ads your lean can be Q and E.

Hey so you can close this support case, I figured it out the way to make it work is to activate the controller the second it receives power and starts to buzz the first time. Thank you for the help!

Also my XIM4 works fine on PS4 with that controller and same wire itís only on xbox and PC Fortnite.

Hey so I did the hard restart thing, and the controller still doesnít automatically turn on. Also the XIM flashes red around 7 or so times then goes green, and flashes red again about twice. Then stablixes and breathes red.

So with this bug does that mean I canít play until it gets patched?

Yes it does work when directly connected to my pc and Xbox. I donít know what You mean by Xbox insider, but 3 weeks ago way before any problems started the controller would automatically turn itself on. I just updated the firmware to the most recent, and the XIM4 manager app now sees a controller is connected, but for some reason also says M Aux12, even when my mouse isnít connected.

So I bought a new controller and when connected to my Xbox the controller doesnít automatically turn on, I have to press the guide button but when I do that it doesnít let the MNK work. On PC when I try to play fortnite with the XIM the controller doesnít recognize that it is connected to my XIM to my PC Fortnite, so the guide button will glow white over and over trying to connect. Tried multiple cables. Any fix?

Hey I bought a new controller will be here in a couple of days. Will let you know if it solves the issue.

So I have to hold the cable down for my controller to work usb cable.

Support / [Q/A] Controller not connecting to XIM4 ( PC )
« on: 06:19 PM - 05/06/20 »
This is happening on PC, and on XBOX. I am attempting to play fortnite on PC with it but after factory resetting the XIM4 it doesnít read the controller on my pc or Xbox. When plugging in XIM4 the controller rumbles but doesnít turn on. Any fix?

Support / [Q/A] Help with restoring old save from XIM4
« on: 06:10 PM - 05/06/20 »
It is not letting me restore a backup config to my XIM4. It says downloading games from XIM database and the application closes and doesnít finish the restoration.

XIM 4 Discussions / Rainbow six siege feels different
« on: 11:59 AM - 04/12/20 »
I havenít played for about 3 months and coming back to it now it feels completely different. Less of the sharp movements and more sluggish like Iím actually on a controller. Same keyboard, mouse DPI and settings, but it feels completely different and wrong. Any way that I can attempt to fix this issue?

ok last reply for now but i am trying out the sens with lower dpi and it feels better/ the same as it did. I will let you know if i want to change it back to normal, if i can ThankS!

Use one of the Steady Aim builds from this thread - https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=51992.0

SA3 and SA6 are the most popular. None of the SA builds have the input obfuscation that makes WASD movement vary slightly (i.e can't walk straight).

OK i tried SA3 and i can thankfully walk straight, but it f*ed up my sens! I have been playing on the same sens for over a year and cant afford to have to restart! I would much rather walk weird than not be able to play!!!!!!!

Ok so i tried the SA6 one and i still dont walk straight, and it messed up my sens for all my games, and i had to make a new config for them. Anyway to just go back to how it was? lol

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