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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Logitech scripts
« on: 01:02 PM - 12/15/21 »
Thank's Od1n!

XIM APEX Discussions / Logitech scripts
« on: 09:58 AM - 12/15/21 »
Does anyone know if the Logitech or any scripts run on the mouse itself for recoil will work with a xim apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Config going bad?
« on: 01:58 PM - 08/03/21 »
I noticed lately that I was having trouble keeping on target. Aim was all over the place and buttons were sluggish. I deleted the config and made a new one and all seems to be working pretty good.   Do the Apex's need to be wiped and reloaded occasionally? Or is re-creating the config a thing with these?

Game Support / Re: Chivalry 2
« on: 10:36 AM - 06/21/21 »
Using BF4 translator on XB1.  It doesn't jitter for me that I can tell.  You have to set the sensitivity to max in game. Hip aim set to 30. G703 mouse at 1000 polling rate and 4000 dpi. It's decent but a bit sluggish.  Dashing works but it's too slow to use. It's good enough to play and learn the game until the real translator comes out. You should be able to compete but you won't be showing up on any top score lists. If anyone finds one that works better or some good settings please post.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Flight stick
« on: 02:31 PM - 05/06/20 »
My Tflight Hotas One   would not work.  Apex saw it but couldn't map any buttons. As recommended I found an old Logitech Extreme 3d Pro and it kind of works.  I did test it and calibrate it on a pc. The x y axis doesn't map.   I've tried every combination of settings I could think of. The buttons map perfectly. Given my track record with this and BF5 I'm not surprised I couldn't get it to work. Figured I try flying since I can't get the game settings right again for infantry. The yaw actually worked but nothing else. Tried unplugging the mouse but that didn't make a difference. If anyone has any ideas id appreciate it. The yaw does seem to work a bit better at 1000mhz.

Game Support / Xbox One BF5 network graph
« on: 02:59 PM - 04/30/20 »
In my search for the elusive holy grail of BFV in-game settings that will get the aim  I used to have, I started using the network graph to see if that would tell me anything.  I found the following: Client Hit 227   Server Hit 190    Tick Rate 30   Latency 35. Should I be concerned about the client hit to server hit ratio?  Still trying to find those game settings that will get me playing like I was before.   Also  opponent tick rate difference climbed from 0-20-26 etc through the fight. I also notice in some cases I was doing as much as 150 damage and still not getting the kill.  Is all this normal to BF5? 

Much better but struggling to get the sensitivity down a bit.  If I change any of the sensitivity settings either in game or in the xim, it seems to slow me down again. Like I was saying before. And to be honest, it seems to work better without using AA.  I'm assuming you set the ballistics curve for ADS and HIP

Game Support / Re: Been all through this forum about BFV
« on: 11:06 AM - 04/07/20 »
I havent been using aim assist or USA until this happened. I feel like I'm trying to put out a fire.
I just tried the USA breifly then turned it off. When I turned it off, it seemed to slow the game down giving
me more time to aim, move etc.  But it was short-lived. Note during this issue, my latency does not change.
It has been roughly the same for the past year.  I'd rather not use aim assist. I have always used a lower sensitivity on ADS than HIP in XIM settings and BF5 settings. I would just play with the two until I had the feel I wanted. Sometimes lowering the setting in BF5 seemed to work better than lowering the setting on the xim. What's frustrating is the "side-effects" that a setting has on the perception I have while playing. One setting tightens the mouse but makes the game feel faster or makes it look like i have less time to shoot or other players are running faster than they should etc.  I tried USA coeff of 133 and I think 80.  I tried disabling the ADS page for a bit then turned it back on. I was running 80 HIP and lower ADS like around 55 in BF5 settings. Yes, my set up is a mess right now. But I have tried 100/100 and 200/100

I can't wait to try this. Has anyone tried this for BF5?  What baseline game settings and XIM settings do you start with?

Game Support / Re: Been all through this forum about BFV
« on: 08:00 AM - 04/07/20 »
It's the patch that has the "snap-on" function.  After that update I was struggling. I went from around a 25 n 5 kd
per round to barely breaking even. I have my AA off.   I noticed initially I tried turning on USA then turned
it off after a bit. When I did it seemed to run great but it was only temporary.  Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
I'm going to check out MJFames Extreme config creation method.

Game Support / Been all through this forum about BFV
« on: 11:01 PM - 04/05/20 »
Are there settings that will slow down the game?   This last patch sped things up on me and now I just feel like I have no time at all to shoot.  Aim feels like mush in hip fire now too.  Tried everything I could find on the net with no luck. I think I am making progress but it likes settings don't hold.

General Discussion / Re: Is my XIM apex going bad?
« on: 07:29 AM - 03/24/20 »
Correction,  it is still happening.  Connecting to the XIM with the phone was just a coincidence. So far everything has been replaced except my controller.  Also, I'm not totally sure about this but things seem to slow down as a play or just get sloppier. Like maybe more play in the mouse. Just harder to stay on target say two hours after I started. I'd say its me but it happens pretty consistently I think. I'm seriously thinking about replacing my xim at this point.  I hate to possibly waste $100 but thing are getting worse. Or maybe try a total reset.  Is there a way to hard reset a xim. Or wipe it and reload?   Did I mention that I have my game loaded to an external SSD drive?   I may check that next in regards to things slowing down.

General Discussion / Re: Is my XIM apex going bad?
« on: 07:32 AM - 03/22/20 »
It started happening again. I think I noticed something.  When I connect my phone to my xim, everything starts working immediately.

General Discussion / Re: Is my XIM apex going bad?
« on: 10:56 AM - 03/16/20 »
I replaced the XIM USB hub with a powered hub. SO far so good.  Thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Is my XIM apex going bad?
« on: 10:00 AM - 03/15/20 »
I'm only playing BFV right now. The buttons on the actual controller stop working outside of the game as well. The controller is wired to the XIM adapter.

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