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Ok I have tried 4 cables now. 3 work fine 1 don't at all. Tried all 3 ports but none of them will turn on the controller.

OK, I have tried some other cables, but not sure if they worked before. I have an elite controller that I had been using, but it dont connect with out batteries.

Sorry the YES earlier was it does work but dont come on with system. I had to turn on the controller with direct connection to xBox. I have been running one cable to XIM to narrow down the issue. I get red, yellow, green, blue then the color of newly installed profile.

No change, wont power on the controller. One quick vibe then nothing. Apex red,yellow,green, then blue.

Need RMA help.

Yes, it has been working for many months, now it does not. Tried different cables as well.

My Apex seems to work in every way as I can get other things to connect to it and change profiles and such. I have 2 xBox controllers but wont show up in manager. I performed a reset as well.

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