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Game Support / Re: R6S Changing it's curve next season
« on: 01:43 PM - 05/23/19 »
Just started picking up R6S, should I wait until the changes to avoid messing with muscle memory? I generally use the same 30cm/360 in all games and would use that here... will these changes possibly affect me in any way?

Just try different things now. This game works pretty poorly with the xim (not Mist’s fault). You will most likely need some kind of curve/combo of different settings. It is hard to get a good muscle memory for this game.

Ok, thanks for the info! I will dive in some more then. I did notice even with my same 30cm/360 it doesn't feel quite right, but looking at the in-game requirements page for siege I see the devs have unpredictable aiming behavior in-game. Hopefully they make this better in the update coming

Game Support / Re: R6S Changing it's curve next season
« on: 10:50 AM - 05/19/19 »
Just started picking up R6S, should I wait until the changes to avoid messing with muscle memory? I generally use the same 30cm/360 in all games and would use that here... will these changes possibly affect me in any way?

My settings are nearly identical to the other user who posted here, 'realsuperpee'

These settings seem to be working great for me, the only things different are I don't run any smoothing as I don't get jitter (thankfully) on sync off. That along with no curve seems to work great for me and my needs. I've also played with SAB and am still somewhat undecided, but am enjoying very little to no SAB for sharper and the most responsive movement I can get. Oh and am on 4k DPI as my Logitech G402 only goes to 4k. If I still struggled with too much AA I would probably give that curve a shot though. Take from our posts what you want and give em a shot. I would not reccomend changing  too much at once because if you start doing that you will not know what is actually helping you, and therefore won't know what to adjust if it doesn't feel right without a fresh reset.

In leage play I don't have any issues but I do play to my strengths. You cannot play like you are untouchable or better than everyone else like in most pubs... your aim might be better, but your decision making is ultimately what makes or breaks a player.

keyboard: Razor BlackWidow Ultimate (stealth edition)

I never imported configs in the first place. I just selected the game and adjusted the polling rate, and sensitivity the same as other people.

Do you want me to create a new config or reset to factory default (if that's possible somehow)?

I do not like speaking for Mist or any of the well known/respected members here as I am a noobie to the forum who is usually lurking... but I believe Mist means you should try a new config with no changes made whatsoever to see if it still happens. If the issue persists on a brand new config with no changes made it helps dial in the issue a bit.

Game Support / Re: How to pick a ST for unsupported game?
« on: 11:14 AM - 05/15/19 »
Along with what others have said, I have always just picked an ST of a game that feels similar/has similar mechanics. For example when Apex first launched and we didn't have an ST I used Titalfall 2 ST because it had similar feeling mechanics and I assumed the same engine. Not sure of what would be similar to Hunt Showdown, maybe see if they've made any past games that are extremely similar feeling, that also has an ST and give that a try.

A combination of sync OFF, 1000hz polling if your mouse support sit consistently, and low values of steady aim cut through aim assist nicely for me. And i'm a lower sense player (30cm 360 HIP, 22cm 90° ADS)

If you have muscle memory built with your sense and enjoy it measure your cm/360/ADS as well to get the same sense after switching. I reccomend turning you polling up to 1000hz on your xim+mouse, and changing to sync off for hip+ads. Also, i've found too much SAB can get me stuck just outside the hitbox, that could be my lower sense though. I've played with it a lot recently and decided on 0 SAB for hip for really sharp/responsive movement and 5-10SAB for ADS. The last thing I use that helps with AA is steady aim, currently running 1.0 for bpth hip+ads, though I notice anywhere from 0.5-1.5 is nice and doesn't drastically reduce accuracy.

You'll have to find the conversion for sensitivities when switching sync levels, mist has posted it a few times around here. I think with these things chanhed you'll get a nice level of AA that isn't obstructive, it is moreso allowimg you to play with it rather than against it. For example- if I am inside the hitbox and want to leave all I have to do is a sligbtly faster swipe to the next target and it's smooth as butter. If I want to track the target I just have to slowly and consistently move my mouse with them and i'll never leave/miss the hitbox.

If you are still curious and wanting more info feel free to ask! I'be tried most everything to dampen AA in bo4 and this works best IMO. Also, sorry for any spelling/graar mistakes i'm on mobile, amd just getting me some coffee going for the day.

Here's the conversions between sync settings:

Default > Off x8   Common ÷2   Slow ÷4
Common > Off x16   Default x2   Slow ÷2
Slow > Off x32   Default x2   Common x2
Off > Default ÷8   Common ÷16   Slow ÷32

A push to talk feature? Really? Where?

@Ascendedclone I use Astro A40s with the Mixamp. It has a good noise gate. I can play and nobody hears anything but my voice.

Not Antithesis but... I believe it is on the first page of your config, where you select the Xim's light color, quick load hotkey, etc. It is under the three dots if I remember correctly, if you can't find it i'll hop on in a bit and confirm where it's at for ya

This was a great read. It really makes me appreciate everything the Xim team does even more! If you haven't yet, definitely give it a read through!

Also, I just wanted to say thanks for standing up for what's right. This article really gives me a different perspective and makes me appreciate what I have even more.

I don't have a major disability like some of the people who need the Xim to play games, but carpal tunnel is @#$% near agonizing at times from my line of work and controllers bring it to it's worst for me after a short period of playing with them. Thanks for allowing me to play console games with my family as I had for years before these issues arose.

I will be posting this on my (albeit very few) social media accounts in hopes it helps someone else out there struggling... or that has already given up.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] WASD Movement
« on: 12:03 PM - 05/04/19 »
I dont see an option for this in movement, just bindings for WASD

Once you open up your movement options it's towards the bottom

General Discussion / Re: XBOX S
« on: 10:01 AM - 05/03/19 »
No console has the hardware to run 144hz. It does have an option for 120hz if you have a monitor or TV that supports it. I'm not sure if it's true 120hz as most games can't even support 60fps.

I beleive it is only for video/streaming services that allow 120hz, atleast that's what I read when it first released. Don't know of any games that can/do support that on Xbox though

Game Support / Re: BO4 Settings Needed
« on: 08:38 AM - 05/02/19 »
Settings are mostly personal preference. I really like the feel of sync off combined with 500hz at 4k DPI. It is a nice blend of AA and control. Also I use between 0.5-1.0 steady aim for easier AA breaking, no boost. 1 smoothing on hip 0 on ADS. Use this as a rough guideline to try out, don't copy and expect instant results, muscle memeory is the most powerful thing you can get good with

What SAB value are you guys using for Black Ops 4?

Anywhere from 10-45. I currently use 20 on hip and ADS, it seems to do nicely. For a while I was using 10 SAB for hip and 35 on ADS but I really like the fast strafing of the keyboard with stock 1/2 attachments. At 15-20 I hardly notice the degraded strafing but the AA is noticably better. Don't go above 65 I believe in bo4, your sprint will break randomly. I guess for ADS you could try higher than that but be warned strafing will suffer

Beta / Re: Steady Aim
« on: 09:11 AM - 05/01/19 »
It depends on your sync settings. For a rough range for any sync though try from 0.5-3.0 steady aim. Be warned if you go too high it will make your aiming less accurate. I use 1.0 steady aim on off sync for Bo4 and it cuts AA nicely without having any noticable downsides. I did try 3-5 steady aim just to see, the AA cut through was really nice but the noticable 90degree angles in my diagnol movements put me off. I assume that's becayse i'm on off sync, I think with common you can go higher.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Character movement
« on: 10:25 PM - 04/29/19 »
A keyboards keys are either activated or not active. So in that sense, no character movement does not have sensitivity. There are settings like walk speed modifier that can lower your movement speed with a keybind. The hip/ads sensitivities strictly affect the look mechanics as far as I know. Character movement is totally deoendent on the left analog stick/wasd. Simulate analog behavior may have some effects in this, most notably while strafing with high SAB values.

Hello Everyone

I know this is a little Noob question.
Is there anybody telling me what SAB does?
I've never used SAB before.
I watched the video, but I couldn't understand it because my English wasn't very good.

To you asking the SAB question: Hello,

SAB adds variances/or slightly random movement (I believe) to your WASD keys as far as I know. So for instance, when holding W it may make very small hardly noticable movements left or right as well like an analog stick would. Depending on your level of SAB this will be hardly noticable or very noticable. In games where character movement has affect on aim assist it can change how the aim assist feels if used... because keyboard movement is VERY different than analog movement when no SAB is used.

To add to the discussion here:

Hey everyone!

I use 20 SAB for Bo4 because it gives me some control of the aim assist while not feeling muddy/slow. I really enjoy the fast movement of keyboard otherwise i'd bump it up to ~45 for more console like movement and overa better AA.

For Apex I was using 50 SAB (don't play it anymore but it seemed good)

For R6S I use 5-15 SAB- not for AA... just so I don't look like  i'm straight out of PC.

Older CoDs I do use more SAB as strafe movement isn't as needed as in Bo4, usually 40-55. Thanks for being a great dev team, I don't think there's a gaming community out there as helpful as this one

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