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Anyone using this config anymore?

 What would you say is the best config of yours for this current season 3 patch ?  Looking for something that has good AA but is also responsive and not “floaty” feeling

Ive got a theory that if you’re friends with both your squad mates, you probably  go in a server where a lot  of squads are all friends ..
friends are more likely to play sweatier as a team.. cos I swear the games where it’s me and two randoms (not one tho!) have much easier opponents.

Overall agree tho, a lot of it is just placebo thinking..
The one thing that does affect things is the time of day I play however,  which is probably down to net code and connection ‘things‘ but meh.

Oh  by the way if anyone dumb enough to not read things properly, like me, and has auto sprint on, turn it off!
 One extra benefit of the training range and one V one is you get to test stuff like this pretty thoroughly
Auto sprint wrecks your shooting, idk how  I missed it Considering it basically says that in the menu too! Lol

 this is interesting since I never heard anything about it how does autosprint wreck your aim ?

Agree I went back to original settings. Default and 3200dpi.  Felt to floaty with 12000dpi
try using this current setup but with 1000hz. Gets rid of some of that floatyness and adds strong AA

Only changes I made was I'm running default and 12k DPI.
AA bubble virtually doesnt exist with this config.
The advanced settings are key.
You can turn off AA by running 8/8 sensitivity in game, or disabling target compensation if using advanced settings.

Hey disable can i ask u something i get the order is suppose to be slow,common,default,off sync that order with weakest aim assist to strongest. Has anyone tested this though? I feel like default gives the least,off sync to me gives a decent amount compared to default. I almost feel like it goes slow,common,off, default but just not sure
It goes: slow (strongest AA) common, default, off (least AA)

Is it just me or does the turn speed cap seem to increase when using the advanced settings?

Not u ; the "normal" 6-7 sense on Hip/ADS (for keepin AA) have a pretty low base turn speed ; by using advanced settings and max this stats u drastically increase this amount.

But, is it good in fact ? Being locked at turn speed on 7sense means already a @#$% high mouse sense.
not sure I follow what your saying..
i mean when using 7/7 normal settings there is a speed cap on how fast you can turn. Then using advanced settings it seems it may get increased a tad so you can turn slightly faster before hitting the cap.

 Is it just me or does the turn speed cap seem to increase when using the advanced settings?

 Also why do you use 6 smoothing on hip if you’re using common sync?  From my understanding is that you should only need to use smoothing if using off sync.

Feel like i have finally found my favorite settings to use - No SAB, higher DPI etc = less AA so takes a while to get used to for some but its very useful in ranked against skilled strafing and also works great with the Peacekeeper and Scout which are the most OP guns in the game atm. 

And what might these setting be?;)

I have been liking your newest one posted with 1000hz as well

Back to the original s2 settings I see! Love these settings in season 2 but not so much this season I think. Tried these for several games and felt the AA was super sticky and would activate on everything (teammates, loot, enemies, etc.) not a bad thing but felt it to be a tad overwhelming. Thoughts?

May I ask why you chose to use 200 SAB on ads? Love the config but trying to tweak a bit to my abilities

Why do you use common over default sync? Trying to find a difference between the two but having troubles.

 I’ve been messing around with the advanced settings in Apex legends and I feel like the max turn speed is slightly faster but I’m not 100%sure. Does anyone know if maxing out the YAW speed slider increases the turn speed slightly faster than the original 7/7 or 8/8 settings?

check the deadzone setting
Oops I meant my cm/360

Would you recommend turning SAB off on hip or even both to get more precise strafing and movement, or will this mess up the AA?

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