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Sorry everyone, havenít had any time to play the past month. I will update when I have time to hop on and check out the current status of the game

Currently giving the deadzone one config a try

Finding it tricky with low sense when somebody is halo jumping up in my grill but will try persist. I think a lot of it is sadly my sitting position with a crappy chair
I feel it. When they do this you need to incorporate arm swiping. If you canít get comfortable with this just try the 2 dead-zone config and raise your sensitivity a bit

1 click deadzone settings
with 36 hip and 24 ads
its feeling good !!
happy to hear itís working for ya!

I was, really starting to get some consistency for the 1st time in ages over the past week with these settings, I'm not the best player but was getting 1000+ damage quite a few games in a row, but last night just didn't feel right, I was struggling to stay on the target, apart from the single fire Hemlock. I was beaming with this so had to play that all the time which I don't enjoy. Anyone else notice any change, hopefully a one off so will go again tonight
Yesterday something was up, my personal config felt crap aswell

For me today
same. It seems to be back to normal now

Conf 1 works great also on PC, tomorrow I post some screen

Glorious model O or model D

I've upgraded to XIM Apex now, and I find thee settings the best, thanks Peek, I find Deadzone 2 much better than 1 though, even though I'd have thought Deadzone 1 would suit my play more. I think this just means I'm bad :-). Shooting feels great, my movement doesn't feel as fast as I'd like
happy you found settings you enjoy. Neither deadzone option is better than the other. It just depends if you like a tad higher or lower sensitivity. Then you have to use one or the other as they are tailored for the specific sensitivities.

Yo Peek these settings are legit! I've always been a 'wrist' kbm player. Have been wanting to switch to a much slower sensitivity for a while. Your updated deadzone 1 config is perfect. The only things I changed were a few key binding (couldn't get my head around the shift and C switch after a lifetime Inof sprinting with shift) and I upped the 2x/3x optic sens to 1.4. G on

Perfect! Cheers
Great to hear! Ahaha yes the shift and C bindings only work if using auto sprint. The C Key is a Secondary binding to use the scope zoom option.

Hi, just wanted to say this config is amazing! Only been using xim for 1-2 months now and just wanted to know how you used 2 inputs for one e.g using mwheel up for jump and space (A). You also had mwheel down for changing weapons and used middle click for holding down Y. Would love to know how to set that up for other configs.

Thank you.
Thanks dude. Iím able to do this as I have a primary and secondary button set. Look at the bottom of the buttons post and you can see a slider tab that says primary and secondary.

Shared Configs / Re: Consistent Apex Legends Config
« on: 10:29 PM - 05/29/20 »
About the most consistent and responsive you can get.

Hey mate. First, awesome settings. What is your season 5 settings adjustments like. I am currently using yours with 2 click dead zone and 30 ads, although I was using 37. Might lower it even more to improve tracking. Every now and then I keep missing shots or my tracking is not that good. My hands are not the steadiest either. I try to aim with my arm but always end up aiming with the wrist. And advice you could give me please?
Glad to hear you like it! I am using the 1 deadzone config at the moment. It allows me to have better accuracy and responsiveness

I want to ask which config do i use for better aim??
I would use the first one
Is it the 1 click deadzone or 2 click

I want to ask which config do i use for better aim??
I would use the first one



yes! You got it! Looks good

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